Thursday, March 15, 2007

El-Attar updates

It has been some time since I wrote something about our dear friend El-Attar who is currently accused of spying to the Israeli Mossad. Many of you from Canada and Egypt due to the fame of the "Egyptian Security forces" ,"Egyptian official transparency" and " The misconception between the Egyptian National security and State security" ;think that the man is innocent and the Egyptian regime accused him from thousands of Egyptian-Canadians to fool the people in valley in the Nile and to make them busy in something else other than the coming constitution amendments.I respect them and believe me if he turns out to be a real innocent I owe him an apology but the problem is that it didn't happen that an Egyptian accused with espionage turned to be innocent , especially with the evidence and giving about the case

I admit the way the Egyptian press handled the case was stupid ,but It dealt with it like any kind of press in the world check the Israeli press and how it handled the case of the Iranian general and how it made it as the greatest victory for the Mossad on the Vevak of Iran from 27 years,Anyhow I always keep on updates about this case from day one from the first hour it was announced.

On Wednesday the 14th of March, Egyptian daily Al-Akhabr published a small news in the crime regarding the updates on the case

7 Arabs and Egyptians sent a message to the Egyptian Embassy in Toronto regarding the spy , they wanted that message to be delivered to the State's security high court.The 7 Egyptian and Arab young men turned to know him when he came from Vancouver to Toronto.

In their message they said that they knew him as "Youssef" which is the Arabic name of "Joseph", they didn't know that he was a Muslim called Mohamed at all because he was wearing a Golden cross in his , he also had a cross tattoo on his arm. He was hated from the most of the Arab people there because he was interfering in everyone's business , he wanted to know everything about us , our news,our families and our financial matters.

There was some Arab guy who lived with him for 6 month , then he left him and told them that you would know soon something shameful about "Youssef" and you would hate him so much. He left and we didn't know where he had gone. "I guess his sexuality"

They said also that El-Attar used to lie constantly ,and he used to exaggerate when talking about his life and family in Egypt, that he was graduated from the Science faculty in the AUC !!  he is from the Zamalak inhabitants, and he traveled to Turkey to study . "Similar things he said to the woman in the church in Vancouver about his wealthy family and so on"

The message continued to reveal more interesting important points from my view , they said that El-Attar was very regular young man in his outfit and his look , but after two month ,his father passed away and he got his inheritance "Well I think his dad the hero of 1973 war is alive till now from where he got that inheritance !!??"

From this inheritance he bought a black Mercedes car and his life changed upside down , buying the fine and expensive kind of cloth and perfumes , and after few months he moved to an apartment whose rent is over one thousand Canadian dollar and lived there alone.

"Now this is the classical fishy part when you ask from where he got that money if we know that his father is alive , and also had very bad relations with him ,so from where he got that fortune !!?? well his uncle too is alive and doesn't live in Brazil ,Egyptians will understand this part"

The young men were surprised later after they found out that he got a job in the "CICB" ,which is a very famous bank in Canada, and he was trying to convince the Arabs and Egyptians to open accounts there .

Last year he got the Canadian nationality and after directly he informed us that he was going to visit his family in Cairo , after that he would head for a trip in the middle east including "Jordan,Israel and Turkey"

They didn't hear anything from him after except when they found his news in the headlines in Egypt and Canada and you know the rest.

This is just an update about the case.

The next trial will be on the 26th of March 2007 ,I guess and it will determine him either guilty or innocent

And here pardon me if I ask in advance

"Would you trust the Judge decision and consider him as a traitor ??"




  1. Just for your information, in Canada, most regular people live on high credit, and some.. depending on their work line, like those working in Banks for example and many other lines of work, get a higher credit than others. They can buy beautiful clothes and perfumes on credit and much more. Some are less reasonable then others and have lots of credit cards because, for your information, credit cards sollicitation in Canada is incredible. You find pre accepted credit cards forms in your mailall the time. Those who check your references do not always do it right. Some regular people in Canada lease a Mercedes or a Jaguar, no problem. Or get a Platinium credit card with no limit of credit sometimes approved easily, unfortunately and can buy anything up to 250 thousand Dollars in some cases. $1000 Canadian for an apartment is not a fortune. It does not consist of a very luxurious apartment. Crap apartments cost about 400 to 600. 1000$ is for a decent one, but depending on the area. It could also be crap. Wether Al Attar is excentric, a homosexual, acurious, talkative, and a liar does not make him a spy. Travelling to Jordan and taking the Israel package has been part of a touristic advantage for Jordan by the way. It attracts a lot of neutrally political people and since Jordan and Israel are sharing WATER, it has always been a great way to keep the water running since many years. In any case, we shall see the verdict at the end. They will, in some cases go very far to 'punish' one of their own that puts shame to their reputation in that sense. Nevertheless,If he is a spy, then he will be punished.One more thing, Most Arabs and Egyptians abroad have a huge problem with homosexuality.

  2. anonymous ,this high credit level is common among the canadians but not on the working class of immigrants who transfer the money to their families back home again and that's why it was strange for those men in Canada what El-Attar was doing from spending here and there , regular people you are talking are those who are living there for 10 or even 5 years working in very suitable positions to buy a jaguar not a Subaway employee then a teller in a bank.

    the other thing about his character being a liar and suddenly rich can be suspecious for many , yes it doesn't make him a spy but it creates question marks

    Another thing , I know very well that is homosexuality is very spread among Arabs and Egyptians Abroad especially in Canada because of the ease of the same sex marriage

  3. An immigrant in Canada has MOST of the exact same rights as a Canadian Cittizen but he/she cannot vote. In terms of credit if he/she can bring a letter of reference that he/she makes $xxxx from a friend that has a business, he can get the credit and that is how many immigrants get credit cards and drive cards that they buy CASH from credit cards advances. It is a problem actually. And a lot of immigrants get social insurance money or welfare money illegally.. it is a huge problem in Canada with all sorts of different nationalities including Somalians, Chinese, Lebanese, Egyptians, Syrians, Mexicans etc ..etc.. and many Canadians that are on welfare have jobs under the table, are paid without declaring to revenue Canada, and live a very good life inside their homes enjoying the latest model Tv and DVD players etc etc etc...I had a housekeeper that refused my cheque when I wanted to pay her at the end of the month, and quit because she was on welfare and she wanted cash. She drove a very nice car and wore very nice clothes. The difference is that many immigrants do not speak the language and do not understand their rights but also many that understand the system are somehow dishonest and take advantage of it in an illegal way. Egyptians and Arab homosexuals are also very free in all the touristic citioes of the world including EGYPT. Check Luxor.
    If Al Attar is a spy he will get what he deserves but it is not a good idea to accuse him of being a spy because he has a new car and lives better than others.

  4. interesting facts about canada , pardon me as I thought it was like the United States or Great Britian as I got relatives and friends there , also I got a relative in Canada , but because he was divorced twice ,it was like the hell for him some time

    As homosexual spots there is also Marina why do I have to go to Luxor when Marina's parties were the talk of the town in the last couple of years

    About El-Attar everything will reach to the end on next 26th of March insh ALlah ,next week


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