Monday, August 13, 2007

Will this madness stop ??

Updated with new shocking information

Today I found very disturbing sad news in Al-Dostor daily that a 13 12 years old kid was dead in Mansoura after being released from the police station where he was held for interrogation in a shoplifting crime ,exactly for tea !!

The family of the late kid accused the police of torturing the boy to the level that caused his death and so they presented an official complain against the police forces

The kid "Mohamed Mamdouh Abd El-Aziz" 13 12 years old was arrested after being suspect along his elder brother of shoplifting from some local store "shop may be the best description",already he was not accused but a suspect , he was arrested from 10 days ago

On Thursday the police informed his family to come and get him from the main Police Station in the city where they found him in a very bad shape that they had to transfer him to the hospital for treatment where he died hours later , according to the family in its statement to Reuters

According to the family which was hosted on TV on Dream TV2 10 PM said that the Police tried to get the kid in to several hospital after his condition went from bad to worse , when all the hospitals refused to accept him ,two constables took him to the bus station in the city to find some microbus going to his village where they can leave him there , they found one of the drivers who knew him and thus they left the kid for him , the kid arrived to his home ,his body and physical condition was terrible , few hours and he passed away

Now thank God on the Mobile Camera phones in Egypt as those simple villagers filmed the kid when he was in his bed in the village and it was terrible footage that made rush in to my computer , the kid looked so thin , so sick ,in his back there were those marks which I can not say what they were because of the light, the villagers from his neighbors had seen and they were terrified from they had seen

The mother of boy is broken and request the just punishment

I forgot to tell you that after the report from the village was air , Mona El-Shazely , the host of the show said that the Police should be respected and Merciful and it seemed that this made the assistant of the interior minister to the law affairs saw her and went mad that he called her on air after another report attacking the media and defending the police , he seemed so angry , well he should be angry from the media ,he should be angry from his officers

I forgot to tell you that the interior ministry issued an official statement they know already what they made and they wanted to defend themselves , they said that the boy was 15 years old not 12 years old and that he was accused in some charge that sent him to prison for two months yet he escaped and so they had to arrest , when he was arrest he fell sick ,so sick that they sent him to the hospital "the international hospital in Mansoura !!" Of course they said that the forensic report that the kid did not die from torture but from respiratory failure !!

I think I was not biased like the General who always attack the media or the bloggers described the media , but of course I think I am free enough to say in my blog that I don't buy this official statement because I saw the mobile phone footage ,it is terrible

The kid turned to be beaten badly and was electrified in his body especially his genitals not to mention the cigarettes burns in his body ,in other words ,the kid was tortured to death to confess that he stole some merchandise for couple of pounds !! 

13 12 years kid , this is too much and this must stop

I do not know if those who did this to him thought for one second that they got kids like him !!

For Shoplifting !! and he was not accused damn it , he was only a suspect

I don't know if I should say the following or not but

Do you know that in the very hard economic days where people are suffering from huge poverty ,Islamic Sharia does not punish theft !!??

Do you know that Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" Said the following:

"People are cursed who punish the poor for theft and leave the rich if he steals "

Seriously 12 years old kid , until when this ill treatment and brutality will continue !!?? until when this sadistic police officers will know that those people are just as humans like them , sorry they think they are over the people !!

This is not good for them before us , they are creating one huge gap ,people are starting to fear and hate them more and more ,come on it is enough now that Egyptians families think twice before they let their daughters marry police officers !!

I do not know what those officers felt when they know the kid had died because they wanted him to confess that he had stole couple of pounds ,is it worth ??

May Allah damn them and give Patience to the mother of that kid

Updated: Where is the UNESIEF and where is the high council of woman and child !!??


  1. All these hard measures are to avoid a second Brazil in Africa, where children kill people to steal.

  2. Just second anonymous ,are you defending what had happened ??
    I know you seem that you have seen "The City of God

  3. I am sorry but Children in Egypt do not kill people to steal do not overestimate and justify torture

  4. Zenobia, the main problem is poverty and from an egyptian politician's point of view sometimes hard measures are used to set an example for others not to steal.Of course I think it was too much in case it really happened but there is a huge influence of the interpretation of religion in those measures...
    And no one can fight religious beliefs, specially when mixed with politics and law...

  5. Huge influence of religion !! are you familiar with the Egyptian officers !!?? they are far from religion just like the politicians
    come on they did not cut his hand and according to the Egyptian laws the thief is not tortured or cut his hand in order to fight crime
    are you speaking seriously ?? the boy was a suspect for God Sake !!

  6. Zenobia, I haven't heard of an arabic country in which police officers do want they want without knowledge of the political power...and also religious one...
    Sometimes silence says lots of things and it will take ages for mentalities to evolve in a different way because even in western countries torture is done.
    Law in theory is one thing, practise in reality is very different in all countries around the world.

  7. anonymous , I don't like to put religion in the equation here , because most of those police officers religion for them is just a Quranic Verse to put in elegant frame over their desks and Goma Friday
    Nothing from what they do from torture and humiliation is considered religious or got any root in any religion , may be in Thugee practices
    Look to the photos ,looks to the videos , for God sake they are sexually abuse a man and burn another one alive , throw another one from the balcony and killed some one from beating only in less than 30 days now this , this is sadism
    Do not tell they are setting the rules and imposing laws , if they want to fight crime and theft then they go and arrest those big theivies who stole our fortunes to the Bahamas banks
    This kid did not steal anything , all this torture sadistic party was made to force to confess that he had stolen tea packets for some grocery ,tea packets !!

  8. Zeinobia, I understand what you are trying to say but read between my lines...
    Unfortunately there is nothing any of us can do to stop these practices because we are not in power.Those who have the power should prevent this kind of brutality. I saw the pictures just now. Well, I already said it...the silence of some even in the comments of your blog, means something, have you ever thought about it ?...It means this Zenobia, lack of freedom and those in power have the tools to change all this !

  9. The scary part is that all of this is becoming a "routine" to them... it used to happen to political activists and people who get caught in the middle, but a 13 years old?? I guess I shouldn't be surprised after 26 years of emergency law... now they get a case, round up suspects beat the crap out of them, make them confess, close the case and move to the next one... and it will only get worse because they seem to think they can do whatever they want and get away with it :/

  10. Anonymous 2:
    What anon# 1 means is: Police in Egypt is the law, the tool of the law, the judge and the executioner of the law, and ah.. I forgot the religion teachers too what else do you need Egypt is perfect that way and your political system is the proof!! God help you !!

  11. @anonymous, I understand what you mean , of course it is the mistake of those in power , they are the one who made it easy for those officers to forget their only mission that 's to protect the people according to the law not to torture the people against the law , the regime made them act like monster because the regime itself is using the same technique against whomever they consider as their enemy
    yes it is the fear that makes the majority afraid to speak at least in the cities , still now I see that the people from the country side who suffer more from the inhuman treatment of the authority may be because for them there will be no danger after the loss of a child ,the apple of their eye

    @Ramy ,I agree with you 100% it is a daily routine , in fact it became part of their personality ,what ever they do they will get away from it and even if they will be prosecuted ,usually the small ranks with no connections got the blame
    It is not about the 13 year kid , if you followed the last three weeks ,three incidents people were killed in it and they were not activists , in fact they were simple people from the hard working class that is usually scared from the police

    @anonymous,I don't know why you are insisting on putting the religion in the problem , there is not any connection , it is not about religion for God Sake on the contrary,we are talking about the use of torture and violence ,I don't know what bring the religion education to the torture in the police station , the only connection I found is that those police officers forgot all what they know about religion because if they do they won't touch a human being in that way
    you know this reminds me with a big taboo that was opened last Ramadan , when a wife of a police officer sent to the Mufti wondering whether the fasting and prayers of her husband would be accepted as he tortures people in the police station to make them confess, the answer was shocking to the interior ministry as it came no it won't be


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