Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Beware of Summer fruit

It is not my custom to speak about my personal life here , but please pardon me these days as I am sick now , oh yes very sick thanks to the summer fruits smile_sick

The doctor when He saw me wondering why he wants me to run several tests from blood to urine to ultrasonic told me that in any other country he would tell me to go home and live my life normally but this Egypt and it is full of diseases this summer

the biggest warning is to stay away from almost sorry from every summer fruit in Egypt ,the only two fruit kinds I can eat are bananas and oranges other than that it will be like standing in front of a train !!

It seems that they sprayed the summer fruits even the watermelon with dangerous harmful substance , well I am not surprised 

Since Friday I was suffering from a fever and I couldn't eat anything till I saw the doctor who shared with me this nice piece of story

Once Boutres Ghali , I guess the ex-UN Secretary , was suffering from unknown fever for couple of weeks, the doctors in Egypt didn't know what caused it and thus he traveled to mother France to check with the doctors there , as soon as they saw him , they told him that it was sure something from the infectious nature in Egypt !!

I don't want to scare anyone coming to Egypt but come on I know that foreign Embassies warn their citizens from a huge food list including fruits and vegetables , this something I knew personally from my Egyptian-American relatives

Anyhow wish me speed recovery because it is not nice at all to spend a week whole eating nothing except soup and drinks


  1. This is plus doctors ask for too much tests, why the heck will they ask for ultra sound?

    Blood and urine tests are just more than enough.

    Anyway speedy recovery and don't apply for expensive medical tests because doctors just ask for it for the money, not for the results.

  2. That's very worrying and, on a personnal level, terrible news ! One of the reasons I so much want to come to Egypt is to eat fruits that actually taste like fruits!

    I hope you recover fast...

  3. @Irc,thanks for caring so much , about the tests ,i believe i needed because I am having a fever till despite all the medicine I take ,it is important to know why there is fever ,as it means there is something wrong

    @seg. well thanks , second thing I don't know but these days fruits in Egypt don't taste like fruits anymore thanks to those things they inject and spray the fruits with
    all what they care is profit
    still the oranages are great

  4. I hope you haven't been near any poultry. Seriously.

    Feel better soon!

  5. @Theresa 42 ,no dear thank Godness I didn't eat or even like to eat poultry


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