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Monday, October 22, 2007

The real Facebook groups

I was not an active member in facebook except when I found the Egyptian Royal groups which unfortunately turned in to more than "Anti-Revolution" groups , already I am thinking of living them anyhow I found in Facebook some interesting groups I want to share with you

1- Egypt defeated Israel in 1973 group

2- Mohamed Naguib group : The only group dedicated to the late President

3-Rafaat El-Hagan group : The only group dedicated for the Egypt's legendary Spy Rafaat El-Hagan

Please join these groups :)

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  1. i am afraid most "revolutions" in the arab world have replaced one monarchy with another bloodier and more corrupt ones. libya, syria, yemen, egypt, saddam's iraq. how sad. it goes to show that there was never arab nationalism or socialism. when arabs raise reformists and revolutionary slogans they really mean nothing. it's all about money and power. which is OK if it means more just distribution of wealth. bu teven that was reversed after the initial revolution and all they did was to replace one corrupt wealthy minority with another. at least the arab monarchies that were not toppled are showing greater propensity for modernity than the republican monarchy's who are showing resistance to progress and modernity. i don't like what I am saying but it's a fact. but this is not to suggest i want to see a return to tribal or royal forms of dictatorships, like some people are proposing.

  2. @anonymous ,which is wrong the Republican systems and revolutions or those who made it for another personal reasons !!??
    About the other Arab monarchies I am sorry I do not agree , is the Saudi Royal family the best example !!?? they do not have freedom at all ,the states in GUlf are not monarchies more a tribal system and they consider the welfare of the country is much important than democracy
    Morocco I do not need to speak about the bloody history of King Hassan II whose jails were much worse than any other republic countries for God Sake
    Jordon , well Jordanian Kings are not loyal to the Arab world
    with my all respect there is no huge difference now ,it is all about the power :(

  3. Hi Zenobia, I really emjoy reading your blog, too lazy to send an email, here is a website I think you'll really like (since your very into arabic history)

    Rowen(Rawad Makarem)

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  5. I totally agree with both you and Anonymous. All so called revolution in the Arab world were fake coups to reach power and wealth. The poor citizens (Egyptian in front) had to live with the fact that of replacing few hundred may be thousands of thieves with few hundred thousands of other thieves. They don’t know even how to select alternative system. My personal views (simply personal views) I think Egypt as a leader in the Arab world needs a quasi-democratic “transitional” system of governing. The closest came to mind is what Spain went through, even at the hand of Franco himself, the dictator who lead Spain since 1939. Starting around 1970 until he died in 1975, he introduced a constitutional monarchy to be implemented after his death (actually, it was fully implemented in 1978). You are right the system of monarchy in Saudi Arabia and the gulf is another big joke.

  6. @Ohio ,a transitional regime does not work anymore in Egypt you can not bring monarchy and we are already currently fighting it now "The Monarchy-republic thing " !!
    Already Egypt now is no longer a military country but a police state,the police state exists in dictatorships whether republics or monarchies

  7. Al-Hajaj Ibn Youssef Al-Thak'fy10/23/2007 04:40:00 PM


    That is the most useful comment I have ever read on the blogsphere. Thank you

  8. zeinab
    my dear , groups of facebook are controlled by God knows who ?
    I think blogging is a better way to speak our minds without being editted by anyone


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