Egyptian Chronicles: About Farah,Brain eating Amoeba, Elie's hair and Sarko's divorce

Thursday, October 18, 2007

About Farah,Brain eating Amoeba, Elie's hair and Sarko's divorce

Farah Diva is a still alive ,rocking and has hope that her son will be the third Shah of his dynasty : oh yes Empress Farah Diva Palhavi was said to be dead last week in Paris , already I relived the news but I did not publish it because I found nothing to confirm the news that found its way in the Arabic news sites like Elaph and Newspapers like Kuwaiti El-Qubs and Egyptian Akbar El-Youm ,already I did not waste my time nor yours and checked in her official website , of course Akbar El-Youm issued an apology next day in Al-Akhabr daily , her friend former Egypt's first lady won't let pass easily ,strangely Elaph did not deny the news or issue an apology !!

The former Empress of Iran and the widow of the Shah is still kicking  in Paris attending ceremonies , you know what I loved about Empress Fawiza is that she is living her life normally ,the reign is over so no fprie07need for freaking protocols and empty dreams to return back monarchy

Here is the latest image for the Empress visiting the tomb of her husband in Cairo in July 2007 "I think he died for decades now or may be this is the enduring love !!"

6 die from brain-eating amoeba in lakes - Yahoo! News : Ok this is so scary , seriously it looks like some sort of Stephen King or Michael Crichtoon Sci-Fi horror Novels , I do not know if that Amoeba lives in other countries or not especially the hot warm countries like us , we got lakes and pounds every where in Egypt and Children like to swim in them , we already had enough from the Belharsia

You know with my all respect and sympathy to the victims' families but that's the result of Bush's policies against the environment,the increase of heat is the reason why this amoeba began to spread in the States in his country !!

President G.W Bush had an exclusive interview with Al-Arabiya News channel in a rare appearance on an Arabic channel ,strangely in Egypt no one concentrated on what he was saying but they were concentrating on the hair of his interview Lebanese Elie Nakozi as you see the Egyptians are not used to see the political Anchor with a pony tail , in fact it is first time I see a TV presenter specialized in hard core political stuff with a pony tail !!!

This is an old interview for Nakozi with Samir Gagea ,not one really bothered to record Bush's interview and upload it online !!!! Just wait till the end

And we will end our journey with a very sad but expecting news Sarko and Cecilia may get a divorce after that strange love affair , strangely from couple of days ago the first husband of Cecilia the friend of Sarko died , so may be they felt guilty ,I mean just check their history together it is fantastic !! I mean after the great role this woman made in international politics in the Bulgarian nurses crisis ,no she will leave , does it have anything to do with parliamentary investigation in France regarding the deal with Libya ?? Did she return back to her lover and will move to the State ??

Seriously does anybody else see this coming ?? Sarko should have known better that the woman who leaves her husband and children to live with another man who also was married can live that another man for another complete different man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. N. American Princess10/18/2007 10:37:00 PM

    That tomb is an absolute work of art. The detail work is breathtaking. Guess he was buried in the right place...Land of the Pharoahs. Still what beautiful tomb.

  2. Dear N.American princess , the Shah is buried in the Royal Cemetry of Mohamed Ali Family in Rafe'e mosque , beside King Farouk
    That tomb was already for his father whom he had overthrown and sent him to exile in South Africa , yet when the relations went from bad to worse to Farouk he buried him in Teharn ,of course the Irony , the big irony was for him to be buried in his ex-wife cemetery !!

  3. Yep, that aemobia is scary. And I was wondering, do you still have belharsia in Egypt ? (please tell me you don't)

  4. @Seg.I think there is no more Belharsia thanks to the great media campagin but there are other diseases like Virus C and cancer :(

  5. Al-Hajaj Ib Youssef Al-Thak'fy10/20/2007 03:50:00 PM

    N American Princess

    Guess he was buried in the right place...Land of the Pharoahs. Still what beautiful tomb.

    Why your majesty?


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