Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Yom HaShoah of Egyptian POWs

Yesterday Israel celebrated the Yom HaShoah "The Remembrance day for the Holocaust and Heroism".

I have nothing this and I am not from the camp that dedicated his or her to suspect that the Holocaust took place despite the fact I do believe it took place but in less number

Anyhow I wonder when we will have our "Yom Hashoah" in Egypt to remember the Holocaust victims of Egyptian POWs in 1967 , oh yes we had our own holocaust back in 1967

In Al-Arish and in Gaza cities as places

Egyptian POWs as the victims

and those who celebrated the Yom HaShoah yesterday the 16th of April as the victimizers

Please read this part from the POWs website and remember our officers and Soldiers who were burned alive and till now got now museum or a special day for remembrance

Link to Yom HaShoah - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


  1. Does anyone still remember the [Grand Iftikasa] by the Reign Heir [AKA...Jimmy] last september about the [Revival of the Eyptian nuclear Program], every one took that announcement as a big joke.

    Just now i see in Al-Jazeera, [The arrest of an Egyptian Nuclear Technician accused for foreign intelligence].

    The Regime still insist to market the illusion of the [Egyptian Nuclear Program] to the public, but in a bankrupt way.

    They look like some one trying to sell a Fiat with BMW Sticker!!!!

  2. ujAn Engineer in the Egyptian Corporation of Nuclear Energy arrested for foreign intelligence for Isreal in collaboration with 2 foreigners..

    Al-Jazeera 11:30 AM GMT

  3. @aardvark, I don't see how is this related to the post topic pardon me
    another thing I don't see the national security case like you see it
    in fact I can be believe this because simply yesterday I read that 1500 enigneers and scientists in the Egyptian corporation for nclear energy were going to have strike as a result for the bad wages and downsizing policies
    so if one them goes and works with Israel ,it will be a normal result ,well not an excuse

    remember till there is difference between National security aka intelligence aka Omar Soliman and the State security aka Aman El-Dowla aka Habib El-Adly

  4. there is a link between the 2 subjects, the regime never take neither the national security nor the juristictional rights of the egyptian citizens SERIOUSLY.

    they are raising one case or another from time to time for diversion.

    last month the POWs to cover the slaughtering of the constitution

    this month the Nuclear Security to market the Reign Heir.

    it is a pitiful case of mental retardation!!!!!

  5. aardvark ,you are speaking as if the regime asked Israel to air the Shaked documentary
    I know one damn thing that the regime didn't want the taboo of POW to be opened again

    another thing I don't think this case is made to popularize GM in Egypt , in fact I think it is to popularize his rival , military one Omar Soliman ,and to tell you the truth I prefer Soliman on GM

  6. Gee
    How come you didnt have the Guts to keep up my comment from yesterday? Is it because it had proof instead of propaganda?

  7. P.S., wre did you read about the 1500 egyptian tech., coz this will link every thing together

    [You ask for raise salary, we throw you in gail for treason!!!]

    Hello, are we in North Korea???

  8. Yid With Lid,
    Obviously this site is more concerned with anti Israel propaganda than any attempt at the truth

  9. @yid,I swear I didn't get any comments except by aardvark only

    @aardvark , here is the news from Filbalad
    yet I don't think it is like you said because in the news as I read he was arrest since last Feb.

    @Freedom , excuse me where is this anti-Israeli agenda or what ever you speaking about here !!

  10. dear Zeinobia

    The regime did not ask Israel anything, the media is in circulation in Isreal continuously & debates is always open, the israelis are discussing every thing openly and always revise their documentation, while we merely use our [7angoury].

    the [Shakey Media] came to public for our (enlightened) Egyptian masses deliberately by our blessed media just in time to cover the constitutional massacre ongoing


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