Sunday, December 30, 2007

And yes the Egyptian will be always the Egyptian

I read this in one of the Royalist groups in the facebook

i happen to live outside of Egypt and as u all know that Egyptians have a very bad reputation outside of Egypt of how impolite , bad educated we are , and the most famous word is ( el masry 7ayefdal masry ) and that always kill me when i try to defend my self , my people and my country to someone who doesn't deserve and people from countries that i know for sure that if we stayed the same Egypt of before we should have been there masters now , but helassssss.
what killed me the most is this story:
a friend of mine from Tunis was always making fun of me cause during Ramadan i was so attached to the King Farouk tv series and i never used to go out just to watch , and that till now I'm still watching it if i accidentally find it on a channel , and the groups I joined about the royal family and king Farouk , till that dayyyyyyyy. few days a go she watched the pictures on both groups ( the house of Mohammed aly and the royal family of the kingdom of egypt) and she was extremely shocked , she told me : woooooooooooowwwwwwwww how come u had such a great country with such a great people , ur country was even better that Europe , seriously 7aram 3aleiko what u did to ur country , u should have been one of the best countries in the world now , begad 7aram 3aleikooooooo.

The words "El-Masry 7ayefdal El-Masry " means that the Egyptian will remain an Egyptian and the lady who wrote this is living in U.A.E

And this was my answer because this I was angry and irritated when I read this :

Yes the Egyptian will remain an Egyptian ,and I am proud of that and I am proud of being an Egyptian ,and if anyone thinks this is an insult then please he or she must return back his or her passport so he or she will not be considered from the impolite or rude bad educated third world country Egyptians !! 

From the things I like in the time of President Nasser and Sadaat that no one dared in the Arab world to say anything against us

I am sorry if I seem aggressive but this is so provoking

All Curses on the Egyptians ,those Egyptians who built the Gulf from workers , teachers, engineers,doctors ,even army officers and law makers !!

All Curses on the Egyptians who are patients more like any other people in the world !!

My dear friend with my all respect I have got many Tunisian Friends  who do not need to see to a TV series in the TV to know how great Egypt was or is because with my all respect Egypt greatness' did not stop or die because of the end of the monarchy or because of the revolution or coup or what you want to like than you are 100% mistaken

Egypt did not die after the declaration of the republic

If you want to mourn ,mourn away from us , we do not need anymore mourning , the same old thing that sends us to hell crying on the far away past cursing our present and forgetting about the future

The greatness of Egypt did not and will not be stopped because of some ruler and with my all respect Egypt had seen even much worse days than the last 25 years , please check back the history beyond the Mohammed Ali Dynasty and you will know what I mean about


This is what I wrote and till now I feel angry


  1. Dear Zeinab,

    I am one of the people who responded to that posting on facebook. I really like your response but I have a few points to make;

    If they did not dare to say anything about Egypt in the times of Nasser and Sadat, then they did not say it out of fear, not out of the fact that those feelings did not exist.

    They did not say those things back then because - as you pointed out- they needed "those Egyptians who built the Gulf from workers , teachers, engineers,doctors ,even army officers and law makers". Once they stopped needing us, they started saying whatever they said. It is in the very nature of many human beings to start to show that they are better off, or undermine others, once they have the means to become better, or have become in fact better. Maybe they want to forget that a big part of their development was contributed to by Egyptian expertise. If they forget, then people like us are there to remind them.

    They want to feel Great, if not the greatest in the region. It is impossible, however, to erase the history of Egypt as you are well aware, so let them say whatever they want, let those who want to mourn to mourn if this is what they want; you do not need mourners to uplift the country and work hard towards its prosperity.

    Have a good day, and please, do not feel angry.

  2. Zeinobia,

    You are very intelligent indeed! One has to admit, your coherent rational all encompassing, fact based analysis of the current affairs, is quite spectacular, to say the least. You dissect all the constituents of the issue at hand and come out with new readings of the languages used.

    On the other hand, sometimes I find that the topics you choose are intertesting.

    Best regards

  3. There's a group on Flickr dedicated to Egytian Royalty. You'll find remarkable documents there on Egypt's glorious Monarchy.

  4. Zeinobia....
    why don't you paint your ass in the 3 colors of the egyptian flag & march naked in the street?

    just to express your sheer nationalism

  5. @Dear Ayah,thanks alot for your response here and there in the face book , people like you make me feel that I am not alone and I am not wrong
    I agree with you with 100% , it is the fear and the fact that they needed us then
    Also let´ put in our mind that now our regime does not have any respect to us and so it is expected that others won´ have respect to us in the same way
    thanks Ayah and have a good day and happy new year insh Allah

    @Sam, thanks so much forwhat you said and happy new year

    @Mrs.Dynamite, thanks I do not deserve this folks I just said what I felt and think

    @Radical Royalist, thanks for the link , I know it already because I am an admin there :)

    @loudlaughter,why do not just shut up ??!!

  6. With people like you, I will be proud of Egypt. Egyptions have refused to normalise relations with Israel after over 30 years of the Sadat peace. Egyptions are very patriotic and things will improve in 2008. The Neocons in the US are losing their position and it will hopefuly be a better year.

    Would it be o.k. for me to put your link on "my favorite blog's" list?

    Happy New Year
    Izzat Sajdi

  7. Yes, when my brothers visited the Gulf they said that Egyptians were only treated one step above the "dreaded" Indians and South East Asians. They were disgusted by it as in the WEST Egyptians are very well respected and most are extremely well educated and contributing members of society.

    Gulf Arabs are racists. Always have been always will be. Don't forget Arabia was a land of SLAVERY
    before the Prophet(pbuh).

    So they forgot that they used to herd camels and live in tents in the desert without plumbing. The oil money and as you said the Egyptian education, expertise and professionals helped build this region. Now they are busy kissing others butts instead because their arrogance has superceded them.

    History is alive and well for those who care to read and obviously there will be ignorance out there. But good for you that you said what you did. I love your patriotism!

    Here in the West everybody loves Egyptians. Now the Lebanese...that's another

  8. @Izzat,thanks for the sweet words , surely you can ,I am proud that I am among your favorite bloggers, thanks for the add :)
    and Happy new year to you

    @N.American Princess , yes they seem so racist ,it is enough to see the kind of news they like to publish in their newspapers and magazines about Egypt e.g "a mad woman kills her husband" , "a father rapes her daughter" ..etc as if the 77 million Egyptians were all crazy bastard
    another example a relative of mine lives in America all his life , he found an opportunity to work in KSA , he thought it will be great as it is Muslim country and he is a Muslim , yet he was surprised to find that took the American doctors for higher salary than him ,why because he is originally Egyptian despite all his life he is in the States , took his degree from there and has successful career mash Allah till now , as he said that there was no difference between him and the American doctor except his Egyptian origin , of course our relative did not go because he thought if that was the start what else would happen , not to mention the warnings of other Egyptians who had past experience there !!
    and yes the Lebanese are another story

  9. About gulf people and Egyptians.

    The genralisations made by the the princess here are unsustainable. Gulf Arabs arewjust like Egyptians in the esense that they have among them the good, the bad, the kind, the brave,the coward, the hypocrite. In this regard, remeber that many Egyptians are also racist with gulf Arabs and say all sorts of bad things about them.

    I can tell you thóusands of stroies about Egyptians who hold high posts in Saudi Arabia anfd who feel quite at home. This sort of propaganda serves no one but our common enemy-Iran which is working its best to dismantle the Arab world stareting by Iraq where it is kiling secuklars, Arabs, scientists, sunnis and shiites alike. Their staregy for the Arab world is to spread their medival ignorant retarded ideologies. That is because Iranians along with Israelians and colonilas have one enemy which is wel integrated enlightened and progressive Arab world. Iraq is the example here.

  10. Marhaba .... Your site is now on my favourite list.

    Best wishes
    Izzat Sajdi

  11. @Izzat, thanks for the add my dear sir


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