Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Suha Arafat's new villa !!

  • Suha Arafat , the merry widow of Yasser Arafat and the mother of his only daughter Zahwa is making the headlines again this week after the strange surprising news that El-Gaddafi of Libya bought a very fancy villa for her and her daughter in Malta for one million Euro !!!
It is very surprising for many reasons ,number one I do not think that Suha needs any financial help from anyone , I mean with all the billions  she got from the money of the Palestinian people she still needs a financial aid !!! Number two was not El-Gaddafi an enemy to Arafat !!?? Yes I know the man is so moody that you just can't remember  whom he was a friend or enemy to anymore yet why that sudden generosity all of the sudden and why it did not included the poor people in Gaza !!???
If you do not know Suha Arafat was expelled from Tunisia after years from staying there ,reasons ranged from personal to business , the personal reasons which are  personal rumors said that she was married in Secret from the brother in law of Laila Zein Al-Abdeen , the Tunisian first lady and her previous BBF , the business official reasons were that she deceived some business partners using her connections for her own profits !!


  1. Why would she be kicked out for marrying the first lady's brother in law?

    Also, what does BBF mean?

  2. well that brother in law is the husband of Laila's sister , yes she is said to be married from Laila's sister's husband

    and BBF means Best best friend :) it is more used in Gossip and Celebs websites :)

  3. Zeinab
    but after all she still sexy and wealthy , if she was ugly and poor he would have bought a " TOK TOK " for her in ZEMBABWEEEEEE
    love your posts, you are a delegated schoolar

  4. lol toktok ,imagine her in a toktok :)
    thanks ragi for your nice words :)


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