Thursday, February 1, 2007

The Egyptian government is against the new 7 wonders of the world

 I think if you are moving around in the blogsphere ,you may have heard about this new sudden organization that is calling for choosing the new wonders of the world.Forget the old Herodotus 7 wonders of the World ,it is now up to the people of the world to choose through voting for the places they consider as the new wonders of the world.

Well the founder of that organization came to Egypt in the hope to be received like in Jordan instead he was received with official refusal and public shock that the pyramids may not be considered as world wonder in the end !!?? In other words the man returned back to his country his a## so hot to boil an egg on from disappointment .I mean the guy thought that the first lady ,minister of culture and Zahi Hawas were going to receive like Queen Rania who is by the way with all my respect loves to stand in front of any camera available in the place to be photographed !!

Unfortunately for his luck the first lady was abroad in some European country attending a conference as usual ,while Hosni and Hawas took the opportunity to appear as the saviors of the national heritage and the reputation of the pyramids

Hosni wants to repair the damage of the veil crisis

While Hawas wants to repair the damage of his operation ,you see Hawas had an eye operation , an easy cheap one can be done in Egypt in El-Magahrabi Optical hospital in Sayda Nafisa area ,yet he didn't do it here , he did it in America , he traveled there with his wife , and the whole trip and operation bills were paid by the Egyptian State !! Despite the fact he doesn't need it , beside the fact it can be done in Egypt cheaply , he and his wife can be considered as wealthy people ,and so the opposition newspapers made a huge attack on him .You want my opinion , El-Magrabhi is not less than any hospital abroad and it is cheaper!! Anyhow he wanted to save his image by defending the Pyramids !!

And thus the two found that guy coming with stupid certificate that our grand Pyramid is included in that survey to put all their anger on!! Of course they refused to take the certificate and attacked the man in official media that I felt that Zahi was going to say take your bloody certificate and shave ur a## with it in the end ,I swear in El-Ahram interview newspaper he seemed to say so

And the man decided to avenge from us and thus the Pyramids reached to the 40 and something rank and he ignored the official refusal and didn't mention the reception he received .

Look seriously I don't like that idea that much why ?? ok

If you look to the idea the 7 wonders of the world nothing is remained except our grand Pyramid in Giza plateau , but if you want my opinion if we want a new 7 wonders of the world,such thing the UNESCO and the UN are the ones who should be responsible for such choice not some organization no one knows its past or the background and purposes, 

 number 2 the wonderful thing about the 7 wonders of the world in my opinion is that none of them exist except the Pyramids ,and you have to imagine them in your mind ,another thing how can they combine the Eiffel tower with Petra , from the ancient times to modern time !!

I mean wikipedia was wise enough to classify the wonders of the world through time ,Ancient ,Middle Age ,modern. I mean how can we compare the Sydney Opera house which by the way I know its history and how it was built , comparing it with The Great China wall which I also know how is built ,for god sake millions died in building it ,you just need only to read the Chinese epic legends about building the wall to know that it was like digging the Suez Canal and even worst!!

Another thing this contest is not fair it depends on electronic voting ,ok there are countries here in South East Asia a country like Cambodia got its jewel in the Jungle , the Angkor Wat temple complex , Cambodians I am sorry don't the full access to the Internet to keep on voting for their great treasure like the Americans for the Lady liberty, really I saw a documentary about and I think it comes after the Karnak Temple Complex in beauty , I am sorry Angkor Wat I consider as a wonder but the Statue of Liberty is not a world wonder ,for God sake did you know that it was already designed to be put in Port Said in Egypt !!??

Same thing for the South Americans and their great pyramids do you think they have the full knowledge like us ,like the Cambodians ,like any of the third world countries that full of real wonders to vote for their sites through online

I am sorry but I don't care if the Pyramids will be included in this new classification or not simply because those who built them from 7000 years didn't give a damn for that , they are great without being included , it is enough to go to the Pyramids plateau and stand and see how great they are to know that it doesn't need voting ,it doesn't need some expert opinions to know it is a wonder , a real wonder

Link to n7w: Vote

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