Monday, April 30, 2007

Dirty games in the assembly ??

As if we are not having enough drama in the Egyptian Parliament from elections cheating to MPs who escaped their military service to MPs who are MPs in the morning and drug dealers at nights to quarrels to insults to a prime minister who is enjoying his time by eating “Lab” inside the honorable council in order to have this stupid NPD Scandal.
Strangely if you go through every example from the shameful examples I mentioned above you will find that those MPs are from the NDP, so it is not a new thing to have another new scandal to the oldest parliament in the Middle East but enough is enough
The Scandal is a C.D and if there is a C.D mentioned in the game then it will be related to Sex, no need to think .
Two MPs of the NDP distributed a C.D of another MP in the assembly and on the newspapers, this C.D contained footage recorded for  that MP in a drunken status attending some sort of a party, kissing some ugly and vulgar belly dancers and giving them tips , of course it is not that dirty C.D like the famous Sex  of  Dina ,the famous belly dancer and business man Abu El-Fatouh but it is still considered unacceptable especially it is for a MP !!
The interesting thing is that the other MP is also a NDP member!!
It is expected to have such dirty behavior of blackmailing against other members from the independent and the opposition party but with  other another member of the gang ,well we have to stop and read again the name of that naughty member.
That naughty member who is kissing fat ass bully dancers and in front of him a “Stella” beer bottle is MP “Haider Baghdadi”. “Baghdadi” is a very interesting personality he used to be from the Nasserite party in Egypt and suddenly he left to join the NDP in a very surprising move attacking his former opposition party widely , despite his strange move “Baghdadi” is considered from the loud voice active MPs , always questioning ministers and exposing scandals.
In the last few months “Baghdadi” exposed some financial scandals for the same two NDP members who are distributing the CD not to mention “Baghdadi” was already the MP who exposed the famous “Hidlena “health scandal, of course with orders from the NDP famous policies committee to give an impression for the regular Egyptian Joe that the party fights corruption and it is cleaning itself from the dirt!!
Now it seems that other NDP members want to have revenge from the big mouth man by exposing him , oh man
Despite some may defend “Baghdadi” as active corruption fighter I don’t have a sympathy for him because I believe if he were a really active corruption fighter he wouldn’t join the big gang party aka NDP, he is a fame seeker, really a big one
He is a kind of the dirty politician with thousand faces and colors changing them according to his own interest just like any other NDP member who only are there because they care only for themselves.
What happens to “Baghdadi” in my opinion is the best example of the corruption in the NDP; they will use you as long as they want and they will dump also when they want
Of course this happens every where and even in worst ways but consider me an idealistic who is looking forwards or in better words backwards to the days when the assembly was a very respectable parliament with respectable MPs who were respecting their position and their responsibility in the assembly
Already the latest update in our case is that “Baghdadi” is no longer his corruption fighter and thus the NDP decided not to send him to the ethics committee and he defends himself in front of the public saying that those fat ass bully dancers are girls from his election committee who like to wear tight clothes just like any other girl in his area !!!!
Seriously do those people think we are dumb to this level??? It seems to me that they are the dumbest here
UPDATES: It seems that it will turn in to a big blackmail and revenge operation between “Baghdadi” and enemies as after one week he got a C.D with a footage that shows homosexual relation between another NDP MP and another man!! Of course with this solid proof that at least “Baghdadi” is a straight man in front of some fagots, he opened his fire and decided to retire from his apology;’ is not he just a respectable man ??
Another comedy I found in “Sawt El-Oma”  The footage was not filmed in a wedding but it was filmed in a night club. The night club owner assured that her night club is a respectable one and that her customers are from ministers and MPs " well I want to tell you something I won’t argue in the respect issue,but if her customers are from ministers and MPs than they are cheap misers with no taste as it looks to me from the pictures as a 3rd degree cheap nightclub !!

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