Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Guess who attended the last fashion show of Elie Saab ??

Guess who attended the last fashion show of Elie Saab the international Lebanese Hauter Couture Fashion designer whose designs reached to Hollywood last week ??For the first time I think Egypt's first lady Suzanne Mubarak ,oh yes ,for the first time I believe she attended a fashion show for Saab in Paris this year,already I always follow up his fashion shows every year and I was surprised to see her in the event , not only her but others.
"By the way I think Suzanne Mubarak didn't do plastic surgeries , click on the image to see the age factors ,well I respect that really"

Her daughters in laws , sorry , her daughter in law Heidi the wife of Alaa and her future daughter in law Khadija ,the finance' of Gamal

"Click on the image to zoom in, the blonde on the first lady right hand is Gamal's bride Khadija and the brunette on Khadija's right hand is Heidi"

Well speculations were all around the fact that Saab will design the wedding dress of the young bride Khadija whose wedding date till now is unknown but no one said anything yet

"I think the woman on the left hand of Suzanne is Dija's mother,not that elegant "

The fashion show was on the 22th of January yet no one in the official media said anything about or about the guests of Saab.
Well Saab is the fashion designers of Queens like Rania , A-list actresses like Hally Barry and Singers like Nawal El-Zogby ,and he is very talented and excellent fashion designer,so I am not surprised to find them in the fashion show and I won't be surprised to find out that in the future that he designed Dija's wedding dress ,well sure He is better than Hany El-Beheiry in my opinion.

I don't think that dress will be her wedding dress ,I think he will design for her something a la carte
But to say the truth I found it inappropriate for the first lady of Egypt to attend a fashion show attended by someone like Dita Von Teese,also I think that Heidi's dress is not that elegant, it is too open , Dija looks fine to me , well she really has the look of some super model .And a side remark she looks so young than Gamal Mubarak ,already I think she is older than me with 2 or 3 years ,she was a classmate of my relative in the AUC ,Gamal is now 44 years old ,and my 23rd birthday was yesterday ,so Dija is either 25 or 26 years old !!

You know they were showing the fashion show on Fashion TV day and night yet I wasn't interested to see it but now I will try to find it may be I will see those gals on TV

Now can anyone answer my question why we didn't know about that visit in media ?? already all the first lady social events are announced in every means of media available in Egypt !!??

May be they found it not that important !!??

Can anyone tell me the answer please ??

For further reading watching the latest trends in Haute couture I recommend visiting Elie Saab official or Getty images here

I don't know why I wanted to add this ,but why not already I have it on PC and my intention to share it with you

A photo for Queen Farida and Princess Fawiza "before her imperial marriage" in the opening of an art exhibition in the French Culture center in the 1940s under the sponsorship of the French Embassy ,the exhibition including paintings of Mahmoud Said ,who is the Uncle of Queen Farida by the way" and Sculptures . Look before you think in strange thoughts I don't make any comparison heaven forbids ,I just found it would interesting as I also found this image in Getty.If you want to make comparison it is okay ,but It will be up to you not to me ,because I know there are over 50 years in differenceAnyway here you are the Queen of Egypt from 50 years ago then ,the First lady and Queen of hearts till now Farida with the legendary beauty Fawiza

Queen Farida and Princess Fawzia in the French Culture Center in Cairo


  1. Aha..
    I never saw her daughters in law wearing those kind of dresses..
    the Royal family is now exposed to elie's elegance..:D
    i know for a fact they only eat ornages that come from florida..USA..i wonder kam kilo borta2an have i paid for ?!!
    great coverage..and i love elie's fashions :)
    gotta get me a sleeve or something with my life savings..hahaha

  2. dear E-nadaha ,these photos I am sure they thought they would never find their to Egypt but they were wrong ,they were published in Lebanese magazines ,anyway the daughers in laws can be seen in similar dresses in high society lifestyle magazines like enigma and cleo ,you know the magazines about the other Egypt we don't know about :(

    The Royal family should have worked with Saab from a long time ,they are not less than Rania of Jordan but what can we say ?? they really care about the people !!

    you and me should wonder from now about the expenses of the coming royal wedding because if the wedding dress only was from Saab what about the groom's suite !!??

    I love Elie's fashion too but I am realistic ,I only watch lol

  3. hello i am looking for egyption clothing

  4. Are you searching for it online or offline ??

  5. Whoa! I've never seen these photos before. great! this post is five star for me..

    by the way im william i like and my favorite is big suit


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