Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bird Flu map in Egypt

Here is the map of the Bird flu in 2006/07 in Egypt ,it is very interesting

As you see Delta suffered a lot along with Cairo , Alexandria was away from the problem ,Upper Egypt did not suffer like the Delta but still had its share from the Flu that destroyed our Poultry industry totally turnig us from exporters to importers :(

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Just for your information Egypt is the only country in Africa and the middle east that suffered a lot from the disease economically and humanly


  1. Hi Zeinobia

    Nice blog and a good posting with the map of bird flu in Egypt.

    Please keep an eye on any more of the bird flu ouitbreaks in your area.

    I found you in

  2. @birdflunewsflash,thanks , insh Allah I will keep my eye on the outbreaks ,already I am doing so since it came to Egypt

  3. Do you eat any poultry?

    I think it's very sad that they couldn't contain this disease in Egypt.

    From what I understand too many people raise chickens privately and it's mostly the poor or farmers that die or are infected.

    Seems like most cases are in the Delta.

  4. @anonymous,yes I do , the imported available tastless white chicken :(
    you are correct about the problem in Egypt , you see in Delta where the most cases took place most people raise poultry in the houses and they do not raise them according to the known health standards , they let them walk in the house ,in the yards ,then they gather them to put in the cages and this is a daily routine , this is the rule in the whole country side whether in Delta or Upper Egypt
    Normally the poor people do not listen to the government because they consider their poultry as a fortunre , an investment that can help them to earn their living,they sell the poultry , they sell the eggs..etc , so convincing them with the health hazards can be hard
    Education plays an important factor
    also the trust in the government , people do not trust the government easily in Egypt
    and that's why we could not get rid from it in the last couple of years and in the future


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