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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

More about Burma

I always read about it in the news of Aung San Suu Kyi but I never know anything about its regime or its history until I found this in the Time

Seriously Egypt is Lucky even with its coup , yes we could have suffered from similar Military regime curses but We are lucky ,Thank God

Another thing Do you know that there are Muslims in Burma ??

Yes they are ,I know there are Muslims from the Egyptian Ambassador's interview to the Arabic BBC and I know they are suffering as a Minority but I did not imagine that it could reach to that extent from suffering that they die because of weather condition,Women work in prostitution and that they have to get permission to have Children in Burma !!

The UN and UNCHR seem not interested so what about the Rich Arabic countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait where are they from that human tragedy !!?? These Muslims are in desperate need of help and that's the perfect time to help them , I am saying Saudi Arabia and Kuwait because they are well known in aiding the Muslim countries

Now You know ,your turn to help those miserable minority and even the majority in Burma because both the Muslims and Non Muslims is to spread this news and expose the reality as much as possible ,that's weakest thing we can do

By the way I dug it in here in an attempt to make more people know about this problem

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  1. The evil drama in Burma is not new. It is not directed towards oppressing this religious minority or the other, It has been in the making since 1990, when Aung San Suu Kyi (a highly educated, fair minded, politically clean and peaceful humanitarian) won a fair election. The army turned everything around and put her under house arrest canceling the election results. She later won the Noble Peace Prize. The UN, the US, Europe, all the world stayed all these years putting blind eyes and deaf ears to the situation over there. All what they got is trade boycotting (which means nothing .. I’ll explain). Burma’s and to be precise Burma’s military elites’ main source of income is drug trading and providing safe passage. They use Singapore (where a lot of dirty money trafficking takes place among other evil activities in Asia) as their main source of income. BTW, majority of Singapore’s population are Muslims (it is not a religion issue). They stood by the Burmeese army even officially in the UN (Check this site for wealth of Info
    No wonder the CIA and other secret evil doers in the west can benefit from this system and show little desire to change it- (check the above link ) -God help us

  2. Sorry, correction.. Among the population of Singapore there are about 18% Muslims mostly Malayan with few percents more Muslim immigrants from Arab countries and India (unofficially registered). Nonetheless, they represent very significant component of Singapore which provides a lot of help maintaining the Burmese army, regardless of any UN official trade boycotting being placed on them.

  3. @Snoby thanks for explaning to me a riddle I could not understand why America is silent on what's happening in Burma ,is not the American administration the savior of democracy in the world ??
    does not Burma needs democracy like Iraq !!??
    but if you know the reason , then there will be no wonder , this is one hell of a dirty world

  4.'re welcome. Just wait and see Lebanon becoming another Singapore. It already has same similar aspects on a smaller scale, rich oil money around it honest and dirty business mixing, dirty money and drugs. In lebanon's model however, it's more arm trading (during politically heated middle east) than drugs. As soon as the region becomes relatively peacfull drug traficking dominates,..for sure it's hell of a dirty world.

  5. N. American Princess10/02/2007 10:15:00 PM

    Zeinobia...where are all of the rich Saudi and Kuwaitis to help the poor muslims in Burma? You forgot the Emiratis...Dubai has an economy that is set to rival European and the American one...i keep seeing these commercials on their tv channels which we get here.." A cup of coffee--20 dirhams" The cost to send a poor child to school...Inta choose...eyes rolling..and then a fancy sportscar and the same can feed hundreds of orphans instead of buying these sportscars...sad that there is a need for these commercials

    When I was in Mecca and Medina last year I cannot tell you how much poverty I saw...felt like being in Egypt..and this in a country where no one should go hungry. And not all of the poor were foreigners (i.e. afghans, bangladeshis etc.)..many were locals..saudis...Not all Saudis are living large..they have their poor even though they shouldn't...

    So my point is..if they aren't helping their own can we expect them to help other poor muslims...central asians were among the nicest muslims I met kind, so considerate and most all of them very is sad they they get forgotten but the rest of the Muslim ummah

    Democracy is only worth fighting for when there is oil, a valuable natural resource or some other strategic reason. Darfur has oil and is rich in other minerals. Otherwise I doubt any government or global governing body would care about what is happening there...sad and unfortunate but true...

    It is an ugly world but there is still kindness in it...just perhaps not on a largte scale...

  6. i always like when lebanese bretheren speak about themselves, or when about (enlightened) lebanese explains the world to us

    exactly what i call [wise ass] !!!



  7. no to mention middle eastern expatriates like N.A.Royality, i can guess she is lebanese as well.

    particularly WESTERNIZED ARABS believe they have the knowledge to change the world

  8. N. american princess10/02/2007 10:56:00 PM

    Hey anonymous...i'm not an ex pat...nor a western arab...i'm just an ordinary muslim..who like sad 2 c the state the muslim community is, there, everywhere...muslims have immense wealth but they are among the poorest of the poor and more muslims are refugees than any if all of us were paying our 2.5% or more for those who want to do that, would muslim burmese women need to resort to prostitution as zeinobia mentions...would we need to be reminded by tv public service announcements to be charitable to those less fortunate? you think about it..and while your thinking...instead of criticizing other people's opinions why don't you come up with some amazing solutions to all of the world's problems...since your so smart and all...because i certainly don't have any...

  9. rude anonymous

    i think N.A.Princess is egyptian, never mind i got your point, and at least partially agree with you, wise asses sicken my guts& Egyptians& Lebanese alike


  10. Aardvark
    been notified, Thanks

    [[would muslim burmese women need to resort to prostitution ]], touched!! i am wheeping!!

    believe me, if i got the magic bullet to all injustice in the world i would not spare it!!

    the problem is i don't, and no one do, from this simple fact we can start solution

    Terrible inequality throughout the world in Knowledge, Influence & Wealth, simply because they are closed, self feeding circuits
    The Knowledgable will acquire more & more knowledge, the Powerful will become ever more influential, and the rich will generate more capital, so the gap will ever grow.

    the question is, how can we [whatever you define (we) as muslims, arabs, the have-nots] invest our scarce resources wisely.

    the scarcest ever resource is Wisdom itself

    Maaaaaay here i speak like a wise ass !!!shet.

  11. n. american princess10/03/2007 01:17:00 AM

    Well anonymous at least u know ur a

    Hey's all's the last 10 days of Ramadan and I'm feeling this amazing heart is overflowing with it...the gap may widen but we have Allah alhamdulillah...

    Seriously..u need 2 go spend some time in the Egyptian countryside (the Delta to be specific) and see how kind and wonderful poor Muslims can's that kindness that shrinks the's what really matters..there will always be poor and rich, intelligent and stupid, illiterate and uneducated etc...neither u nor i will probably change the way of the world...but make the best of the time u spend here and who u spend it with because when u die..u don't take anything with u but ur actions and intentions...k i'm outta here...

  12. Mmm…anonymous, investing your resources wisely!! May be you should invest as a complacent service provider- to the evil powerful drug barons arm dealers ,washing money bank managers – something like Limo service, Restaurant, or as a house builder, soon you will be close to be one of them totally blind to the misery they cause to the poor masses. Do you think any of these service providers to the Mafia Godfather and his closed circuit dislike him/them? of course not.
    Singapore is very rich their victims are in Burma, oil families are very rich, their service providers are comfortable, their victims are in the rest of Egypt, Syria, Sudan, .etc. Why do you think those expatriates Doctors, Engineers, Scientists left Egypt, Syria and Lebanon to work in UK, US Canada and the likes? Believe me the corrupt leaders and system thieves in the Arab world would love to hear simple minded citizen like you to govern.. ask little and do as they say. No I'm not ex lebanese ..LOL

  13. @Snoby , Lebanon is another thing with structure , it is difficult to compare with Singapore , check its history and you will know it is another yes there are drug trafficking and money laundry , just like in Israel and in Turkey , the conflict in Lebanon is not economic , it is political strategic one from the first degree , Lebanon is the playground of international forces since the 1950s due to its location ,due to its different religious sects
    it will be unfair to the Lebanon and the Lebanese people to considered some arms dealing , drug trafficking and money laundry game ,it is greater than this

    @N.American Princess , I miss UAE , I forget their ads all day and night but as you said these countries got its own people and do not care ,still I can't stop myself because I know they are helping other Muslims in other areas in the world ,so why they forgot those poor people , at least they can alert the UN and UNCHR

    if we are going to depend on the west to get our rights back then we should pray that we have oil in our land , but we do not like many other countries in the world and so we have depend on ourselves , by the way Burma got oil but it is under the control of the Generals and the western companies

    @anonymous , I do not like people who make fun from other people in my blog especially if those other people are my friends
    another thing if we are going to follow your advice then there will be change to our miserable situation ,if we are going to invest our sources wisely !!


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