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Mohamed Hasseinein Heikel: The wise man of the Middle East -Robert Fisk

 This is a highly recommended interview to be read , you must read it if you are interested in knowing the middle east ,the past ,the future and more important the present

Robert Fisk in his visit to Cairo made a wonderful interview Mohamed Hasseinein Heikel ,one of the most famous journalists not only in our Egyptian history but Arabic history , it is enough to know that this man was like an advisor to Nasser

You know it is enough to read Fisk's introduction anyhow read it till the end

Link to Mohamed Hasseinein Heikel: The wise man of the Middle East - Independent Online Edition > Robert Fisk

There are several remarks I want to comment about in the interview

First one concerning the life in Egypt , the one Mr. Heikel referred to by using an example from the "Sawt El-Oma"{Voice of Nation} , the lavish wedding that costed 1 Million E.P ,with thousands or hundreds of Guest and the singer who took alone half a million ,I think what Heikel wanted to say by this example that in Egypt now we are suffering from unequal distribution of fortunate , I am not a communist or leftist but now we are having now in Egypt a very high class "20%" owning the rest of the fortunate "80%"

The classes now in Egypt are heading to a dangerous slope where the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer.

The middle class is in between heading for a dangerous end because every year the middle class disappears gradually not to the high class but to the low class

Another remark I stopped at during the interview whether in Arabic or in English "The interview was translated and published in couple of independent and weekly newspapers and the official newspapers began its usual attack on Heikel too after it "

Mr.Heikel as a wise man who lived in the Egyptian political arena for years said a very important fact many know but dare not to speak about it loud

Mubarak is not a politician Mubarak is an excellent military man

Yes President Mubarak is not a politician , he can be described as one like President Nasser or President Anwar

The reason is simple Mubarak all his life didn't practice politics before being chose to the position of vice president which was a huge surprise even for him for the historical fact , all his life since joining the War school then going to the air forces school then become a teacher , an excellent one who really helped in re-building the air forces after the tragedies of 1967 , no one can deny this , and then becoming the commander of the air forces to the end of his military career when he was chosen a vice president

President Nasser before beginning a president , he practiced politics,it is enough that he formed the Free officers movement and in the War school he used to teach the "Intelligence" subject

President Sadaat political history even is more deeper than President Nasser , he was a spy for the Nazis , he was convicted in the murder of Minister Amin Othman during the 1940s ,he used to read for the communists and for the MB

Both Nasser and Sadaat were considered as terrible makers for their involvement in the politics as a military man

Where as Mubarak was the prefect military man , the prefect pilot who had nothing in his mind except the air forces ,he had no experience , he didn't read in his youth in the various political and economic schools , you know last week El-Dostor daily published an interview in a Muslim brotherhood veteran that claimed that Mubarak was a member in the MB in his youth and I was just saying "oh yes and the aliens built the pyramids!!"

Another incident to show how Mubarak was 100% a military man was something I knew personally from a late neighbor who was his teacher in the Air forces may Allah bless his soul , this gentle man was a teacher for both Mubarak and Hafiz Al-Assad in the Egyptian Air forces and he remembered them very well , he described El-Assad as a young man who was very ambitious , and this ambition was not for aviation or for war but for presidency and politics where as Mubarak was an excellent air fighter even better than him

How this affects him and affects us ??

Well you don't need a much time to think and know that if Mubarak were only 5% politician or had a political culture ,he would n't be surrounded by this corrupted class of advisors on the top of them his own son because he is hurting himself before anyone not to mention the country with them  and their recommendation and advices to him .

Not every military man can be a politician and not every politician can lead a war and that is why there are separate schools for them in the universities


  1. thanks for the link my only gripe with heikal is the fact that when a person becomes older his eyes seem to live in the past rather than look at the future.
    Am Really glad when i read that he took the mentoring path and i hope some really great people come from under his hands.
    one thing for sure i would like to see on this blog is more of a street view (kinda selfish but thats about the only egyptian blog i come across on regular terms) so i can learn a bit more about egyptions :)
    As for Mubarak..... can't really say if he did anything worth mentioning (positively that is)
    The biggest issue is he atleast had to do his share of work to get where he is now, while if we look at the heir to be .....

  2. @amre ,thanks ya Amr

    @NO_angel , well Heikal sometimes falls in this mistake but other than he only commonts logically and according to his opinion of course
    by the way I will try as much as I can to show more of the street view

  3. Zeinobia,

    i have to say that at last i found another blogger who looks at thinks the way i do.

    In life there are many who think like me but not on the blog world.

    A7'eeran i found someone that shares the same prispective on politics, religion and social stuff.

    konty fyn min zamaan, i was loosing hope out

    very nice post!

  4. thanks fadfadation ,I am so flattered already I understand what you are saying
    yes the blogging world in Egypt you can hardly find someone think in the same way


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