Thursday, July 26, 2007

It seems that the youngest mother in Egypt is not the youngest after !!

Ok people I started this case and I must follow it

Wednesday the 25th of June was the first session in the trial of Hend , the so-called youngest mother in Egypt and from the first session in the trial it seemed that we are going to have one hand_1184092685hell of a trial ,the surprises trial if you want to describe it , as you see in Mahla today there were lots of surprises

The first surprise to me was that Hend and her family did not attend the trial

The second surprise was the Forensic official final report which included bombs :

1-Hend is not 11 years old ,not according to her female organs like we discussed here in the blog but according to the bones and dental examination which proves she is between 15 or 16 years old despite her birth certificate

2-Mena Allah the little baby is not the daughter of the accused according to the final DNA test , of course we knew this before but we waited to the trial

3-Hend's lawyer left in the middle of the trial

In the end it seems that the young man that is 100% not the father


The judge ordered the trial to be adjourned to the next 27 or 23 September , I believe this is a long time .

Of course the defense lawyers are promising to reveal more and more surprises that prove the innocence of the accused , including proof about the bad behavior of the girl and denial witnesses who will prove that the accused did not rape Hend

You know the only TV show that did not rush behind Hend except when the trial began yesterday was "10 PM " and I believe it was a smart decision , already I feel that the trial will turn the case upside down 180 degrees

By the way I am reading almost all what is said in that case including the various statements by Hend in the several interviews in Egyptian and Arabic Media "she appeared in Al-Arabiya too"

To Remember the case I recommend that you click here, here and here


  1. Zeinobia, as far as I know a trial can never starts and ends in one day. There are preparatory sessions average 5-20 spaced by a month or more. All depend on the readiness of the DA, the lawyers and the case load in this court. So, the case might extend from 5 months to years. In those sessions the victim need not attend at all. The victim will be notified by court what day she must attend to witness ( and leave). On the contrary the defendant must attend every session. If he was released on a bail he would come with his lawyer if he is in jail he will be brought by the authority. Once more, the lawyer does not need to stay all the session once his case is discussed. However the lawyer can NEVER be allowed to leave the court before his case. If he did the court immediately assign another lawyer for the defendant. A defendant is not allowed to be without a lawyer at any moment unless he signed a form that he will defend himself. That is generally speaking.
    The top surprise you brought us today is the descripancy in the Hend’s age. Forensic medicine like any medicine is an objective science. Remember in a previous comment when I told you the birth certificate legally overrides the medical exam? In the same way an objective medical evidence overrides the birth certificate. Here we talk about ossification centers that appear on X ray of the bony skeleton and tooth development that appear at a specific age. Being a former Physician in Egypt let me tell you how it works in regard to the issuing of a birth certificate. There is an administrative officer ( kateb) in any health office ( maktab se77a) in the cities or in the rural health unit who receive verbal report from a first degree relative ( father, mother, adult sibling, identified by his ID) who also name the infant. Based on that verbal information the official certificate is issued regardless of the place of delivery in a hospital or in house. The process does not involve the Physician except at the final signature which basically COUNTERSIGNS the officer signature not verifies the incident. It is very possible in our primitive administrative system that a parent comes after the child is 3 or 4 years to certify the child. I once have the chance to know that and when I asked why they do that the answer came “ They want to make sure that the child will live! since most children die at that age period) If this is the scenario in Hend case then the case got really contaminated with counter evidences.

    The only thing missing thing in your report is whether the defendant was released after those new proofs or still in jail.
    Good work Zeinobia

  2. well Doc guess what it turned our maid did similiar thing regarding her daughter ,she issued for her a birth certificate after 3 years of her orignial birth and according to her this was so easy and for the same reason you mentioned , she afraid she would die !!

    about the court firt ,well I don't think they are going to release him this session may be the next , especially with the denial witnesses who turned to be the neighbours of Hend ,who said that her mother told them the girl was raped by four !!


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