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N.B this is an old post I wrote from of couple of weeks ago

It had been very long time when I watched a real funny film in the cinema, today I watched the film  "Norbit" in the Nile city cinema, my favorite ,since its opening I always go there , I left "Galaxy" for  Good despite I think I will go to it soon insh Allah to catch the "300".

Anyhow Norbit is a comedy starring famous Eddie Murphy and beautiful Thandie Norton with other famous black American comedians . To tell you the truth I am not a huge fan for Eddie Murphy but I can't deny that he has a great talent to make you laugh and another great talent to imitate different personalities , not every actor has this talent but he has got and he succeeded in doing it in the two parts of " The Nutty Professor " and he is doing it even better in Norbit , why it is better well in the "Nutty Professor" he was presenting a similar set of characters ,the fat eat lovers of Klumps family , while in "Norbit" he is presenting a different characters ,completely different

I mean he is doing Mr. Wong the Chinese  ,He is doing Norbit the main character

and he is doing the evil woman from hell Rasputia

The film plot is simple ,well be careful here as there is a spoiler here

Norbit is a very simple guy , he is not the smartest or the most handsome guy in the city and surely not the richest after all he was an orphan raised Mr. Wong the kind frank Chinese guy who wants to go for whale fishing.Norbit in his childhood had a crush on beautiful Kate who was adopted by rich parents who took her away leaving him away ,after some time lonely Norbit found friendship ,security and what he thinks it was a family with Rasputia, the fat love food rude aggressive Rasputia whom he married . Norbit despite having not the perfect marriage was faithful till the day he returned back to find his wife in the arms of another man , of course it ended that Norbit was beaten , yet after every storm , there is a sunshine , because Kate is back to town for good and Rasputia won't like it

and here I will stop because I am a bad spoiler

The film is so funny and it will make you laugh despite I don't recommend the parents to bring their children to see it because as usual Eddie is using sexual jokes and remarks, Eddie always the sexual remarks in his movies from very long time ,even since his days as stand up comedian ,I remember the Eddie Murphy raw show and it was all about sex,women and homosexuals but the nice thing that it won't make you feel disgust if you are adult . There is a very interesting remark you will know that the movie is written by Murphy and his brother Charles

Seriously if you want a break from action and war movies and also romantic and stupid teen movies ,I recommend "Norbit"

Already It is the first time I know that such name exist !!

Here is the trailer


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