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Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Shaha boy updates

"Shaha" is the name of the village where the poor kid who was killed because of what he had seen from the police torture 

here is the important report that was aired last Tuesday the 14th of August 2007 on Dream TV 2 Night TV Show "10 PM" , the report included interview with the mother and the neighbors of the kid , after the report was finished , in fact after another report the assistant of the Interior minister called in a very angry mood denying the torture accusation claiming that the kid died from a natural health problems according to the Forensic report  "Thanks to dear O2A" ,you will find the interior reply in the link above , unfortunately it is in Arabic, I guess I am not biased as I am showing the two views

Strangely in the last couple of days many surprises came

1- The family refused to receive the body , still the kid was buried

2-The security refused to let any Mosque pray the funeral prayer on the soul of the kid , also there was no funeral for him , he was buried secretly , of course this is something unacceptable but I understand why the police did so as they want to avoid the public furry ,what happened in the funeral of the man who was thrown out of his balcony in Omarniya from couple of weeks made them learn the lesson

3-The district attorney "The prosecutor" decided to investigate the case in a very excellent move

4-It turned out the boy was buried without the knowledge of his family except his elder brother who was in jail , who also said that he did not knew that the police buried the boy in their family cemetery except when he was taken there , already the family has got the permission of burial from the health department and according the law they can not bury the boy without it !!

5-The family is telling the press and media about the blackmail attempts whether by money or by jail to make them shut up

6-The biggest surprise of all , the mother of all surprises that enforced the family version of the story that the boy was killed because of the torture he had suffered from in the Mansoura police station,the contradiction between the two health report

There is a conflict between the forensic doctor report who autopsied the body and the health inspector report who made the medical exam following the death before permitting the burial

The health inspector version of the story coincided with the brother's version of the story confirming the occurrence of torture before death

The brother said that his late younger brother had vomited blood after receiving a strong kick in the chest from an officer called Aboul Azam .The health inspector said in his report that there were superficial injuries, burning in the palms, and a catheter hole in the chest, in addition to effects of blood vomiting

On the other hand the forensic doctor said in his report that the death had occurred as a result of pneumonia and poisonous pus and  that there was no blood vomiting but that the victim spit blood as a result of pneumonia "He did not mention the injuries and burning in the boy's body and where they came from , I mean I and you had seen the images"

Of course the family of the deceased accused the forensic doctor to have a collusion with the police , something which I won't be surprised

A very interesting note , the news of the D.A order to investigate the case was published in the first front page of Al-Ahram daily newspaper after ignoring the whole matter

Thanks for O2A for sharing the video files with us  

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  1. Excellent report... but it is actually very sad that in Egypt - we can never really know the truth - except our gut feeling that tells us that yes - that boy was tortured & that the police is hiding it - just as evey power or authority does in our country.

    Ya khosara ya masr.

    Nice blog... & keep it up

  2. One might ask; why the Egyptian media didn't play that video? as one expect the western media would do and leave it to the public to evaluate.. but unfortunately the media compete to please and seek acceptance of the government(sorry the system!!)not the Egyptian public.. Somehow spreading the story like in your blog and the like of it is great/ should also focus on shaming the media..

  3. @Jade thanks Jade ,it is very sad indeed still we can not leave it to our guts only ,the evidence and the law must be in our side because this is what we need to get back our right

    El-Khosara the real Khosara is for the Egyptians who gave up their rights
    thanks again and please keep visiting my blog

    @anonymous these clips were taken from a TV show ,a popular TV show in an Egyptian Private channel of course one can no expect that these clips will be shown on the national official channels , no way , in fact this TV Show "10 PM" is accused to be against the interior ministry , once an official from the ministry asked the TV Host why she hated them !!??
    It is not the media's complete fault and it is not the pleasure of the regime they are seeking more that many of them are afraid and they have to


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