Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Israeli Ambassador and the Maadi Slayer

I found this news a bit funny.

The Israeli Ambassador in Egypt left his residence in Maadi Suburb because of the Maadi Slayer !! Oh yes the Israeli Ambassador and his family back their bags to stay in the Embassy in Giza area near the Zoo because of the Maadi Suburb.

The official or what was announced that the man couldn't stand the security measures taken now in Maadi !!

I don't know it is a joke or what ??

Already the people in Maadi are suffering from the security measures because of him and his protection. How many times the traffic movement in Maadi used to change to protect his parade to his Embassy ??

People in Maadi who live near the Israeli Ambassador always arrive late to their jobs and schools , and even those who don't live near him ,they suffer from the same problem.

There is no problem with American or British Ambassadors and the their Security but there is always a problem with the Israeli Ambassador and his security.

About the Maadi Slayer ,let's speak the truth ,the guy goes after the women in 20s age , I don't think he will go after the Israeli Ambassador wife ,she is too old for sure and she doesn't walk alone in Maadi ,of course she is surrounded by body guards!!

Also the Maadi slayer is somehow concentrated in certain area in Maadi , the popular area near El-Basteen , he didn't reach to the area where the Ambassador and his family live !!

You know there is a joke mentioned in Filbalad FrontPage now that the Egyptian people are very thankful to the Maadi Slayer that he made him live the Maadi suburb and now they are asking him kindly to go after the Ambassador in Giza to force to him return to his country!!

You know the Israeli Ambassadors suffer more than the Egyptian Ambassadors in Israel, you see we had about 5 or 6 Ambassadors from Israel who always returned home and they are suffering from a great depression where as we only had two Ambassadors , Bassiouny and the new one all those years !!


  1. ah cool :)
    I used to look out of my classroom's window at highschool and see his house...and I even argued with on of guards there once :D
    I lived couple of hundreds meters away too and sometimes I walk more than that just because it was banned to walk next to house!!!

  2. oh yes it is cool and funny ,he is so coward , the Maadi people who lived beside that house are living a real hell ,well I think now they will have some kind of a rest ,despite the fact that the Maadi slayer are giving them hard time with all those guards here and there


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