Tuesday, May 15, 2007

UK man becomes an Indian goddess'

Well this is old somehow

With my all respect it seems to me that the world sometimes is walking in the other side

I mean an English man goes to India to become a goddess !!

Yes I understand the idea of the incarnation in the other religions and cultures especially in the Asian religions like the Buddhism and Hinduism but this is really weird and strange

Already the man looks scary with his hear and Sari !!

I don't attack any belief here but I am trying to use my mind thinking loud , already I don't like other bloggers do , famous for and even their blogs become the top from attacking other religions and believes

I am just asking how can a man consider to be a god or even a goddess which is much ridiclious in a way the mind can't accept !!

A man sleeps,feels sick,feels hungry , wants to go to the toliet , a man farts , a man bleeds and feels pain ,  a man dies

so how he can be considered God !!

But honestly I respect the way the BBC covered this incident because they didn't laugh or mock anyone and this is what the journalism should be

Link to BBC NEWS | South Asia | UK man's new life as Indian goddess'

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