Egyptian Chronicles: The Conspiracy theories of King Farouk's series

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Conspiracy theories of King Farouk's series

This is just for clearing some things about the TV series of King Farouk ,some thoughts and rumors some people are spreading mainly from the Nasserites and those who are jealous of the success of the TV series in Ramadan "The later are many in the TV series in Ramadan especially from a big stars "

First of all the TV series is not calling for the return of Monarchy in Egypt in any way ,it only shows a period in the history that was exposed to huge amount of defaming as the system in Egypt , it is not the revolution who invented the system of defaming and trashing previous regimes ,it was there  since the ancient times of Pharaohs,also revolutions and movements come to trash the previous regimes whether from republics or monarchies , The french and Russian revolutions are the best examples in the monarchy section , the Syrian and Iraqi coups are the best example in the republic section. Yes it is wrong and yes it is unfair but this is a human nature . Dr. Lamis Gabr is no way a royalist like Maged Farag or Samir Rafaat ,read her articles ,political articles in "Ain" Newspaper and other publications and you will know that she is an excellent analyst for political and social affairs , already Dr. Gabr was forced stop in writing for some time in "Ain" after writing a powerful column accusing the interior ministry of causing the sectarian division

And let's be realistic no way in earth Monarchy will come back or at least the Mohamed Ali Royal will return back in power any sooner or later seriously after 50 years of republic rule ,it is very hard to return back to monarchy , yes I know it happened before in Spain ,yet it was the only time it happened and even now King Juan Carlos despite the fact that he owns but does not rule is facing a threat that Spain could return back to become a republic , the calls for the republic are increasing there , because they do not find any benefit now especially that his family expenditures are unnecessary and most important they considered his period as a transitional period between dictatorship and democracy now a democratic state they do not need him anymore ,yes I know in a dictatorship state like the one the idea of having a constitutional monarchy is so tempting but facts are facts

Another thing who will be the king ?? Ahmed Fouad II , well first of all the man is being treated from health problem in Switzerland , second of all  he did not study politics with no experience in politics what so King Ahmed Fouad II familyever   ,third of all I do not think that the people will welcome him if they know that his ex-wife was a Jew ,yes she converted to Islam but she turned to be one hell of a villain who took his money and made Princess Farial wished that she could stop their marriage in 1970s and of course I do need to tell you that the children of Jew woman are considered Israelis ,if you remember that caused a huge discussion in the Egyptian parliament about the citizenship issue and the right of running for Presidency.Fourth King Fouad I made a rule that the heir of throne from his male descendents must be from Egyptian mother , so the boys of Ahmed Fouad II do not have the right to claim the throne which no longer exists ,so no need to dream or be alarmed from a TV series

There is no threat on the Republic system in Egypt because People despite their on going passive attitude showed how much their refuse the inheritance  process of Mubarak JR.

Also the TV series did not attack the revolution , in fact it did not mention from near or far Nasser , in fact I believed they eliminated a part from the original script about the revolution and the life of Farouk in exile in Italy ,Dr.Lamis in a several press and TV interview said that the TV series would cover Farouk's life from birth to death .The series stopped at his departure from Egypt and that's it and that made me so angry because I wanted to see his life in exile,the divorce of Nariman ,his relationship with Irma and so on ,so I do not know why people bother themselves in mentioning Gamal Abd El-Nasser in the first place ,I mean the Nasserites are wasting their time in defending Nasser

Already the comparison between Nasser and Farouk it is not done simply by watching TV series and films ,this is not a history ,this is an Art work made by an individual point of view ,if we want to make this comparison then we must make it much more in professional way , the pros and cons of each era , the achievements of each one of them ,the internal and external factors ,the changes in the international and regional environment,if you want to make it then you have to read many many books of history because history is written by people who are in a way or another bias  by a certain degree.When I read for Dr.Yonan Labib Razik I must be careful because he favors the Wafad old Party and thus he would not speak about their corruption in late 1940s , when I read for Dr.Abd El-Azeim Ramadan I have to be careful because he hated every thing related to Nasser and Pan Arabism and when I read for Gamal Hamad I must be careful because he was from the free officers in the end There is no certain period or a time of a specific leader that can be crossed totally and this is for the Royalists and Nasserists at the same time

The TV series is not a conspiracy made by the Saudi Royals for promoting Monarchy , defaming the revolution and Nasser for an American Agenda , very big words based upon the fact the TV series was produced by the Saudi Channel "MBC" and that during the Nasserite era Nasser had an enmity with late "King Faisal" May Allah bless their souls that ended after 1967 in Khartoum summit. Ok first of all yes the Channel is Saudi and owned by the Brother in law of late King "Fahd" may Allah bless his soul

That TV Series was not written for the MBC exclusively or especially in the first place .Dr. Lamis Gabr from five years ago wrote it for the Egyptian TV by the request of the minister of information then , the ETV seemed after that uninterested in producing the TV Series for unknown reasons yet Dr.Gabr insisted that an Egyptian production company should produce the work ,Dream TV proposed yet during that time the mother company "Bahgat" group faced some financial problems and everybody forgot about. Now last year Syrian Director "Hatem Ali" came to Egypt in order to direct a film about "Mohamed Ali" also was written by Lamis for her husband actor "Yahia El-Fakharany" whom she wrote "Farouk" TV series for in the first place and the production company was "Good New 4 me" , "Ali" who is originally TV series director ,famous of directing historical series read the papers of "Farouk" and was so impressed by it that he wanted  to present on TV even before "Mohamed Ali" ,already "Mohamed Ali" needed more time for production than "Farouk", "Ali" took the papers and went to a production company that he worked with before and though it would be interested and that's was "MBC" Channel and that's how the work came to light ,I understand it would be promoting for a specific agenda if Dr.Lamis wrote specifically and exclusively for the "MBC" but she did not and you can go back for the archives of all Egyptian and Arabic newspapers and check back the news of her husband and you would know "King Farouk" was very old project .

Let's be logic how the Royal Saudis promote for monarchy and the monarchy showed in the TV series is their worst fear. The Saudi Monarchy is a complete monarchy , a divine ruler, one of the facts they support the Wahabism ,if you read more in Wahabism you find that it orders its follower for complete obedience to the ruler whether he is good or bad , where as the monarchy the TV series showed like the sun was the constitutional monarchy , the king owns but he does not rule and you were showed how the Wafad party stood against the Prince "Mohamed Ali" 's idea to reign the king in "Al-Azhar" by the Sheikh of "Al-Azhar" so the King would not have a religious power over the constitution. The TV series showed how democratic Egypt was the power of Constitution and the power of Press Freedom now tell me is there any power of Constitution in Saudi Arabia or is there any Press Freedom ??? King Farouk was afraid from the press that it would know about his mom flings in Europe , in fact I got issues of "Akhar Sa'a" and bunch of articles for famous "Mohamed El-Tab'ai" who refused to listen to the King for not publishing the press reports about Nazli , tell me single Saudi journalist 's name who can say anything about the king or the royal family in present or the past !!??? The Constitutional Monarchy now is considered a threat and a challenge to the Saudi Royal family which is facing many challenges from outside and inside.

Also historical the Saudi monarchs did not have this good relation with the House of Mohamed Ali except only in the time of King Farouk ,already historically Mohamed Ali Pasha was ordered to crack down the first revolution of the Saudis by the order of the Othman Empire and he sent his Son Ibrahim Pasha who succeeded in cracking down the revolution , Mohamed Ibn Abd El-Wahab ,the founder of Wahabism was executed by Ibrahim Pasha and Abd Allah Bin Saud escaped to what became now Kuwait and the rule of El-Hagaz , the Holy Land of Muslims became Egyptian till 1840. The return of relations between the two houses of Saud and Mohamed Ali was in time of Kings Abd El-Aziz  and Farouk only, believe it or not during that Egypt helped Saudi Arabia financially , the Oil was not King Farouk and King Abd El-Azizdiscovered and for his huge financial aid to the KSA during its hard times ,the monarchs of Saudi Arabia stood beside the Egyptian Royal family after the revolution not because they hated Nasser and saw him as a threat , they were not the only royal family in the Arab would that stood beside Mohamed Ali Family , the Moroccan royal Family King Mohamed V and Hassan II too helped them despite their very strong relations with Nasser and also they were not the only Royal family the House of Saud stood beside after the revolution or coup ,they also stood beside the Iraqi Royal family in exile .And By the way not all the Saudi royal liked or likes King Farouk and thinks the revolution was bad thing , I can't remember the silly attack of Prince "Talal Abd Azizi Ibn Saud" on King Farouk in Dream TV 2 with Magdy Mahnah !!!

Why no one spoke and wondered why the MBC produced the TV Series "El-Anaduilb" the Nightgale" which was about the life of Egypt's Abd El-Halim Hafez where the script writer put Nasser's life inside the story even before the revolution till his death in way that had no meaning what so ever !!!!??? They showed Nasser as angel ,they even inserted the conflict between Nasser and Amar in the work ,I do not know what that had to do with the life of Halim !!!!!!

By the way MBC tried to correct the fiasco of "El-Anadilb" by "Farouk" and it succeeded

I am sorry but I do not see any reason for that anger from the Nasserites

if you want my opinion I guess what is happening in Egypt is a diversion operation to make people concentrate on other things then the murder of free press and the blessed NDP freaking conference next month :(

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  1. "Dr. Lamis Gabr from five years ago wrote it for the Egyptian TV"

    So? producers are known to shop for scripts that suit their aims. there are dozens of scripts out there. some pro this, others pro that. if you are a producer, you will get to choose. try gain.

  2. If you think it is really feasible to have a democratic election in Egypt following Mubarak? You are really dreaming with wide imaginations. How can two or more candidates have competing agendas about governing the country? What do they know about the real economic picture in Egypt in order to put a plan for the welfare of the Egyptian? What do they know about hidden political threats facing them? Egypt didn’t even have a vice president since Mubarak? So what to expect another 25-30 years of learning the ABC of governing? When I suggested a transitional monarchy system, I believe it can work as political frame defining the political boundaries for the country in the form of a constitution (passed by a referendum and protected by the army). Then political parties can start to learn how to plan for election platform and even come close to deliver on their promises, or they lose. Gradually they can learn the democratic road with all its positive and negative characteristics being exercised in the west. To say King Fouad II has no political experience is to imply Nasser, Sadat, Mubarak had any when they started. What can he provide is stable frame until the transition take place.

  3. It was a good series that cleared the King's name after being accused of so many bad things. It also inform the audience that there were demoncracy during the King time and even the King himself follows the constitution during that time. At least the Egyptians know that that King Farouk was not a bad King and he was a good King, father and brother who loves his country Egypt dearly. I dont understand why there were several reports by the revolution officer or regime recently talking bad about King Farouk and also attacking the late King for no reason at all. I do agreed with you that this TV series are not going to bring back the Monarchy ruling in Egypt again but it was an eye opener to the truth about the King era! I hope the Egyptians or the followers of the regime could understand this matter. Enough damaged has been done after the fall of the King till now! The Egyptians people should focus or think what is going to happen next or in future to Egypt after so many problems and suffering in the country!

  4. This series is an eye opener to the Egyptians to know the truth about their King. They were taught at school that the King was a bad man. King Farouk was a man who loves his country very much and he left Egypt without a fight so that others could do better job than him.

    I dont understand why recently there were so many negative reports attacking the King coming which is uncalled for. This series is not for the Monarch to come back to rule Egypt but it is just a justification of what happened to the late King Farouk.

    Egyptians should focus and think what is the future of Egypt especially afer so many things is happening in Egypt right now.

  5. It was a good series that explained the truth about the late King Farouk especially to the young egyptian generations. The late King was a good man who loves his country very much and left the country hoping that Egypt would be in good hand.

    Recently there were negative reports about the late King which was really uncalled for. This series would not bring back the Monarch ruling in Egypt that a lot of Egyptians need to understand.

    At least we know that even the King accept and respect the constitution during that era and there were democracy in Egypt.

  6. If you think it is really feasible to have a democratic election in Egypt following Mubarak? You are really dreaming with wide imaginations. How can two or more candidates have competing agendas about governing the country? What do they know about the real economic picture in Egypt in order to put a plan for the welfare of the Egyptian? What do they know about hidden political threats facing them? Egypt didn’t even have a vice president since Mubarak? So what to expect another 25-30 years of learning the ABC of governing? When I suggested a transitional monarchy system, I believe it can work as political frame defining the political boundaries for the country in the form of a constitution (passed by a referendum and protected by the army). Then political parties can start to learn how to plan for election platform and even come close to deliver on their promises, or they lose. Gradually they can learn the democratic road with all its positive and negative characteristics being exercised in the west. To say King Fouad II has no political experience is to imply Nasser, Sadat, Mubarak had any when they started

  7. don't you think it's rude to start a post with something like "you are all dumb and stupid, but I am the one with the right answer"?

    i mean here is a soap opera that is funded by the Saudi IN THE OPEN. yes, it's paid for BY A SAUDI PRINCE.

    this is like accusing those who say Iraq is being under attack by the US with conspiracy theory simply because the US attacks other countries. HUH!?

    I can understand if the royal Saudi funding is not an obvious fact and people made it up. and people know the saudi royals hare Gamal Abdulnasser. and people know the film is full of fabrications. and so and so and so.

    and people know saudi money funded the Contras in Nicarague, funded the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan, and funded counterrevolutionaries.

    Please don't be offended, but how come ignorant people try to pass their shallowness as some sort of objective thinking, while the rest of us are just conspiracy theorists?

    Saudi royal money continues to have corrupting influence on arab culture, religion, and politics.

  8. @Ra3d,I did not get your point but my point is how it could be an original Saudi conspiracy and it was already tailored for the Egyptian TV

    @Ohio, Just for your information check the background of Sadat esecially before saying he knew nothing about politics , Nasser was one hell of political fox this what can I say about him , Mubarak is a military man , no way you can compare Ahmed Fouad by them ,I am sorry you won't get 55 years old man and put as a head of the state and he know zero about politics if you do so then you won't have a king but a puppet
    even according to the old constitution the King must be the head of the army even Juan Carlos has this right and for that during his youth and his son joined the arm forces , so did the British Monarches ,Ahmed Fouad studied the history of Arts for God Sake
    Anoher thing about the transitional period , do you know I hate the word transitional because it reminds with the words of Gamal MUbarak when he began to speak about political reforms , Democracy is not a medicine that taken on dosages and Egyptian people showed a great understanding for the democratic process ,the people are sleepy ,what you are saying is something that suites Afghanstan , not Egypt ,if we need a trasitional period really to organize the political frame we need at most two years I do not see use to bring back monarchy again for two years then to return back to republican system , what use?? Why do you go to Ahmed Fouad and you got people like for example Amr Moses , Abu Gazla , Osama Ghazly Harb,Abd El-Salam Mahgob ....???
    What if there was monrachy in Egypt at all ,for example like Syria , Syria since day one was a republican system !!??

    @anonymous , it is an old habit in Egyptian to trash previous regimes since the pharoahs , of course we can't forget there are many did not like the tv series because it shows that what the real democracy looks like and that the democracy in the time of the king , in the time of the occupation we had freedom and democracy than now

    @anonymous 2 , may be this is why there is an attack on the King from a magazine like modern Rosa NDP ,who also attacks Nasser and Sadat , may be it is not about Farouk as much the comparison between now and then

    @anonymous 3, well I am not the rude person and I doubt that anyone would find anything insulting here , again I ask why you did not think it was a conspiracy that the same Saudi Sheikh "not prince" produced the TV series about Halim where they showed Nasser as an angel despit it was not Nasser 's TV show , the Tv series is very where and you can find it tell me why ??
    why it is not a conspiracy when Arabiya channel produces a TV program that TV documentary series that attacks Sadat 's era "ايام السيد العربى"
    and also attacks the monarchy and praises Nasser,socialism and pan arabism all the way !!!

  9. Al-Hajaj Ibn youssef Al-Thak'fy10/24/2007 04:11:00 PM

    Folks, we shouldnt focus on the Saudis now!

    Iran is the main danger at the moment. We have a crazy country made up of either fantic shiites or ultra-nationalistic anti islamic elements and Zoroastarians.

    They are systemtically killing Iraqis , coooperating with colonialism to wipe out the ARABISM and the Arab Identity of Iraq, its human resources in order to convert it into a religous pro-Iran medival country.

    They have alredy brought destruction to LEBANON, THEY ARE POLITICSING RELIGON, THUS INVOKING THE THE MOST VIOLENT and dangerous religous sentiments among shiite and sunni muslims.

    Forget about Saudi Arabia and focus on the enmy of our civilsation - Iran.

    What is funny about the regime of Iranian fanatic heetic priests is that they claim to be the vangurds of Islam- while they supplied weapons to the christian Aramenians in their war against the shiite Azerbijan, so as not to empower the Azeri Turkish minority in Iran.

    Moreover the Arab shiite clericks like Hussien el-Moeyid In Iraq and Ayatollah Al -Hassani who both, put forward an Arab Shiite rehetoric are being targeted by Iranians- the Iraqi one fled to Jordan while the lebamese is living in costant danger.


  10. You are so smart but predictable, whenever an issue picks up so much heat and you can’t fully support one side or another due to your own political believe system, cultural background,.etc. you jump in with new trivia blog to change the subject. Anyway, re; your feedback about suitability or not of Ahmed Fouad II, I say your views re; his education and cultural background are missing important points. First, in the western universities study of politics, psychology, history are all part of Art degree (versus Science degree). As for his upbringing in Europe, that put him at much better comprehension what democracy is or isn’t. Compared to him if I run a test of political science to most promising politician in Egypt they fail (may be G. Mubarak will pass since he studied Art, History and Politics in the AUC). Seriously, a king’s role in constitutional monarch is not to get directly involved in day to day governing, but rather to provide constitutional frame to prevent the country from falling into extremism either that being communism, M.B, or whatever. I even think G. Mubarak has more positive elements on his side his family all the sins to let him start wealthy and becoming wealthier . Simply put, he doesn’t need to steel as much as new political face. He needs to impress and prove people opinions of him are wrong. If you easily dismiss other peoples experience as being them (Spanish, Europeans) are different than (us Egyptian), how and from where do we learn!! Now you can change the subject!!

  11. @Al-Hajjaj can we please just forget Iran till the post actually speaking about it

    @Ohio ,if I love to leave the discussions when it is heated I would simply turn the comments off the post , I have that option in ,I do not know why you are saying so , but just for your information I am very sick to post new stuff ,so I am posting the old silly short news I saved for such occasions
    Now to the main topic
    Seriously you are speaking as if King Ahmed Fouad II is claiming the throne and is heading an opposition movement in exile just like the Shah's son in the United States against the Revolutionary regime in Iran , does he really want it ?? I do not think so ,the man has too much trouble in his life from this wife ,he was being and is being treated for some time now
    I know what you mean , you want some just him a king to own not to rule to to provide constitutional frame to prevent the country from falling into extremism either that being communism, M.B, or whatever as you are saying yet and you forget of course the international pressures ,okay but do you think that he is capable of doing that balance and it needs more strong personality , I do not about the King Personally but he seemed in his wife problem somehow not that strong with no offense what so ever , that kind of job needs someone like Amr Moses or Abd El-Salam Mahgoub of Alexandria
    by the way why you ignore the part about his children , already do you know that tabloids began to mention this and they even are saying they are jews too :( that is destructive for him on the publicity level taking consideration the Kids are on their mother's side


    Lets See...What did ol' Gamal's Revolution do for us? IT SCREWED US! ...i must honestly say that i strongly resent Gamal Abd Elnasser because the so called revolution DESTROYED EGYPT...just look at Egypt now, its the Result of all the Stupidity of the revolution.

    During King Farouks days Egypt was a prestigious beautiful place to live, where there was planning by the goverment, where there was FREEDOM OF RELIGION and NO ONE CARED WHAT OTHERS RELIGION WAS..MUSLIM, JEWISH and CHRISTIAN was not an issue, EGYPTIAN is what we all were,,,,NOT ARABS, but PROUD EGYPTIANS!

    Yes During those times MANY people were poor and couldnt' read or write, but it wasn't the REVOLUTION that helped, it was just people being more Don't try to say that NASSER's Bullshit is what helped with that!

    For you who will argue with this JUST LOOK AT HOW EGYPTIAN are NOW and how they were THEN! Just look at the MOVIES from the 30's and 40's and look at them now. Look at how now a girl can't walk in the street without men bothering her and how it was then when women were respected!

    Nasser also made us look to the ARABS for guidance instead of looking to such modern places as Europe or Turkey....Now you see so many women wearing stupid NIKAB NINJA OUTFITS which is an ARAB trait and has nothing to do with Islam...That is why now Men in Egypt are so vulgur and alot of people are having sex..all those Beards and Hijab and Nikab has nothing to do with True Religion..they are just "MANAZER"..(Hijab i'm ok with, when its real hijab, like how the Turks for example wear it...not the crazy FULL MAKEUP and Tight Jeans ugly Hijab we have in Masr) I AM 100% against the NINJA BURKA SHIT THOUGH!

    I'm not saying bring the Monarchy itself back, but at least bring the Prestige and respect Egypt had back...

    YA KHOSARA YA MASR.....Rabina Yintikim minak ya Nasser!


  13. My dear Pharoah , please if you want to compare the Nasserite era and Monarchy era than you must be more logical than using board terms like "prestigious beautiful place to live" and "MANY people were poor and couldnt' read or write, but it wasn't the REVOLUTION that helped, it was just people being more aware" , if you want a logic comparison between the two eras from "1936 to 1952" with all the ministries and internal and external circumstance" with numbers and start to compares the pros and cons , this is the correct comparison
    next mubarak is not for the revolution era , everyone knows that and please he was brought by Anwar El-Sadaat whom by the way was too from the the revolution officers ,from the leadership council and according to what he wrote , really wrote in his articles and books seems not to like Monarchy so much as it had its cons , Mubarak is not following the Nasser politics nor Sadaat politics , he is following his own politics
    by the way wise people now in Egypt from different parties believe that now is too similiar from the situation in 1952
    about the Arabs ,well strangely Mohamed Ali Pasha was the first who started this pan Arabism , in fact he and his son helped the thinkers in Lebanon and Syria to put the first blocks in the pan Arabism , this is one , of course we should not forget that the Arab league was made in time of Farouk and he loved so much being the King of Arabs and Muslims
    anyhow only for record Nasser's era is innoncent for religious radicalism and hatred ,well Nasser's era is well for its fight against everything Muslim and you could ask anyone who lived this period ,I mean for God Sake it was the golden era for the communists and socialists
    in fact i do not what brings the Nikad and sexual harassements to Nasser !!!do not you watch the 1960s films to see how the mini skirits were so short
    , for God Sake if you want to be critic to Nasser's era be more realistic and fair , all what you are saying is from the results of the Mubarak era !!!!!!!!!!

  14. TV is fiction, unless it's a documentary with references.

    Transitional system? We have to learn the ABC's of democracy? You must be joking. Search google to find thousands of examples of just/democratic societies that didn't need to "learn" how to be just. The need to learn comes from external influences and a colonial attitude.

    Egypt and Egyptians can teach the world about democracy if exterior influences were not allowing it to fall to the state it's in.

    My fear is Egyptians are looking for one person to take the helm. But power corrupts. We need parties, individuals with vision (which Egypt has an abundance), elections. We can then act and pick ourselves up. Egyptians have to be the priority.

    To look back at which monarchy, ruler or individual ruled the country the best and which is democratic is academic I believe. We know what mechanisms are just and democratic. We don't need a T.V. drama or foreign country to dictate how we should run our country, do we?

    Maybe once we can help ourselves to our feet we can then seek justice for others.

  15. @Sameh ,I agree with what you said ,especially regarding the leader or the one man rulers Egyptians prefer it is an ancient as this land
    but it is not bad to go back to history to monarchy as a reference to democracy to see what mistakes they made in order to avoid them
    what you said can be seen in the 1921 when we had a constitution and even before it when we had a parliament as we did not have a political democratic life before
    by the way it not an external party that prevents us actually from being democratic but originally the inside parties from the regime to be frank , in the first place

  16. I forgot to mention internal power struggles, corruption and mis-management...I agree. I don't want to sound as though all problems are caused by external forces.

    p.s. Just my opinion of course...

  17. dream come true11/30/2007 06:39:00 PM

    shortly i wish deep from my heart that monarchy will return back to egypt may be it will help change part of the misery, ignorance and humiliation we are currently living in.

  18. @Dreams come true , take care from what you are wishing because Monarchy is coming back to Egypt
    dear Monarchy itself won't cure Egypt but it is the people themselves

  19. Interesting post. I was reading through the comments and then came to the one by 'Modern Pharaoh'. Im sure you heart is in the right place but you couldnt be more wrong and twisted in your ideas. You are spouting very weird views, which you are entitled to, but do be aware that you are warping history to some extent to suit your ideoligy and it is a very elitist one. The Arab League was cofounded by Farouk, an ethnic Albanion of the Muhammid Ali dynasty of the Ottoman Empire, not an Arab, or at least not by ethnicity. I think that the Arab Higer Comittee was even started by someone from Egypts elite, again not an actual ethnice Arab. Anyway the fact of the matter is Egypt is in the state it is today for many different reasons so dont try and dont pull out the blame it on the Arabs card and if you do find out the particular leaders who are makign problems so you dont mix Arab people with their not so good leaders. peace

  20. @anonymous , just a little correction Farouk did not found the League , it was the result of the hard work of Azzam Pasha and the Mustafa Al Nahas , Farouk took over it after it was finished ,any how pardon me but is the Higer Committee ?

  21. no one can compile his background on Egyptian history based on a TV series. The series is about 80% fiction based on the author and more prominantly the producers political preferences. if we stick to the facts then
    1- fariuk was an almost illiterate boy who never went to a formalchool let alone graduate from a university.
    2- he assended to the thrown by a con act they over calculated his age
    3- The British embassador to Egypt always refered to his as the "Playboy King" meaning he was an alcoholic and a womenizer.
    4- Monarchy ended effectively in 4 Feb. 1942, actually the complete system collapsed when the British tanks seized Abdeen Palace and brought El-Nahas to power by force.
    5- Farouk died drunk in a night club in Rome where he lived with his latest mistress a "lady of the Night" while he left his extended family his children and sisters living in Swiserland. That lady published her memoire named I would have been the queen of Egypt. The memoire was translated to arabic and published by Abdullah Al Garrallah in al syasa newspaper in kuwait in the 70's and was also published by Mostafa Amin in Akhbar Elyoum at the same time.
    6- the monarchy actually collapsed after The Cairo fire when farouk had to releave El-Wafd government but could not get any other government. The prime minister was changed four times between the fire and the revolution.

  22. @My dear anonymous ,the TV series depended mainly on two historical books by Latifa Salam,the well known historian and by late Adel Thabet
    Already I do not trust Ahmed Garallah at all my dear fried , regarding Mustafa Amin,well his wafdist relations are well known for everybody
    I do not trust everything said by the British comissioner because Farouk was working for the Nazi
    speaking about the Lady of the Night ,what about the Ladies of night Abdel Hakim and his gang befriended during the 6 days war
    I do not know why you are so angry of such TV series if you believe it is pure fictional !!

  23. you missed my point completly. Farouk & Hakim are graduates of the same school of drugs alcohol and loose women. they should not be allowed to lead nations.
    adel thabit book is a joke, as for garallah & amin how about TIME magazine which published a long article on Friday, Mar. 26, 1965, the week of Farouk's death stating all the facts I mentioned in my previous comment its link is:
    You can find similar materials at the New York Times and the Time of London etc. if you donot believe any printed material how about pictures; go to Youtube and search for IRMA CAPECE MINUTOLO she is a former italian actress and opera singer who was a long time companion of farouk and in 2005 she claimed to his third wife. she appears in many pictures with farouk in night clubs with a shampain bottle prominantly in front of them.
    I can go on endlessly but my point is that the Egyptian should look only for the facts in their history, should have clear and rational judgement and should realize the misgivings of the monarchy that led to its demise.
    as for the british Ambassador (not commissioner) unfortunatly I hate the guy but I have to trust what he send to his government offitially. the UK is not a third world contry where officials will write whatever please their rullers they have to be acurate and ready to prove what they write. His writing to the ministry of foreign affairs was released many years ago and is available and although he did not publish his biography his personal papers are available in Oxsford University library (a room full of day to day notes and reports etc)


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