Wednesday, August 1, 2007

From East to West of Egypt , the smell of anger

People in Egypt are having one hell of a summer , summer of anger ,it is so frequent to hear that there is a protest here or a strike there and it is no longer in Cairo only

In fact it is more common to hear there is a large unorganized protest in villages led by the people themselves outside Cairo in the Governates   

Just take an example of Tuesday ,a huge protest in Donshawy , then there are still strikes for the water shortage in West Delta , in Cairo there were strikes in front of the Parliament and in front of the Cabinet but with no sign of hope

Strangely that has been the daily routine in the news and that's why I stayed away from politics, the new thing today is the anger wave reached to its peak in the east to west of Egypt on both borders , oh yes on both borders

first of all in Al-Arish , the police again clashed with the People of Al-Arish ,after their protest on the destruction of their homes on the borders for the sake of the security , I don't understand what security they want to achieve from destroying these houses !! Ok if they want to destroy houses ,well be my guest but decency says that you must provide these people with other houses

Oh I forgot to tell you that the government did not even provided those who lost their tin houses in "Kabash" manor in Old Cairo with houses so it would provide those on the borders !!

Again the Bedouins were angry and they moved from the angry phase to the furious phase after the murder of a 15 years boy in Al-Arish by the police forces and again the tension reached to the top despite the police released hundreds of the arrested men as they promised "every day I read that they released more than 50 and this is for weeks and that's what makes wonder about the real number of the innocent Bedouins in Jail??"

And again the Egyptian intelligence sent its delegates to calm down the tribes and their men , already I understand their critical position , first the Bedouins do not want to deal with the Egyptian police "in fact no one lately" and want to deal with the E.I and the army instead yet we can not have our army on the borders because Camp David accords "despite I think it was only for 20 years " and they can't leave the borders  without security , the Egyptian police now hates the Bedouins , an endless set of problems , the E.I has to solve the problems the police caused

Anyhow I said the new thing that it is no longer Cairo or delta or the East or even in the Upper Egypt , it is in the west now

The Egyptians there from the Bedouins in the Siwa Oasis are very angry , so so so angry ,and again the repeated reason , the common fact : The police brutality and and you can read it below

The people are getting more and more angrier in Egypt and only God knows what will happen next

المصريون - صحيفة يومية مستقلة

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