Sunday, April 29, 2007

Gamal Mubarak got married

Gamal Mubarak and Khadija El-Gamal aka "Moni" got married /wrote the marriage contract yesterday according to the Islamic rules by the Sheikh of Al-Azhar "Mohamed Sayed Tantawy" in a small family reception in the Air forces celebrations hall in Misr El-Gadida then President Mubarak hold a big reception in the presidential palace of "El-Orba" where he received those who went to congratulate him from the ministers

According to the Islamic rules the marriage contract can be written then the big celebration and the wedding can be held after months or even years

As I said before the huge wedding party will be held in Sharm El-Sheikh on the 4th of May the birthday of President Mubarak

The party will be big one despite the wish of the groom family to a have a small wedding attended by the two families' members only, but on the wish of the father's of the bride famous constructor and businessman Mohamed El-Gamal who wants to have unforgettable night for his only daughter, there will be a huge wedding, a little piece of information related to the customs and traditions of marriage in Egypt is that the wedding party is paid by the groom and his family

Anyhow it won't be a problem

The announced names of the singers who are going to sing in the wedding to bring joy for the guests and the newly married couples are

  1. Amr Diab , Alaa Mubarak's friend and the bride favorite's singer "I wonder if he will sing a special written song for the merry couple like the song he sang for the daughter of Prince Walid Bin Talal's marriage".
  2. Hani Shaker, the favorite singer of the first lady Suzan Mubarak, aka the prince of Arabic singer, some people find him romantic, I find him dull with same kind of songs and lyrics that he doesn't change for decades, I mean he has this dull song whose title is "The birthday of my pain!!"
  3. Amal Maher, the favorite Singer of President Mubarak , a very tall young lady younger than me ,who is good at nothing except in screaming and opening her mouth , I wonder what she will sing !!
  4. There are no reports regarding the dancer in the wedding, I mean the bally dancer, I wonder if she will be an Egyptian like Dina or a Russian!!

I don't know why I have this feeling it will be so dull and lame , I mean Amr Diab rocks in the wedding but the other two are so dull , what a matching taste of the president and his wife !!??


  1. hay,
    do u remember that graduation party of the armed forces' academies few years ago when amr diab was there & he asked the president who happened to be there too to let the graduated officers "interact" - they were all silent & amr was so pissed off till Mr president nodded that it's okay & they all started jumping & dancing like some bunch of monkeys following his "royal" order ...


  2. You know I remember another party , the 6of october arm forces celebration in which drunk Warda sang and told the president "we will make you sing with us" , she was so drunk , of course I saw it when it was on air but the second time they showed it was edited
    anyhow the young officers dudn't ask for anyone's permission to jump like monkeys and interact with Warda , it turned in to some sort of Amar infamous party

    you know I am thinking how the bride's friends are going to dance and the president is sitting !!??

  3. Whatever_ couldn't care less about these elites who wanna have belly dancers, I mean sure, why not ! Thats not forbidden in Islam. Allah has truly forsaken whose in Palestine.


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