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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Home sweet Home

I am back again , after being away for four days , believe it or not I missed the Internet and my blog still the view of the sea made me forget them for while , yes I did not swim in it this time because the black flag was hanged , nor I did swim in the swimming pools because children kept screaming there for no freaking reason , I mean why do they scream ?? I don't know really

Still I had the chance to put my feet in the sea , it was so chilling and beautiful ,I had a book the fourth part of the Original Arabian Nights and my Ipod which I forgot its charger in Cairo

I took lots of photos there mainly for the sea in the North Coast, insh Allah soon I will upload it to flickr but now I don't know why I feel so sleepy ,I mean I did no drive but I am kind of the people who stay awake all the way along ,so I did not sleep from exactly Marakia to Lebanon square ,when I came home I fall sleep from 5 PM to 4 AM!! The problem was that every time I try to open my eyes I feel that someone is closing them Yawn

anyhow I am back again ............Big Grin

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  1. hey , welcome back Zeinab. I am sure you enjoed Marakia. I love it. Ther have a market in the middle and we used to go buy and grill the fish and shrimp then take it back to the beach. Ya i know the beach is not that great like Marina because it is an open see but sitting by the pool is not bad. There is two pools there. One for the kids and one for adult why you are complaning. By the way, when you become a mother you would love your kids to scream cause that means they are OK, happy healthy, not hungery, not thirsty. Dont you love kids? I love them and love to play with them

    only only 15 minutes lol

  2. Well I was not in Marakia but next to it , I do not if you went there lately but the area is changed upside down resorts,hotels all the way
    Marakia is losing its charm , I went there from couple of days , the two swimming pools now are no longer for children and adults ,they are all for children do not ask
    the fish market well the market changed a lot but still is popular after it is nearer for the other resorts and cheapers than Marina's markets


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