Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Army of Eitan and Biro "No respect to any army value or tradition"

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 It was a huge surprise to me to ,seriously this is the first time I hear that the State itself is behind this , I mean usually when something like happens it is more than individual act but this time ...

For those who don't understand or know what I am talking about the Israeli Embassy in America with the help of the IDF and the Israeli government in an attempt to improve the image of the IDF abroad especially in America decided to publish the photos of female Israeli models who served in the IDF in Maxim ,yes Maxim edition next July 2007

and when we speak about Maxim , we don't speak about military -human loving photo shots , no we are speaking about a playboy style ,the purpose of this pornographic photo shots is to show that people in Israel are living a normal life !!??

Of course it caused a lot of stir in Israel which I am not surprised , the feminists ,also the conservatives are against the rude move

I don't understand how the Israeli state department or government  got this cheap idea seriously to change the image of being bad ass army to a good ass one !! Most Armies just like the American army when they try to improve their image usually they took photo shots with Iraqi children to appear as good human peaceful army , this is the expected move but this well I never heard about it before

As far as I know the Masada army is so proud of its values and traditions despite they don't work with at all !!

I mean in any other country in the world this can be regarded as disrespect to the values,traditions and rules of the National army and the men and women who served and died in the time of duty but anyhow let's speak the truth this is an army that doesn't respect any human value ,I mean I don't need to list the massacres they made and I don't need to list the names of the war criminals they considered as heroes like infamous Eitan ,Biro and our old buddy Sharon

The Israeli Embassy and behind it the IDF seem not to respect the female soldiers as they claim , because if they do they wouldn't dare and accept the name of the IDF to be included , this is not a new thing , in fact it is common thing in the military world which is ruled by man to disrespect the fellow female combatant , check the American army Women suffering from discrimination

I don't need to say that I read several novels and books some of them written by Israeli women who served in the army including the daughter of Moshe Dyan himself in her famous memories and how they described the discrimination in the army

I don't want to go to the part that the Israeli government is using old techniques , well its secret weapon in espionage from using women , but this time it is no secret at all,they are using publicly , may be Olmert is out of ideas , by the way did you know that Olmert was the man behind naming the famous Julia Roberts film "Pretty woman with that name ?? !!

These photo shots won't prove that they are the good guys , seriously not for the readers of these kind of publications who always regarded women as cheap body ,but of course this can be wrong if the IDF is already targeting this empty head pleasure seekers in the first place in terms "Our women are hot , the Arabs women are ugly, Our Women are exposed ,the Arab women are wearing tents !!"

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