Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Iraq backs plan to move Arabs from Kirkuk - Conflict in Iraq - MSNBC.com

I don't like this , I don't like this at all .

Day and night you blame Iran , but what about the Kurds !!?? with my all respect I don't like this ethnic plan as it will tear Iraq in to parts

It is a step toward the division of Iraq to the what is called the Federation of Iraq then the independence Kurdistan !!!

Just a little Piece of information Kirkuk is from the richest oil spots in Iraq

the Piece of information is over

You know I don't know why they are calling the Iraqis as Arabs , they are not Arabs , well they belong to the Arab world due to culture and geography but it is like saying "To move the Europeans from Switzerland !!"

Calling them Arabs makes me feel that they are coming from the gulf or something and that Kirkuk is not their place , you know Salah El-Din one of the greatest icons in the Arabic Islamic history was an Arab from a Kurdish descedent back then they didn't stop at the Kurdish part because there is no difference between an Arab and non Arab in Islam except by faith and faith place is in the heart which no one knows what is inside it except Mightly God

we are speaking about the Shiite danger and forgetting the real danger coming from the Kurds I am sorry , despite my huge respect to them and my belief that they are a minority that suffered alot in a way that they don't deserve yet I feel that they are now the rea threat not only Iraq but the rest of the Arab world , today is Iraq ,tomorrow is Syria  !!

You know what I am really scared from is that some day will come and we will find a similiar headline in MSNBC saying that

"Egypt backs plan to move Arabs from Asuit !!"

Link to Iraq backs plan to move Arabs from Kirkuk - Conflict in Iraq - MSNBC.com


  1. I don't like it either but I take an issue with your claim that the kurdish issue is the real danger. I don't believe for a second that the kurdish sovergnty is threat or danger to the Arab world.

    This is because the kurdish people are voicing the same national views as the arabs voice about their countries, heritage and cultural hegemony. Why is it ok for the Arabs to have their own countries, while they proclaim to speak the same language and have the same history? Why is it ok to accuse of the kurds of going against the muslim ummah when no muslim country helped them, i.e kurds when they were being gased? How many muslims nations stood in the UN and cried against what saddam was doing? Where was the demonstration in the Arab streets again the majzara of the anfal? Their is a common theme to those questions and that is the Arabs are truly the threat to other Muslims. When they are need, they proclaim to be muslims and when they are self sufficient, they remind you that they are Arabs and you are not. This is not only my view, as the prophet himself
    spoke about this theme, to a crowd largely of "Arabs".

    Morever, the Arab world has forgetten that there might was not due to their culture or history but due to mercy of God who bestowed Islam upon them. Thus removing Islam from their culture, they are no different from other cultures and might be even ranked lower in development compared to the South Asians and Europeans. But I digress.

    However getting back kurds, I beleive that they doing what was done to them by the Arabs, persians, turks and Syrians. Once upon time the kurds ruled those lands called kirkuk and lived peacefully with nomadic Arabs. Untill they were forced to move from that Area by Ummayads, the abbassid and all the way to Saddam Hussein. Ofcourse there were period where they were given autanomy over their lands but those times were few and in between.

    Thus, I think it is their Islamic right to get back theirs lands and their culture which was suppressed by the turks, Arabs and persians before they can stand with their muslim brother as an equal. There is biblical saying which states: "You reap what you sow." And by the will of God the arabs in Iraq are reaping what they sowed and I hope that the kurds get their kurdistan. And after they get their kurdistan, they become a federal state of Iraq, similar to the American states.

  2. God bless America,

    Why I do thin it is dangerous may be because some kurds are standing with the Israelis , may because some Kurd writers have got this tune to hate everything Arabic and Islamic despite the majority of Kurds are Muslims
    by the way I don't consider them a threat to Islam nor the Arab nationalism because simply they part of this civilization ,part of this nation , Salahdin was kurd
    and believe me I am with their rights for what happened to them in Galabaja ,strangely not only the Arabs were silent but the whole world including the States
    anyhow you know it is like blaming the Iraqis and they are themselves were suffering from Saddam ,like blaming the Syrian while they suffered a lot from the Al-Assad family

    From the Islamic point view I can't argue but also it is not from the Islam to put your hands with the enemies of your brothers in the faith and here I don't speak about America but Israel

    I have got no problem if the kurds live in their lands ,spoke their language , have their religions as some groups already have , but as long as they are inside the country ,inside , not Kurdistan , the loyality to be for Iraq , because then we won't have Iraq , the shiites will go with Iran , the Turks will go with Turkey , the Arabs tribes between Syria ,Jordan and KSA and Farewell to a whole country

  3. Once again, the kurds are being blamed for working with the enemy. There is no shred of evidence that shows the kurds do anything more than, say what egypt does with the Israelis. I could even say that they don't even get close to the dealing egypt, jordan, UAE, Qatar and Turkey have with Israel. So this claim they are working with the enemy does not fly.

    If you think I am wrong, please tell me why. As for the right of the kurds to have their own country, I think they should have their kurdistan. Look, if turks can have turkey, persians can have Iran and Arabs can have the gulf nation, syria, lebanaon..etc, why can't the kurds have kurdistan? Futhermore, the kurds don't mind having a minority Arab population in kurdistan, the same way most iraqis don't mind having, minority kurd in Iraq.

    I think it is about time that the Arabs do something right for ones. They should give autonomy to the kurds but Also at the same time ask them to be part of Iraq.

    Lastly, I want you to put yourself in the shoes of the kurds. Forget that you are an Arab for second and see what conclusion you would come to. The Kurds are in the right and I think it is about time the Arabs use the carrot method instead of the stick to bring the kurds to the table.

  4. God bless America , I am afraid that if this happen in Iraq , we will have a repeated script in North Africa , in Syria ,in Lebanon for example , the christians will take the north , the shiite will take the south in the same way
    God bless America it is not easy like you are saying

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  6. Amr do you always like to speak about Iran in the end ???

  7. @Zeinobia,

    I could be wrong.

    @amre the whitey
    Egypt was not an arab until Islam came to it.

  8. amr please respect me and don't harasse my guests ,if Naj comes in your blog then you are free but other than it is not your right to attack her calling her names
    and that's why I will delete your stupid comment and consider this a warning to you
    and yes EGypt wasn't Arabic till the Islam came to it

    @god bless america , I could be wrong too

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  10. Amre the white,

    I will do the right thing and tell you that I am an african and not Persian. I am big fan and supporter of Africa. That means I am also fan of your country since it is on the African continent. That being said, when was the last time you saw Naj praising the US like I praise it in my name?

    While you are thinking about that, I want to also say that it is better to have an agreed upon static definition than a convoluted non static definition. You can yourself Arab all you want but according to my definition "if" all your ancestors are egyptians and not from the invading Arab army, then you are not Arab by my definition. You are just an African who lost his language and culture to the Arabs and then adopted their culture.

    But on the other hand if you ancestors were from the invading Arab army then you have the right to say you are the member of the Arab khawaga. You should try to get a passport from the Gulf countries, syria..etc and see what they say.

  11. Zeinobia,

    I find it fascinating how someone who commented "this" on my blog: (on March 29th)

    by your side Naj i stand in peace.

    Remeber that i signed the petition of protest against at 300.

    Therefore, i expect from you sympathy and support to my Arab nation. Because if that doesnt come from our Islamic neighbour the guardian of a great old civilsation and culture, then who else would support our nation

    Is behaving in SUCH a strange way, going around calling me names, but coming on my blog and claiming that "name calling is not his game"! He is trying to make me angry, but he is really disgracing himself and his egyptian cause. I have a great regard for Egypt, so I won't let my judgement biased and I do not need "angre" in orther to breath. so Amre may as well quit trying and find himself a new hobby.

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  13. One last note

    People are People every where. They have inherent good and bad in them. There is no one culture that is inherently evil and one which is inherently good. Today, the muslim world is facing the same takhaluf the western world was facing in the medieval period. Lets not forget, the Islamic year is 1428 H. Try reading european history for this period and you will see that everything happening in the muslims world today, has happened in europe.

    Thus you telling me, "the use of sarin nobody in Egypt felt bad" is not something I am suprised about because the european used to tell the same thing when they invaded another christian country and slaughtered people of their own faith.

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  16. Amre the white

    I did not associate egypt with niggers but rather your being niggardly with your terms. I hope you can understand what I am saying my niggard. You are my niggard, so I am trying to help you out here. So stop acting like a niggard because if you are acting like a one, people here will say you are acting niggardly. And I don't want that to happen because as I said, you are niggard

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  18. Amre the white,

    I pleased to see you are partialy listening to my advice and not being niggardly in your term. But I wanted to ask you, do I have to prove you wrong all the time? Remember when you claimed bukhari was Arab and I proved you otherwise? I remember it very well. After I did that, you did not even apologize and I think that was niggardly of you.

    Therefore, since you are my niggard, I will not expect any apologies or gratitude. However, I will not stop educating you until you stop demonstrating how obtuse you are. Thus, with such mission in mind, I want to state that I said, "I am big fan and supporter of Africa. That means I am also fan of your country since it is on the African continent."

    My statement in no way stated that Egyptians are african or that egyptians cannot be africans. But rather that I am fan and supporter of egypt because it is on the African continent. That being said, I think I should provide with some science lessons.

    The following text is taken from the article history in africa by Johns Hopkins university
    "It is important to consider the issue of the original frequencies and
    origins of these variants in Egypt and other parts of Africa, as well as the
    adjacent regions. This is especially important given the ongoing tendency
    in some disciplines to label the Nile valley as Middle Eastern, in a fashion
    that effectively suggests that Egypt has no African context, and that also
    hides its biocultural Africanity in pre-Islamic times."

    CountryEgypt (n) (274)
    13.9 39.4 18.9 6.6 7.3 2.2 5.5

    It is important to address the appellation of “Arabic” for haplotype V,
    due to names being interpreted as indicators of origins, and the inconsistencies
    found in the literature.The label “Arabic” for V is therefore misleading
    because it suggests a Near Eastern origin. In fact this variant has been
    called “African” (Lucotte et al. 1993:839, Lucotte et al. 1996:469), and
    “Berberian” (Lucotte et al. 2001:887).Given these findings, it is more accurate to call V “Horn-supra-saharan
    African,” not ‘Arabic;’ it is indigenous to Africa. The first speakers of Arabic, a Semitic language, came into Africa from the Near East.

    There is a modal frequency of particular lineages from Egypt to
    Morocco that is DISTINCT FROM those in the Near East, Europe....


    You can read more about it. The above article shows categorically that egyptians were Africans Both genetical and anthropologicaly and not causians. With that being said, I want you to provide us with a reputable article fron a reputable science journal that claims that ancient egyptians were causians.

    I also wanted to respond to this claim you made: "black people like yourself were treated with disgust and contempt." How old are you my white wannabe friend? 1000 years?, 2000 years?....? I doubt you lived at that time and could tell me anything fruitfull since you are schizophrenic.

  19. I'm an egyptian girl who has just dropped by this site.

    your statmnt is very offensive nigger.......go stick yourself to someone else nigger.

    i can provide you tons of links about Egyptian geneolgy but it is no good debaing with niggers. The link you have provided is bullshit.......It is just some twisted research made by a black guy who is proud of being pubic hair and the descendant of monkeys like yourself.........on the other hand the most reliable dna studies identify ancient Egyptians as arabs(near easterns) .......why go so far just look at the templs and statues....niggers were either chained slaves used in labour or war.or in some cases

    look at temples you will find niggers chained and dragged on the ground. Egyptians hate niggers.....

    contempt of your kind is structurally embeded in Egypt dirt.your likes are called monkeys everywhere

    that nigger who came out with theory is just trying to make it up for himself because he knows that he is inferior

    come to Egypt and you will see when you walk in the streets people calling you onga bonga.....monkey and shit like this.......fuck off nigger.

    people of your kind are looked upon with disgust everywhere

  20. Amre the white,
    My friendly niggard. I cannot believe that you characterized yourself as "egyptian girl who has just dropped by this site." Please niggard. I am still waiting for the evidence I asked for. I hope I did not scare you so much that you became a female niggard.

  21. why would anyone prove anything to nigger heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelook in the mirror...............and there will be need for any proof

  22. I am sorry but I am not going to join anymore in this silly debate !!

  23. Amre the white,

    My favorite niggard. I am quite disappointed in you. Are you certain that you are egyptian? I am truly doubting your ethnicity. You have already shown that you are uncertain about your gender and now you have truly demonstrated how obtuse you are. Therefore I will check on you, now and then to see if you are improving your reading, comprehension and honesty skills.

    I will be waiting for your proof my niggard. Stay safe until then.

    That would be preferable :D.


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