Monday, April 30, 2007

The Time 100 people 2007

Who should in the list of the Time magazine most influential 100 people in the year 2007 ??

Beside the international personalities whom I don't need to speak about ,I will about those I voted for this year as I think they are worth it to be mentioned in this year's edition , I mean which is more influential really Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah or Daniel Craig ??? Sanjaya or King Abd Allah Abd Aziz of Saudi Arabia ??

Of course there are strange names like Sanjaya,Daniel Craig ,Paris Hilton,Kate Moss and Frank Miller with others whom I think only made the headlines in the tabloids and entertainment news and didn't have influence except may be on the box office and American Idol not to mention the sales of the tabloids !!??

  • From Israel I found Tzipi Livini in the 93 rank by 1330 votes ,to tell you the truth I don't think she is that influential
  • From Saudi Arabia King Abd Allah Ibn Abd Aziz Al Saud is in the 106 rank after Rosie O'Donnel and Salama Hayek , I don't know how the Saudi King who is now called the modern Abd El-Nasser comes after Rosie and the ugly Bettie producer and hottie , King Abd Allah has 1135 votes , I voted for him because I believe in the last couple of months the Saudis did a great job both in Lebanon and in Palestine with all respect to other opposite view, you can vote here
  • From Egypt there is Amr Khaled , the first Egyptian name who made it to the list in the rank of 127 for 937 votes ,I voted for him too and I do need to speak about how influence he is , you can vote here
  • From Lebanon Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah ,also I don't need to speak about his influcnce , you can vote here , strangly he is in 192 rank , I mean Sanjaya is in the top ten and this man who made the real headlines and history is in the 192 rank !!??

There are other Arabs and Muslims in the list whom I either don't know them or don't like them

Of couse there is the second Egypt the right of hand of Bin Laden ,the son of Maadi Subrub Ayman El-Zawahary but I won't vote for him

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