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The Runaway Iranian Consul

It seems that we are going to see more of the runaway Iranian officials , just after couple of weeks from the scandal of the Iranian ex-general , we found in the news that  there is a new Runaway official , not as important as the ex-general in the revolutionary guard but still can be regarded as important.

The Iranian Consul in Dubai or rather to be specific , the ex-Iranian Consul in Dubai as he is no longer in the official service of the Iranian foreign ministry, at least after his escape to the West

His name is "Adel El-Asadi" and here is his picture from "" who succeeded to reach him in the west and have an exclusive interview in Sweden where he requested a political refugee to become the first civilian official to escape from the country after the Islamic revolution.

Mr. "El-Asadi" '52 years old' used to be an assistant to the foreign minister before his work as a consul in the Dubai since 2001, already in Dubai there is a very big community of Iranians about 1 million if I am not mistaken, also he used to work in the Iranian Shura Council, I tried to search for some information about on the net ,I found nothing much because his name is similar with an Iraqi politician

Of course El-Asadi denied any relation with Ex-general Asgari or with any western intelligence saying that the reason behind his departure that the great danger he felt was surrounding him and his family in the country after knowing the size of the corruption in the government . He said that he started to know about this corruption when he was working in the Shura council,he found out that both the government and the religious only concern is to collect money without any consideration for the Iranian people.

Well I understand why he escaped if he started attacking the religious men in Iran , the result won't be nice , the religious men are a taboo.

His accusation and confessions didn't stop at here , in fact we are just getting started , the controversy is coming right away.

The ex-consul accused and revealed that the Iranian regime got sleeping cells across the gulf area

He said those sleeping cells are made up from gulf citizens mostly from the Shiites ,they are brought to Iran where they got a security and military , then they are sent back to their countries ,waiting for what Iran orders them to do

it seems like the 24 TV series.

Seriously it didn't stop here , in fact the man reveals details more as his work in the foreign ministry , of course it can be false ,it can be true ,we won't know for sure , it is according to his statement

The man said that those members of cells don't enter Iran with their passports ,but with a special clearance document, as they don't want any indication in the passports of those persons that they went to Iran , of course it is very intelligent idea , I respect it the mind who first thought of it

He said that it was a technique they had in the foreign ministry ,for example agent "X" goes to London from his country , heads to the Iranian Embassy reveals himself and so they give him this clearance document or what ever

Those cells in their hibernation do nothing except collecting information to the Iranian government in other more realistic words as I understand it they spy on their countries and communities for the sake of the Iranian government.

The Iranian government also supply those cells with weapons,smuggling the weapons according to him is very easy ,through the Persian or Arab Gulf , it depends how you see it , he gave an example that when he was in the Shura Council in the foreign affairs committee they called the foreign minister who was Dr. Ali Akbar Velayati to ask what was wrong between Bahrain and the Revolutionary guards, he told that the revolutionary guards sent some cargo in a private ship and it turned that this cargo was weapons

"Al-Asadi" said that many of the members in the Iranian embassies and commissions are members in the security and he denied to have to any thing related with the revolutionary guards or security , as he categorized himself as an independent opponent to the regime

The very interesting thing he said and aroused my attention is that he knew where general Asgari was going to head to ,the destination will be the United States and that are many general Asgari who are going to leave the country and the regime soon as he knows !! I don't know if they are working for the western intelligence like Asgari or not.

Seriously this must be expected with the escalation of the Iranian issue , the war of the words and the congress permissions to Bush to be free in the way he handles thing with Tehran .

Expect more and more of people like Asgari and El-Asadi to appear more and more in the media especially the Arabic media ,the pro-Sunni , El-Asadi put more fuel on the fire tension between the Muslim Sunnis and Shiites in gulf , creating division by accusing them directly and indirectly "most of them Shiites" to work for Iran against their countries , this time is not a foolish statement that comes without calculation like Hosni Mubarak's famous words.

I don't deny that many of the Shiites in the Gulf are more related to the Islamic Shiite system in Iran foolishly, in the same way many in Egypt and the Arab world trust the clerics of Saudi Arabia blindly ,I mean I lived in Qatar in my early childhood and my mother remembers very good how many of the Shiites in Qatar who used to put El-Khomeini's big pictures in their shops and during the first gulf war between Iran and Iraq , the orders came to prohibiting any hanging for any El-Khomeini's posters or photos anywhere,my mom used to see them hanging it under the big pictures frames of Religious Islamic prayers and Quranic Verses. I don't deny either that the Iranian regime let's say has hopes to spread its influence on the region, in fact who is not trying to do so , well since the early history the region was cursed by the influence game and if we look back to the near history ,we will find that Nasser used similar technique to spread his Arab nationalism thinking from overthrowing monarchies to presidential coups, it is the game of the nation

The question is why Asgari and El-Asadi appear now to reveal these bitter facts of life , why I have the feeling that those men will form the nucleus of similar front of Iraqi exiled personalities like El-Hakim family in London.Of course I am waiting for the big appearance of the Reza Pahalvi and his mom , despite I doubt that the United States would use , already it abandoned them after the revolution.And after 27 years ,the new generation in Iran doesn't know them well to trust and the memories of the working class in Iran regarding their life style was not promising.

I am not a pro-Iranian regime but I don't to see any more blood spelled because of oil . More of this man kind would create division and we don't this now

I don't consider him a liar and can't judge his intentions and I know that for sure the Iranian regime is not angelic on the contrary I have a good idea about their corrupted unethical behavior but the region can't take any more war situation Iraq is enough already with all what it created from a new radical generations of Islamists from both sides , a thing I am afraid I heard Mubarak once warned from in Cairo

Link to قنصل إيراني منشق يكشف للعربية.نت أسرار الخلايا النائمة بالخليج

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