Thursday, March 15, 2007

Two Egyptian Bloggers detained

Ok I was right when I said from couple of days that it would be the Spring of anger , it seems it will be one of Spring for one hell of a Summer

Just from few minutes ago I checked "Manal and" new pink blog "beautiful chic design at last thank God" and it turned out that today's protest of Kefaya movement against the Constitution amendments ended sadly as it was reported that 32 from the protesters were arrested among them according Alaa two bloggers Mohamed Adel who is from the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohamed Taher who seems to be from El-Gad party as I understand from his blog

Of course they were n't arrested because they are bloggers but because they are participating in the protest against the Constitution amendments, this is just a side remark

Well Wael Abbas seemed to miss this protest as he is enjoying his time in Turkey , the man deserves some time for a rest
The Egyptian Movement of change aka Kifaya declared its rejection to the constitution amendment and is calling the people to boycott the expected referendum in April , despite my refusal to this suggestion as I don't see it as the solution.They were preparing for today's protest for sometime as a beginning of moving against the amendment and it seems that the interior is ready for them too

From BBC Arabic

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