Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The New Nazis in Siwa

A theft happened from couple of days in Siwa and so the heads of the tribes took one of the suspects  to the police station where he was met by another infamous torture party in order to make him confess that he did it , but he did not and so the sadistic officers put on him inflammable substance and then .. they throw a match on him .......they burned him alive , the kid who is less than 20 years suffered from huge burns , I believe it could reach to the 3rd degree he was going to die and so to escape any criminal charges the officers ordered a detective "It is not in the same rank as the detective in the U.S , it is lower in Egypt" to get rid from the body , they thought he was dead and thus he put him in some sort of a bag and crossed the Libyan borders to leave the kid dying in the high way of Bani Ghazi , the kid was saved by the divine miracle when he was found by an Egyptian driver also from Siwa whom transferred him again to Egypt this time to the general hospital of Marsa Matrouh , big inquiry is held by the D.A but it is nothing compared to the anger of the tribes and their leaders

You see the leaders of the tribes like any tribal social system believe they are responsible for what had happened to this kid , not because he is a member of the tribe but because they were the one who caught him and took him to the police , they believe they are responsible for his agony especially he turned to be innocent. These people are very sensitive they are not like the city people hell no even city people refuse this ill treatment

When we talk about the conditions in Siwa or Al-Arish we find ourselves in front of a tribal social system that is unique and different from the social system in the valley , the Army knows that very well due to their interaction with them through the centuries not decades and thus you will find the E.I and the army are better communicator with them , they understand their tradition,customs and more important they treat them respectfully where as on the other hand the police now can not communicate correctly even with the valley people , you will be suspired from the number of the cases in the courts against the Police  

Another point here is the level of the sadism of the police officers , here we are not talking one or two police officers , but the whole police station of Siwa who shared in this crime whether by silence or by actually participating in the torture party , they were burning a person alive , do you know what you mean when you put inflammable substance on someone and thus throw a match on him ?? it means that you are killing him , they were not taking confession more than they were executing him , but not on fast term they were watching him while he was burning , they knew very well what they were doing and the proof that when the boy seemed to be dying the officer ordered the detective to get rid from the body to cross the border to another country and leave it there !!

already the officers and the police staff in the Siwa Oasis mostly are not from its people , they are from the valley and they go there only as some kind of kind demotion , a punishment from bad behavior by sending them to the last oasis on the Egyptian map on the borders with Libya to fight smugglers in the middle of the desert , this is not like Al-Arish , which is in Sinai , more active part of town , this  police officer already is transferred because of the black marks in his file may be because of some torture and mistreatment case and thus you got a probability of having a sadistic punished officer who hates the Oasis and its people and thus he would be ready to burn the people alive !!

Beside this anger reason still I can't find a reason to this sadism , here we can talk about one or two officers but not again the whole police station , who shared in that crime by silence , already they knew it was a crime , and that's why they wanted to get rid from the body that no can find it , that they sent to another country , they knew very well what they had done and what the consequences they are going to face ,they threatened the family of kid and the tribes , of course their ignorance with the rules there made them forget they were only guests

 the question is why and how , how do you have all that hate inside you !! This was a theft crime not a rape crime and I bet it was a silly small theft

I don't know but are they taught in their academies sadism?? as this is not to be taught this is more acquired , it is not a day and a night thing and I also don't understand are their academies now attract psychopathic sadistic personalities ?? I believe they should included a psychological test beside the physical test !!

When the Nazis invaded Siwa in the 1940s they too killed tribes men and they were not so friendly as expected after all we were Arabs who were in their human ranking lower than the Jews "Under-human" !! We were for them just like the British not more than a political tool anyhow it seems to me that the New Nazis in the police station in Siwa 2007 are worst than the German Nazis themselves "with my all respect to the victims of the Nazis" because these New Nazis are there to protect the people not to burn them alive where as the Nazis's believes were known to every one including their disrespect to other races , not to mention that those new Nazis are just Egyptians like the tribes and the people of Siwa , this beautiful piece of heaven in the middle of the desert

I won't speak about the strategic importance of Siwa and its people to Egypt because simply I consider them more important as humans , I don't care if they were on the borders or in the middle of no where in the deserts they are Egyptian citizens who have rights to be respected according to the constitution and the laws not to mention being human beings

May Allah damn them , once Salah Jahin wondered in his quadrant-poems how the person can torture another person , enjoying the watch of the pain and hearing that groan of pain !!


  1. El site dah taba3ek
    Wala dah 7aramy 3'aseel?

  2. No ya Tarek if it were mine , for sure the layout will be better and I will use better CMS "mash Kad bardo!!??"

    it is a magazine made some Egyptians who live abroad ,I know about it , already they were online before me

    I don´t know if they are active or not

  3. I cannot describe how this story breaks my heart.

    I know our culture does not think twice when slapping someone to demean them, or bring them in line. I don't want to get into the ways parents and authorities maintain control. My informative years were in the ballad and cohira and every time i've returned I see the same way of treatment all across the board. Does this perhaps lead to the development of sadistic behavior?

    I know not everyone acts in this manner. But isn't it a part of our culture to use physical control on children? I viewed a photo essay a few weeks ago about an Egyptian teacher's typical day of challenges to meet her families needs. One of her statements caught my eye, "...slap them once in a while to keep them in control...", this is not an exact quote but it relates the same idea. I believe the stick is still used in schools is it not?

    I am hopefully only attempting to understand the situation. What motivates us to treat each other this way? Because it's easier than dialogue? Perhaps we were taught that to make someone listen sometimes you have to "smack" them?

    I'm sure we've all prayed to Allah for patience, peace, goodwill, love. And I'm sure he's answered us all by giving us these problems to solve in order for us to obtain what we so desperately desire.


  4. I do not think that our cultural system has anything to do with this sadestic behavior , I am following just like many several police torture cases , do you think Emad El-Kebeer case has anything with teaching others manners according hit the polite ,the unpolite will get scared !!?? Emad El-Kabeer case including a sadestic sexual part which got another explanation ,deeper in psychology
    Sam how many Egyptians were hit in their childhood because they did something wrong , and how many of them turned to crazy manics like those sick bastards
    does Islam Nabieh father , the general used to put a stick in his ass with my all respect in his childhood to teach him manners ??

  5. I sent this by way of google email and it bounced. I took the opportunity to edit it for spelling and rambling errors!
    Wow Z, i I wish I read your reply sooner, the passion! I have a background in Psyc/Soc/Eco , not that I'm an authority on what we're talking about but at least I hope not to sound ignorant.

    I'm thnking of the daily grind, of having a cop slap you on the head when you try to explain you're a photographer or reporter (as seen in the last few weeks), or the children who are sodomized and never get to deal with that trauma, or general fear instilled by forces etc..... All of these impressions leave a lasting mark on ones and the societies psyche. 40-70 million people, even if a small percentage, still leaves alot of people. I'm trying to focus on the larger social aspects not the individual psyche though. To say it has no effect is in my mind simply not possible. I am not arguing that this behavior creates animals, Egyptians are strong, but the behavior must still have an effect.

    I don't know enough about the cases you mentioned to comment on them, but the torture enacted within them is the same in my mind, torture. I'd like to know what percentage of the police think this way? How many do this? Are they for it? Against it? How many law abiding police are there, or rather %? I'm sure we don't hear about alot but let me input a western perspective since I've been here a while.

    Recently, in the last few months one person is dead, another has been severly beaten, put in solitary confinement, tied up, god knows what else. And the authorities lied. Only a video showed the RCMP completed bungled their procedures in apprehending a distraught man at the Vancouver airport and they killed him, four of them. Only a video save a young woman, 16 or 17 yrs old from being doomed to prison in Victoria, B.C. when authorities repeatedly lied about her behavior to support their actions.

    Justice is not a milestone we achieve. Its something we have to defend everyday.


  6. @Sameh, if we speak about the Psyche of the people , not the individual for sure it leaves a remark , a collection of hate and fear especially for the segments that can't defend its right easily or do not know the law , just like the low working class where most of the torture victims belong to .
    about Your question , the last couple of years and the history of abuse in the Police stations show that large percentage of the police officers accept this method , they do not use this method as torture but a means to get what they want a confession even if it is not true one just to close the case , it became acceptable norm to use this method in the police stations

    laws against this , yes there are laws against this , they are not implemented except on a very narrow level , when the media and public know about the incident creating a public anger
    The interior ministry of course is denying any relation with these incident considering them as individual incidents
    we do not have official numbers , I do not thin think the interior ministry does any psychological test or searches on their officers ,this is an Arabic country my dear friend


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