Monday, August 13, 2007

Ok and who will be the calipah ??

Hizb El-Tahrir yesterday made a big conference in Jakarta Indonesia gathering about 80,000 of its supporters in one of the stadiums making the media in the east and west open its mouth oh boy what is the story of this so-called Islamist party especially with its call to return for the Islamic Caliphate again??!!

This is fine but one question who will the Caliph , I mean they did not say ,they just want the Caliph ,but who will unite one billion Muslim across the world under his rule ??

I mean they did not say ,in all the attempts to revive the Caliphate in the modern time whether in Turkey with Caliph Abd El-Hamid II and the hopes of Mustafa Pasha Kamel to stand against the British occupation by reviving the Ottoman empire and in the wishes of King Farouk when he thought that he was the king of the Muslims and thus let his bread to grow and his sister marry the future Emperor of Iran to re-unite the Muslims,the main idea there was one figure to gather the Muslims under his rule , where as those guys are still wishing to have it, just wishing ,I mean I read about their political believes and I believe they are some how dreaming ,playing with the young people emotions and strangely they are attacking the west day and night and its democracy while their main power comes from their activities and supporters in Europe!! It does not make sense

In Egypt this party is banned after the Police arrested several members trying to make a coup in Egypt,it was a famous trial as there were British young men caught among them as far as I remember

Look I am 100% with the Islamic Unity just like Arabic unity , my idea is that we can be just like the EU , independent countries with its own sovereignty having the same vision and aim gathered with lots common of characteristics from language to religion to traditions and customs than the EU but not the idea of the Caliph , already historically the only correct Caliphate system was the Rashidun where as the other Caliphates theological are not correct as they based upon monarchy at least this is what I think

Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" said that we know better about our matter of life and here matters of life are not connected to Religion but the daily routine life like in politics

Every time has its own requirements and the Muslim world now does not need a centralized rule more than something like EU ,more than they need democracy , the word that these guys in that party believe that it is something unacceptable in Islam because the word is western , despite its concept was there in the early Islamic days

Look this party found many supporters in Counties like Indonesia and others in Asia because young people there are young ambitious Muslims who found themselves ruled by dictatorship ,poverty and weakness while we got that great history in the past ,Strangely all these countries were not among the Caliphate historically


  1. I read the same news and I have the same feeling " strange idea". I guess they think they can make a poll on the net to chose one global caliph, but of who? Of those who will submit their resume to the poll webmaster. Those like Sheikh el Azhar, el Sadr, El Sistani, El Hakeem, Osama ben Laden, Mulla Omar anf hundreds of claiming leaders. At the ends, the result of the poll will make the Muslim world just exact but larger image of the conflict in Iraq. Fighting groups of Muslims who belong to different ethnic, racial, cultural and ideological background. Only at this point they will discover that the idea was a STUPID THIRLD WORLD MENTALITY.

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  2. You got a point here , a real one ,you got Sunni and Shiite everyone

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