Monday, April 16, 2007

The new trend in the Arabic world : papas and sons

After Syria and Egypt now we got the Happy Yemen in roll , the new trend of the Monarchy republics is spreading more and more

In Syria we had Hafiz El-Assad who handled the presidency throne to his son Bashar, Hafiz he was preparing his eldest son Basil to be the president but fate had other arrangements , Basil El-Assad who was known to be worst than his father is said to be killed in an accident made by the Muslim brotherhood the Syrian branch , of course those who are familiar with the Syrian National history well ,will know that it was fair and just after what the father did against not only the MB "The Egyptian branch is so damn lucky" but against the Syrian people


Then we move to Egypt , the best friend of Hafiz El-Assad , president Mubarak of Egypt is trying to repeat the scenario and he is preparing his second son for rule, Gamal Mubarak aka GM , the grand rule of Egypt , already there are some whispers sorry some screams say that Gamal is already ruling Egypt

of course the trend didn't stop here because also in Libya we found the leader of the revolution El-Gaddafi is preparing his son , I guess Seif El- Islam to rule after him , already there was a speculation that his son Mutasim billah may be a second choice , Mutasim already headed a coup attempt that failed unfortunately , already the surprise it was backed up by Egypt !! oh yes sister Egypt and Mustasim fled to Egypt for some time till his father forgave him and gave him the green light to come back home , well Gaddafi is really a forgiving person , is not he ?? usually this sort of act of sons against fathers in the Arab world ends either by the death of the father or the son !! 

Now the trend reached to Yemen President Ali Abd Allah Salah is preparing  his son Ahmed to inherit the rule too !!

Ahmed Ali Abd Allah Salah is not a civilian like Seif El-Islam or Gamal but he is a military , a captain in the Yemeni army , in the article below which is in Arabic , they are speaking about the new Yemeni face of Ahmed Salah and how he opposes and criticizes his father's regime which is the same regime which will help him to get the rule

it is really a trend , you can see it beside beginning Arabic

  • All these mentioned regimes are all dictatorship police states
  • All these mentioned regimes are based upon coups except may be Egypt , as Hosni Mubarak didn't come from a coup directly but he came as the fourth president since the coup of 1952.
  • The fathers stayed in rule more than 20 years.
  • The sons don't like the fathers' regimes and want to fight corruption in it
  • They all have visions of brighter future of democracy , the democracy according

yet there are differences due to the differences in the style of rule for example Egypt is not like Syria and Libya is not like Yemen

Hafiz El-Assad and Abd Allah Salah made their sons join the army to become commanders in it , Salah's son is a captain ,where as Bashar El-Assad joined the army after his brother's death , already he was a dentist living in London free with no plans for rule , yet his dad an old fashioned man chose him as the elder son instead of his younger brother who was and is still in Syrian intelligence

I think they go to the army because till now in these countries the army still the power by which the president is ruling the country with , it still fears the people and fears those presidents who were members of it and that's why they are making and even forcing their sons to join it in order to make them acceptable , in order to build for them a base in the army

I don't know much about Libya because the regime is so bizarre as its commander or ruler or what ever the man is calling him there but I know that Mubarak may pay the price of not making his son Gamal join the army , they think now in Egypt that it is not a military state anymore and this true , it really became a police state, there are rumors that the police budget became bigger than the army budget and I am ready to believe these rumors

already Gamal Mubarak is using the facts that the Egyptian people got sick from the military rule and that he didn't enter the army and thus considered to be a civilian to his sake , the false hope of a civilian rule !!

He thinks that people will prefer him for that

to tell you the truth one of the things that makes me suspect that Mubarak Junior will ever rule ,the truth that the army won't accept a civil to rule easily is highly regarded future scenario even the Americans put it in their minds

Another feature I found in this trend that all those sons and even their papas are so much hated in their countries in a way that I can't describe it !!

Any how I want to say a very important thing I believe call me optimistic but the success of the Syrian Papa-Son Scenario doesn't mean it will succeed in other Arab countries despite all the attempts and preparation simply there are other parts of the equations are being forgotten like the people and more important as a believer the divine plan

In the Holy Quran Allah Says :

"He gives the rule to whom ever he wants and takes it off from whom ever he wants"

May be the lord doesn't want them !!


Link to العواضي: العقيد احمد علي عبدالله صالح أفضل من والده


  1. Wow!that is a firey Post, Zeinobia of Palmyra.......

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. thank Amr it is nothing ,thank God you like it ;-)

  4. Also in Azerbaijan Aliyev's son succeeded him. Another son sent to the army (attended Sandhurst in UK) is Sheikh Mohammed, Sheikh Zayed's son of the U.A.E. There don't appear to be any problems in the UAE with people disliking their leadership, but in Azerbaijan there are problems and there have been violent demonstrations with many people beaten by the police / military. Let's face the facts though, the US government has helped prop up these rulers. Good article.

  5. IN Syria 7adretek, Hafiz Al Asad killed around 10,000-15,000 MBs!!!

  6. @ vagabond,yes I remember I read that about in the newspaper and I guess the trend reached to the former U.S.S.R state , may be it became a trend in the Islamic states not in the Arabic states only !!

    in UAE i guess we must take in consideration that it is not a presidency as we know it , it is still based upon the tribal system, so the son of Shekih Ziad was expected to be the ruler plus ,the high level of income there for the natives make them in no need to bother themselves with politics

    @fadfadation according to what I know he killed the double or triple of that number from the MB alone , look for the Hama Masscare 1971

  7. I am not sure about the MBs being responsible for the killing of Bassel Assad.

  8. Well this is what I heard from some Syrians but you may know better Yazan as the Syrian and I would like to know what you think about this incident

    by the way what is the meaning of Marcel Khalifa's song in your blog !!??


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