Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ok my goodness Marwan fall from the balcony ,the balcony phantom of London strikes again

I could not believe myself I swear when I heard my mom telling me that Ashraf Marwan died from falling off the balcony !!?? I hurried to hear the news in the official TV , the news anchorwoman is insisting that it was not a murder despite Scotland Yard didn't issue its official report ,nor did they examine the body yet !!???
According to the Egyptian TV reporter in London ,the police are still there examining the luxury 5th floor flat where he used to live with his assistants in a very elite street in London , from the initial reports , the man went to smell some fresh air in the balcony and he suddenly fall off  to join the club of the Egyptians balcony victims in London !!
Oh yes he was not the first , in fact this accident or death  I believe already to be in murder , pardon my conspiracy theory's mind and no it is not the Mossad as the Nasserists will go and chant day and night
Six years ago the Cinderella of the Egyptian Cinema Soad Hosni fall off the balcony in Stewart Tower in an enigmatic accident I consider as a Murder
In the 1970s El-Lathy Nassaf , the head of the Presidential guards fall off the balcony also in Stewart Tower in another more enigmatic accident I consider as a Murder
And now we got Ashraf Marwan fall off his balcony too !!
Three influential personalities in both the Sadaat and Nasser era fall off balconies in London
What is this ??
Is there some sort of a balcony phantom in London that goes after every Egyptian who dares and stands in the balcony
Still there is no single news in the Internet till now , and also come back because I am more than an Egyptian who believes in Conspiracy theory
Please tell me what you think in the poll on your right hand
  1. The Flat is at the Carlton Gardens  street near St. James in London
  2. Marwan was so ill , he had undergone four open heart surgeries in the past period
  3. He lost about 50 kilometers from his original weight
  4. The weather in London today was so bad to open a window , rains with wind so how on earth would a sick man would go and stand in the balcony
  5. He died in 1:40 PM
  6. Some say he was alone , some say no , in fact I don't think a sick man like him would be alone


  1. he lost 50 kilometers of his weight?

  2. yes Salam this is according to those who knew personally the man was extremely ill and weak

  3. Salamat men Wisconsin, USA

    This is a shockwave. This man have accoplished the ultimate collective dreams for every Egyptian man, yet died in the most contrevesial way.

    He was
    1- Born of wealthy family.
    2- Lived in the United Arab Republic.
    3- Married the daughter of Arab Nationalism ultimate leader.
    4- Became to head of the biggest military manuefacturing complex in the Middle East and Africa.
    5- Was a very respected public figure under the three presidents of Egypt.
    6- became a very succesful business man, tycoon style.
    7- Had contacts on a very high level with - not only one , but many - clandistine intelligence organizations.
    8- Owned luxury hotels and resorts, on tropical islands, with a persoanl Yacht.
    9- Lived in the most luxorious supburb in the world.
    10 - Had the names of many world leaders on speed dial.

    Every point I mentioned, on its own, is a fantasy dream on its own, yet he did them ALL.

    I wish to say, it was not murder.

    I wish to say, I'll wait for the 'official report'

    I wish to say, The Isrealies has nothing to do with this.

    But, I do not trust the British 'Officials', nor trust the isrealies (small 'i' for them at the bginning of their names, to give them what respect they are due)


    I NEVER trusted the Balcony

    Salamat men America

  4. @Essam , beware from the balconies in London , seriously speaking I am not with what you said , because this man in reality wasn't that great or respected
    His money ,just read my coming posts and you will know what I think

  5. Essamawad,

    I totally disagree with what you said about Ashraf Marwan.

    My family knew the man very....veeery well. I personally know both his sons too.

    Starting with the father: He was a selfish, opportunistic, cunning professional con man. Everything he got was by either scamming, using or stepping over other people. He was no better than the worst criminal.
    His first scam, was performed by marrying the daughter of the president at the time. Undeniably smart he was indeed. That was the start of his planned journey.
    And let me tell you, his 2 sons are no different.
    Gamal, head figure of the Melody tv channels, is a very despised figure in the media business. Anyone with half a brain, refuses to do business with. In 2001 Gamal Marwan was sued by the SEC for illegal stock trading. Recently he entered into a partnership with Egypt's biggest & most respected billionaire: Naguib Sawiris.
    He managed to scam him too. The result is that Naguib Sawiris is suing Gamal Marwan.
    Ahmed Marwan, the younger son, has had a loooong on-going history with heavy drug abuse. When daddy set him up his own financial investment fund company (Sigma-Capital), he managed to screw it up several times risking going to jail on more than one count... On the last time Daddy had to fork out 20 million dollars to bail him out. These 20 million dollars that went "missing" was money belonging to Saudi billionaire Fahd Shobokshi, that Ahmed Marwan gambled with in other stock markets. Ahmed Marwan married & divorced Hania Moussa, whose father was Egypt's popular minister of foreign affairs & current secretary general of the Arab League. It was a short lived marriage we all saw as being doomed for failure from the very start. One nonetheless that produced 2 children.

  6. anonymous,you said what I want to say from a long time

  7. Does anyone know where Soad Hosni exactly died? any other details? address? what floor? please let me know

  8. @anonymous , I think I referred about it before ..if i do not I will be damned coz this is a top Egyptian X-File
    My dear Soad Hosni was thrown from infamous Stewart Tower in London , I remember which floor but this is the address, follow this blog because may be soon insh Allah I will publish something about her


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