Thursday, March 29, 2007

German Measles spreads in Egyptian Schools

The opposition newspapers say that it is from the products of the new amendments but seriously it was there since last week before the amendments and the ministry of education as usual used the old policy of "deny till the end"

The news which started as a rumor that several Egyptian students from the primary stage in Cairo and Giza were infected by the German Measles in several schools

Of course when anything related to schools and diseases especially in the populated areas like Cairo and Giza is announced whether it is a fact or a rumor ,it causes great panic in Egypt and People don't send children to schools after some time and several TV and newspapers interview with officials from the ministries of health and education that everything is under control

Ironically I read yesterday a statement by some official in the education ministry saying that what we see in the Egyptian Primary schools is only individual cases in the spring time , well he is right about one thing , it is spring and it is full of such diseases

But he is not right about the "individual cases" , because the same education ministry he is working for according to the reports and statistics from the different educational units in the Governates across the country that there are 264 students infect with the Measles

In Cairo and Giza both are said to have 104 students

In Al-Wadi El-Gadid , there are 115

In Mansoura , there are 28

and in Monufia ,there are 13

this is according to what is published in today's "El-Masry El-Youm"

Yet what is published in today's Ahram in the front page is even more and more scary ,taking in consideration that El-Ahram is the official newspaper of the state, they are saying that there are 300 students in Giza alone infected by the disease !! with no mention to other places

I know that the German Measles is not dangerous disease very well but this is big numbers and we must ask ourselves why ??

Already I understood that there was a mandatory injection from 10 years ago and then it stopped why ??!!!

I am asking because may be next it won't be a German measles , it can be even more dangerous disease

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