Egyptian Chronicles: Again the foreign Press is speaking about it and here it is a taboo...

Monday, October 22, 2007

Again the foreign Press is speaking about it and here it is a taboo...

The American World Tribune is speaking about the health of Mubarak and here no body wants to speak about it again after what happened to Ibrahim Eissa

Seriously speaking I do not buy the world Tribune claims easily as the man was alive and kicking from two days ago attending that silly boring ceremony that did not fit with the greatness of the occasion which is the 6th of October , I mean the man survived those 3 hours fine ,I could not stay more than 5 minutes !!! He is surely fine !!!!

Look we all know that it is matter of weeks or even months and the Gamal Mubarak will be the next president at least that is what the ruling class wishes for and works so hardly to make this wish come true

You know just today I heard somebody saying that Egypt would have been in Chaos if Mubarak had died from three years ago , we would have had civil wars on all levels !! Muslims Vs. Christians , Muslim Brotherhood Vs. other Muslims , Army Vs. People ,Alien Vs.Predator !!!!

But now everything is under control no need to worry about the future if he will die "and he will , after all he is a human :P

This is silly ,so silly even if everything is arranged as they want as a ruling class ,I do not think that it is that easy other wise why the United States and the west in general are so concerned that Gamal Mubarak is not popular among the army nor the people , I will not speak about the fear of MB , because I do not think  that they will take over the rule that easy

People look back to the history of Egypt and you know that this real blessed and protected by heaven country saw much more worse circumstances than now and the examples are many yet we never reached to the level of civil war

Do you know during the first rumor people began to speak about how many days they would have taken as off from 3 days in peaceful circumstance to two weeks if the Kafya ,leftists and MB went to the streets !!??

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  1. And thats exactly what should happen in egypt ! civil disobedience should follow and they need to do so at the moment of the declaration...
    otherwise they will miss their chance for change because we all know how much trust the kiddo has in the army now ! don't give him a chance to actually buy it off

  2. "Alien Vs.Predator" haha!

    I agree, it's gotta happen before his son or anyone else takes control otherwise it will be history repeating itself and we will find ourselves in continuous martial law. Revolutioooooon!

  3. @No_angel,the problem that these scenarios as far as I know are considered by the regime in the process , a civil disobedience in this case must be much more bigger than expected all over the country and it can happen ,if in 1919 all the country with a small level of education and no mass communication systems like now went out in one day to support Saad that's what we really need

    @Frank ,and how will start this revolution !!??

  4. N. American Princess10/24/2007 02:58:00 AM

    I'm not as familiar with the mechanics of Egyptian politics as all of you...I want to know...when did the army become weakened and how? I read online that the General didn't care if Fifi Abdo became president. What happened? It seems like the police and the secret intelligence have more power?

  5. N. American Princess10/24/2007 03:31:00 AM

    I read this article and thought..could this be Egypt someday?

  6. @N.American Princess, first of all no one said that the Egyptian Army is weak ,this number one , it is not weak and it is not sleepy and the evidence it still considered a power by the poeple ,the regime and the west
    Second I do not know which General said these words , my dear do not take the words from internet as facts ,many countries like to downgrade Egypt and its army
    Third I do not know why the American media is using the word "secert intelligence" it is called "State Secuirty" and it is not secert
    fourth I do not know but I feel that we are in much status than in Burma , we just are doing this comparison to tease the regime but truth is truth things are much better here


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