Egyptian Chronicles: Send them to the UNICEF

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Send them to the UNICEF

 I found these disturbing , very disturbing images ,I could not wait to post them , they must be spread everywhere , please do it , please send them to the UNICEF

The photos that prove the continuous lying habit of the interior ministry ,the photos of the 12 years kid who was dead as a result of torture

The photos are shocking , too shocking,I was going to post them but I do not have much time ,here is the link from dear Wael Abbas who is thankfully posted the photos with the statements of the mother in his website , unfortunately it is in Arabic

These photos were taken 12 hours before the boy's death , he was still in Pain

The photos at Misr Digital

Please someone forward this to the UNICEF

May ALLAH "SWT" give patience and strength to that strong really Egyptian peasant lady against those tyrannies

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  1. Whooho... as if UNICEF doesn't know about it. I guess they are already writing their letters to intimidate people... ha ha... calling UN for help... HA HA good joke ;)

  2. Do you really think that UNICEF doesn't know ?
    Zeinobia, International Law nowadays is the law of the strongest...

  3. Very sad, and I hate to say this, but this child is just another statistic.

  4. @Mozzy , sometimes you have to knock the doors more than several times ,at least you feel you did all what you can do

    @anonymous , I wish that they do not really know , I mean they know certain stuff and leave other certain stuff
    even if the international laws nowadays are the laws of the strongest we must try use them , because it is our right

    @Vagabondblogger,well I am afraid he is ,just like all other misfortunate third world children


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