Thursday, August 2, 2007

Prince William invites Harrods heiresses to Diana memorial service

 Prince William invites Harrods heiresses to Diana memorial service

This is really a classy act from Prince William , well for sure he did not forget that he spent that summer of 1997 with the Fayeds and I think he reached to age where he can understand the anger of Mohamed El-Fayed from his family

Anyhow I won't speak about Diana and Dodi now nor the conspiracy theories regarding their murder here nor their doomed love but I will speak about the young heiress

I don't know but I am surprised that the Egyptian Press did not find its way to Paris Hilton's friend in London or her sister , but I remember in her father only interview with an Egyptian Channel "Dream TV" he said that he did not want media near Jasmine whom by the way looks like her father

Jasmine works as a fashion designer by the way ,also Camilla , you know rich girls like Fashion

The one who is said to be going to the memorial service is Camilla , the hard brain daddy girl , the Paris Hilton Friend

Camilla by the way is a famous society girl in UK , her pictures are usually there in Lifestyle and society magazines like Hello and Camilla Al-Fayed glamour "British version" , in fact Hello magazine chose her to be from the British faces in 2007

Camilla and Jasmine mother is from Finland and they got the British passport unlike their daddy

By seriously speaking I don't know what their daddy is going to do in the 10th anniversary

By the way why I have the feeling that Al-Fayed nor his daughters did not send their condolences to the family of Ashraf Marwan Raised Eyebrow

By the way Al-Fayed got a website now with a blog , also it seems that he did not mention Ashraf Marwan , well for sure he got other important stuff to speak about

I respect Mohamed Al-Fayed Egyptian Alexandrian spirit insisting on the truth


  1. I don’t know what is the point of, echoing and repeating what the stupid media (particularly so called society media) reporting about that kind of distinct filthy rich person, a family on what they do, dress, or quote what they said. By “that kind” I mean the kind like; Arm dealers, Mafia, Shallow movie/ TV personalities (the like of Paris Hilton), people who inherited illegal/or partially legal money, .and so on. I consider a person to be “of a distinct class” for what he/she knows, learned and contribute to society and humanity as a whole. For examples; people who contribute to science, real art, medicines, humanities, etc. (even if they became rich as a result). We had many Egyptian examples in each of these on the international level. In fact, I consider you a distinct person for what you know and contribute at your age. I personally know a young surgeon of Egyptian background but borne in Canada, he is one of may be 4 or 5 in North America for what he does, you listen to him talking you think he is a modest employee at any government/company office. I think we need to wake up and not let the shallow media contaminate our brains.

  2. Dear anonymous,first of all thanks for considering me a distanct person
    you are right ,we are victim to the media which is based merely on the human nature of the people curiosty ,people are not interested in knownig the news of those stupid rich families and personalities more than knowning the news of those really brilliant people from scientists and surgeons who are in the eyes of the public regular good people who do not do mistakes
    the other celeb people do mistakes , they are the rich famous for nothing that's way media spot light them and people hate them

  3. Zeinobia; you're welcome I meant it. You are right about the media feeding the people curiosity. My worry lies in what the system using the media to tell people what to think or like. You should as your parent about Egypt post 1967-wars, Every famous Soccer club on the globe was welcommed to come to Egypt, music industry had the system's open arms.. The objective is to keep the Egyptian minds in a a buisy/drugged state not to emarrass the government with serious questions.. Here you have it.. I gave you a headeach.. sorry.

  4. thanks anonymous
    I Understand what you are saying the old technique ,I don't have to ask my parents ,it is already used even more now by the Egyptian regime Hend and Ahmed El-Fashawy case , Hala Sarhan .footballers problems and scandal ,it is oldest trick in the book
    still it is not used in Egypt only , it is all over the world , look to the America ,the biggest freak show of the celebs , even more than Egypt,it became an obessesion

  5. my commet in partially related to the topic
    Diana was pregnant from Doddy. If left alive she will give birth to a Muslim child, say Mohammed. Same time Diana in already the other of the future king of Great Britian who is in the same time the Head of the British Church. Nobody could force diana to abort her pregnancy. This mean that Mohammed will be the brother of the Head of the British church. That is intolerable so Diana MUST die, simple equation

  6. Doc,this is the naked truth everyone knows ,it is clear like the sun ,still in the west they are not brave enough to say it

  7. Mohammed al fayed is a grandfather!!! Jasmine had a girl called Delilah a few years back..she lives with her man, and baby in London and are very happy.


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