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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Back to Hend's case

I am still sticking to my word following that case till the end , which took place from couple of weeks

The controversial case of "Hend" ,the youngest Mother in Egypt who was impregnated by rapist , the case which started violently shocking Egypt and ended dramatically in a surprising way

As you know in the Previous sessions the court declared the innocence of "Mohamed Samy" whom the girl accused of raping her Hend and Her daughter thanks to the DNA results that proved the baby was not his and the fact that "Hend" changed her statements since reporting the incident several times "taking in consideration that she did not reported immediately the authorities and her family but after being pregnant for four months"

Yet we did not know what had happened to "Hend" and her baby except that she cried and screamed in objection of the court rule ,may be it was not an objection for the innocence verdict only but for the following :

1-The Court ruled that Baby "Mena Allah" to be called after her mother's family name according to the Islamic rule in those cases of unknown father, already "Mena Allah" according to the scientific evidence was proved not to be the daughter of Mohamed Samy and thus she won't be named after him , she would be named after her mother's name

2-The Court order the police to find the real father who raped the girl but in the same time "Hend" should not give any random names of innocent people otherwise she would be punished "Already according the law the accused if he is proven to be innocent he could sue the girl and her family for defame in Society"

And So baby "Menna  Allah" the poor baby was named after her grand father who is not shy from turning the case of his daughter in to profitable business oh yes "Hend" who became a Star does not appear in any channel except for what is not less than 1000 L.E !!!!

The big surprise was what "Hend" said to "Mamdouh Hassan" ,the journalist from "El-Wafad daily" who exposed her story from several months ago that those officers were the reason "May Allah Avenge from Hend with her daughter in the new flat them" in exact translation of what she had said,those officers ...she meant of course the officers of the police station when her father went to report the incident during her 4 month pregnancy !!?? Sounds interesting and Shocking , that has one meaning and it goes with what "Mohamed Samy" 's family had said earlier that the name of their son was given to "Hend" by the police officers in the Police Station in the area in order to close the case and that in the early report she said that she was raped by three whom she did not recognized !! That's a very serious accusation and it was published in the Newspapers as a new accusation for Egyptian Police in its black record from torture and faking charges to innocent people

Of course "Hend" after couple of days changed her statement as usual I do not know if there was a pressure on her or she did what is good at ,in a confront with "Mohamed Samy" for the first time live on "El-Mahawar Channel" 's TV Show "90 minutes" where she insisted that he was the one who raped her alone and that he was the father of "Mena Allah" !!! I do not know if anyone had explained to her the meaning of the DNA !!

For me now the case is finished till the police either found the one who really did it or it turns out that the girl is big slim liar who did the forbidden sin and is afraid to admit it !!

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  1. Al-Hajaj Ibn Youssef aL-tHAK'FY10/20/2007 12:25:00 PM

    Whether Hend was lying or not- I don't care.

    That story of tha girl must make our hearts bleed blood. We have to come to realize that we are all worthless shit. We fast in Ramadan and cleberate the feast, we go to Hajwhile we are ure that god will forgive our sins haaaaaaaaaa

    The majority of Muslims know nothing about Islam in the entire Muslim world. If that is the destiny of a young Muslim Egyptian girl, then we are all sinful. I assure there are millions of even more sadening stories than this one. But no one gves a damn. We pray the tarawee7, and someday we wil do a haj to cleanse our sins. However, If we ever get to do what we might b thinking is wrong again, then there is no problem, we can always go to Haj.

    Since no one really cares about what is happening to the victims of the injusticse and hypocracy of our society, then we all deserve whatever we get. That is the justice of Allah ( Sobhanooh wa ta3lah) whom we know nothing about

  2. @al-haja , do you think if we know anything about Islam we would be like what we are now !!???

  3. I think it's not out of the ordinary for an 11 year old going through such an ordeal to not be able to stick to one story.

  4. It's just disgusting to hear about things like this.

    @al-haja & Zeinobia: yes, i agree that the fact that things like this happen mean that there is a lot of religious confusion and hypocrisy in our community. BUT what i think is even more disturbing is the thought that ANY human could do this to another, let alone an 11 year old.

    I also think that in cases like this, there's probably a lot of things we don't know (and will never know) because they might affect some important people.

    Let's just hope no crazy bastard kills this girl or something..

  5. N. American Princess10/20/2007 04:04:00 PM

    I agree with al-hajaj..even during my hajj i found strange behaviours from my fellow muslims..v. weird of my roommates kept calling chinese muslims "ruz"..rice..why i have no idea..but all i thought was that this woman does not understand her religion and she does understand what hajj is supposed 2 be about...u r right al hajaj...majority of us go thru the motions but we have no clue why we are doing what we r doing...we have not let Allah into our hearts, minds and souls the way we should.

    Regarding the way Egyptian media and society has dealt with this. Well during the Egyptian soap Adiyat Rai Ayam (with Yesra)..they mentioned how in the WEST the picture of a young victim like Hind would never make the papers here. TRUE. Victims of crimes that are under the age of 18 are protected. No name or photo is ever released.

    Recently in my city, a young woman while working in a science lab at night in the university was brutally sexually and physically assaulted. She had her collar bone broken, her was a very very violent rape. Under the law, they are not allowed 2 release her name. It seems obvious she was being stalked. It now turns out this girl is muslim. She is telling police now that she was never raped or assaulted. Why? Because she doesn't want her family to find out. It would be a big shame. She might not be able to marry.

    I have coworkers asking me if it is common amongst all muslims. All Arabs...and I sigh..because unfortunately it is quite common. This girl, like Hind, is a victim. And because her culture is not forgiving of victims and in fact turns them into the accused, she would rather pretend a violent crime like this never happened to her.

    Hind is 11. I think she was probably raped. I think she was raped by either a sibling, a close relative or someone close to the family. I think she has been threatened and I doubt she will ever say who did this to her. An 11 yr old girl is not some1 who is probably looking for a little "action" or to have some fun on the side. Either way..this story is sad and even sadder is the way society and culture handle it.

  6. @Frank , do not be afraid on the girl , her dad is very careful , he was already in jail what it happened , I swear if he were outside the jail ,I would consider him a the primary suspect ,already I believe the one who did it was someone close to the girl as it is usual in such cases

    @N.American Princess, I covered this story since day one , yes they should keep her name but the problem is that she came out to the media , in fact her daddy turned her in to a circus show with her mother with no consideration not to her but to the poor baby
    with my all respect I won't speak about the age of Hend because already the foresienic reports said that she was older than 11 years old from her bone structure , also it is common in the popular classes to register their children and get them birth certificates after years of the orginial birth for fear of envy , it is very common
    about her statements , as 11 years old may say wrong details but not to change her or his statement in that strange way , the differences are terrible , if you check them at first she said there were three ,then four then one then that one did not tell his name and she knew him from the police records then in a strange instance she said that he told her his name during the rape !! It is too much because believe or not all the Egyptian society believed and stood beside her , not like you think that she would suffer , no in fact the family of the accused MOhamed Samy were scared on their son's safety
    The public was so angry that many demanded an execution to MOhamed Samy only because she accused him with no further investigations and thanks to the DNA findings and reports of the police investigations he was found to be innocent
    I believe Hend was raped by one of her relatives too , but let's put in the consideration that Hend is from a social class Sex in it is something so easy , all the family members live in one room children sexual abuse is very common yet they do not understand what is the meaning of sexual abuse
    about co-workers please tell them they should not start speaking about Egypt and Islam and look to themselves , at least we do not have that huge amount pedophiles not to mention all the other sexual abuse cases , some people just forget themselves !!

  7. zeinab, dear

    the story is well written and i think you should higlight all cases of rape , raped people are no longer the same , they suffer all their lives.

  8. Dear Ragi, because I care about the misery the raped I followed the case of Hend because of the horrible of the incident and its details
    fortunately now despite all what is said people began to understand the suffering of the raped people and I found this from the respond of the viewers on the early video of Hend in 90 minutes , the problem now is that thanks to poverty , the drugs and the huge sexual revolution coming us from abroad , the scary part is the increase sexual abuse of the relatives to the children ,that was something strange for the Egyptian community , now it became very frequently unfortunately

  9. N. American Princess10/21/2007 04:49:00 AM

    Zeinobia...relax...i did explain to them that not all muslims view victims of rape with shame...but let's face it..i'm sure there are a lot of unreported rape cases in Egypt...and we both know's not socially acceptable..i don't know if u did watch that yesra show but it was well written in that dissected middle eastern society view on rape...and not just rape of women..rape of children and men as thing I must say for here..the police will press forward with the case regardless of the victim desire not to press's out of her hands

    Also, I understand what u r saying about the girl and about the social class she comes from..but still don't u think that in itself has resulted in her being a victim..yes she was wrong 2 accuse some1 who was innocent and for that she will have to face Allah who is mightier than any court, judge or public opinion from the media circus...still don't you wonder that if she were brought up in a different environment that things might be different

    Also, regarding's more common in Egypt than you realize. I have a relative who is a colonel in the mabahis...he told me that there is an abundance of this and homosexuality in Egypt...don't be's just not given the media attention they do here...unfortunately this kind of garbage and abuse of children is now a global epidemic...

    As Al-hajaj said..we are in a day and time where people do not fear God or understand that there is a final judgement, that we must not just practice the rituals, but also practice Islam in our hearts the way the Prophet (pbuh) did...enough said

  10. N.American Princess , Youssra 's tv series is under already huge critisicm ,I am sorry but sometimes I feel that Youssra wanted to return back to the screen on the expense of a huge case that needed to be discussed in better serious way, the woman wanted to become the best actress in Ramadan but her tough luck made her lose the race ,I am sorry but this is what I think about Youssra
    , I can't deny that as an Eastern community rape incidents are dealt with great sensitivety and here please show to friends that there are differences between Muslim views and eastern views , non muslims in east also share these views for God sake , already if you check back in the archives you will find a translation to the punishments of rape against Islam in details

    but let's not overestimate the sitaution no way on earth you are going to compare the terrible situation in America by the Situation in Egypt , no way it will be unfair , you are comparing huge pedophile international networks with a whole network of child molesters to Egyptians , I am not saying that we do not have it on the contrary it is increasing unfortunately in the last years but how and why individual cases they are but not organized networks for God sake
    and it is surely it happens in Egypt in a way less than it happens in the Gulf too

  11. N. American Princess10/21/2007 02:08:00 PM

    I think you missed my point entirely. But that's okay. You still have a lot of living left to do inshallah and I hope that you get the chance to travel and experience the world outside of Egypt. You are curious and you seek knowledge which is a good thing. There is an entire world out there that is waiting for you to explore it beyond the internet inshallah.

    I think that it is good that non Muslims ask questions rather than come to the wrong conclusions. It's important to seek knowledge and not just rely on the garbage fed to us here by media. If you watched CNN daily here you would understand what I mean. I don't know if you ever watched the show called al tariq el sa7h by Moez Massoud but he has lived in the West and he encourages dialogue amongst non Muslims.The best view a muslim can give non-muslims is by setting a good example. Kindness, charity, honesty...all of the traits we muslims are to aspire to...we have to try to emulate the Prophet and the way he behaved with his family, loved ones, enemies and friends, difficult as that is.

    You yourself are constantly defending freedom of speech in your country, especially amongst your journalists. My coworkers may not be knowledgeble about Egypt or Islam but they are smart enough to ask questions before jumping to conclusions. At the end of the day, the best impression I can give them is the one that is evident in the way I deal with them (el mu3amla el islamiyah). A true muslim makes an impression with their intelligence, knowledge, kindness, tolerance and understanding. They have the right, after that, to come to whatever conclusion or decision they want. Everyone is free to express their view. And free to agree to disagree. Here people are not jailed for practicing their faith in the way they wish. As long as they don't advocate violence or harm to the rest of the community, they are left alone.

    Here, in the West, you have no idea, no clue what it is like to be muslim. When I was in Egypt I realized that a lot of Egyptians, not all, have no idea about what is going on in the part of the world I live in but they were smart enough to ask me questions. It's good to enquire and receive knowledge.

    Re: Yesra..I don't care for this actress but I thought that it was good that instead having yet another show about the fellaheen or sa3adah, that a tv show dealt with the taboo issue of rape and it's affect on family, society and the community at large. Yes, there were many flaws in the show and the writer didn't tie up several loose ends, but it is a show that got people talking. Even you have to admit that.

    Finally, you need to chill...go drink tea and some honey since u aren't feeling well...rabbina yishfikee inshallah.

  12. Al-Hajaj Ibn Youssef Al-Thak'fy10/21/2007 04:04:00 PM

    why does the N american Princess spell youssra like Yesra???

  13. You missed my point N.American Princess
    What brought Islam to that topic in the first place ??? Why everything happens in the middle east must be considered as an Islamic act and muslims are involved in it !!As if Rape and sexual abuse don't occur in other places in the world !!?? You explain to them that not all views of Muslims are ashamed about the rape victims ,my objection is the word "Muslims" as if it happens only in muslim countries ,this is my objection
    About the West and Islam I do not have to travel , the world is already a small village ,I got the CNN , Fox and Skynews ,I got the internet ,I got the books and programs and above all I got my relatives in the United States whom living for more than 30 years did not help at all ,considered as aliens , enemy aliens who live in fear
    look I am sorry if I am seemed aggressive,you are a very dear friend and as they say
    "الاختلاف فى الراى لا يفسد للود قضية "

  14. Zeinobia, no one could ever count the amount pedophiles and sex abusers in Egypt it is too hidden by the society, its as much in Egypt as it is in any other place- sad but true- reading the blogs of other Egyptian females then many discuss experiences of this and being female myself and working in the social sector in Egypt it is very common. When alot of people are living close together in a society it happens more with close family members and the social pressure not to tell anyone that it happened is unbearable for many. I live in two countries- sometime in Egypt some time in the west- so im able to measure this issue quite well. God bless hind for she is indeed a victim of a system that the truth will not be known in this life.

  15. @dear anonymous ,I swear that I don't deny it happens in Egypt and it is increasing but did it reach to the level of sexual abusers rings across the internet !!??
    Hind is being abused twice by the one who did this and by her father who turned her in to a cash machine


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