Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The end of blockade and the start of the new occupation

Yes Israel ended its air and sea blockade to Lebanon but it was substituted by some kind of new external guardianship that is turning in to some kind of occupation!!

The Unifal will guard the Lebanese shores and airports ,and also the northern borders between Syria and Lebanon too.

The Unifal will search any luggage in the harbors and airports with weight more than 20 kg as Katyusha missiles are weighted 67 kg !!

The french army is back again to Lebanon after 51 years of independence with thousands of soldiers ,same as the Turkish which will return back to Lebanon after 88 years of independence from the Turkish Ottoman rule ,ironically I saw a report on CNN last week about the Lebanese Armani minority objection on the Turkish contribution in the Unifal troops , as some of you may know the Turkish Ottoman armies did massacres against the Armani people in Armani in WWI in year 1915 and till now the Armani people didn't forget it even those who live outside Armenian , anyway their objection got no importance because the Turks are coming back to Lebanon whether they like it or not.

I will confess something that may surprise some people but please read it carefully.

I don't why I feel that the victory of Hezbollah and Lebanon in this war is turned to a defeat thanks to the Lebanese government. What Sovereignty of State the west and France special is speaking about and the French troops with the rest of the Unifal gang are controlling every road, shores and airports !!!

Already I believe when Hezbollah agreed to 1701 ,it knows very well that the Unifal is a watch dog for Israel to stop any attempt for any missile to reach Hezbollah's hands , and as proved to have excellent intelligence they will find new ways to get missiles .

Same as Syria, by the way I am surprised by the sudden change in opinions in the Syrian leadership , from two weeks they were refusing the existence of foreign forces on the Syrian-Lebanese borders ,and the Syrian President himself said so in Dubai TV show, and they even threatened the Lebanese government with complete darkness "The sudden electric current cutoff from Syria, Lebanon is fed electrically from Syria ", now from two days ago Bashar El-Assad informed the PM of Italy Syria's approval on the existence of the Unifal !! fast change isn't it ??

and this change and this approval I guess is from another side far away from the romantic Arabism is a smart gesture from Damascus to prove its innocence from funding and supplying Hezbollah charge ;put as much as you can from inspection Peace keeper Mickey mouse whatever , there is nothing against international law passing through our borders ,prove it if you dare

The Unifal will find nothing from air or sea or land , come on The Mossad ,one of the most finest intelligence secret services in the world couldn't locate the launching place of the missiles or its hiding place not to mention the places of the Hezbollah leader , would the Unifal do so ??

 You know this reminds me with the time of  colonialism , in the 1936 agreement between Egypt and UK , the British army would guard the Egyptian borders too in time of war

Well the age of colonialism is back again after all


  1. Unfortunately, what you have just said here seems to be true.
    By the way, how did you add that smiley !?

  2. I added this smiley from WLW, there is plugin for the smileys I found it in this website

    it turned out some people really like WLW

  3. Cool, I was introduced to del.icio.us, blogrolling by this blog ages ago, and now wlwplugins :)

  4. well Tarek I am glad that my blog is keeping on you the track of the latest powertoys in Blog world :)


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