Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A blast of its kind in Lebanon

Surely this is the first blast from its kind in Lebanon judging the target in it  who was Brig. Gen. François Hajj ,the commander of operations in the Lebanese army and one of the top candidate to take over the 78409437 commander of the Lebanese army after the electing Michel Soliman as the President

The man and other 5 persons were killed in an explosive car ,it exploded through a remote control when Hajj passed by his military SUV

The explosion took place near the Presidential Palace in Baaba, in a busy street ,already beside the presidential palace ,it is the area where there are several international organization and Embassies

It is the first time in Lebanon that the target is from the army , already the army is regarded as a  neutral institute in Lebanon and it is Men somehow managed to stay away from the sectarian wars and conflicts in the troubled country

It is only the target that is  special or unique,it is also the timing , we 78409453 are just from few days from choosing Soliman as the President . Not only Lebanon is going to have a president but also may be it will have at last a new prime minister , the thing which I will dedicate another post for ,in few words there will be some time of Peace the troubled nation will have before the Eid ,before the Christmas and before the new year .

The timing is interesting , the target is more interesting , the location also should not be omitted from the mind

Already you bear in your mind that this is a well guarded district in Eastern Beirut ,  due to the important buildings in it , also you must bear in your mind that the Lebanese army is the one that is Charge of Lebanon instead of the President , there is an emergency status now

Who did it ??

Well logically I will not jump in to the anti-Syrian wagon and Say "Syria" because till now Syria is having an excellent relation with the Lebanese army and its men and during the Nahr Bard Campaign many people ignored the fact that Syria gave to the Lebanese army a huge logistic and military aids more than the United States

May be someone who does not the elections to take place to be postponed more and more 78409845

May be someone who want to get his revenge

e from Hajj himself oh  yes , do not omit vendettas here because it turned out that Hajj was the responsible commander in Charge of Nahr El-Bard Campaign

Do not forget that it is said that the Leader of "Fatah El-Islam" Shaker El-Abbasi is still alive

Anyhow this is just another day in troubled Lebanon , ironically today is the second anniversary for late MP and journalist Gobran Twainy !!

If you want to see more pictures click on the slide show :

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  1. Ironic !
    If we are not going to jump into Anti-Syrian wagon, so it is a friction among local lebanon trenches

    The latest stone to shatter the lebanese people mirror image as arabs "most liberal" culture.
    the carnage amongst lebanon (Tribal Cultures) can rise into unexpected climax, one can't forget that lebanese are the only arab people who fought one another for 15 goddamn bitter years for ultimately no puropse at all.

    It is lebanon eternal curse that only way to gain power, money and influence in lebanon is to sell your soul to serve foreign affairs, there is no way to gain any influence in lebanon "tribal culture" depending on local resources

    I am laughting loudly, i don't know exactly why?!, sick is not it ;)

  2. @loud laughter , some laughs are just like loud cries , in fact this is based on old poem written about Egypt ironically in the middle ages
    about Lebanon , you described it right ,the sectarian nature of Lebanon and also its geography made it cursed by a sectarian tribal system ,even tribes are connected on some level
    their war reminds me with the wars in Arabia in the pre-Islamic era
    Lebanon won't be saved except when all those princes of war die and a new class of leader who only cares about Lebanon comes out
    of course there is more hope that we in Egypt will have democracy one day than this to take place

  3. as an egyptian chronicler, what makes you interested in Lebanon events or trial in UAE?
    why you were not equally interested in events in Algeria

  4. I am curious. I noticed that most Egyptians love Lebanese. They love love love their women. I keep hearing about how much more attractive and even tempered the women are. They love their joie du vivre. They love their character. In Egypt, all I ever heard was how wonderful the Lebanese people were.

    Can you explain where their recent infatuation with the Lebanese comes from? Wasn't Egypt the center of the Arab universe?

    Yes loud laughter is right. Kind of a joke how they propulgate Lebanon as a democracy in Western media when it's just another tribal Arab nation with more factions than words in George Bush's vocabulary. LOL

  5. @anonymous, who told you that I am not interested in what is happening in Algeria ?? not posting about the terrible terrorist act and the Sarko's visit do not mean that I do not care about it , may be on that day I did not have a time to cover all what is going on in the Arab world
    about being an Egyptian chronicler , well I am blogger and I write what ever I like :)

    @anonymous 2, Egypt is still the center of the Arab universe , you want an evidence , the Lebanese actresses and singers believe their real success certificate must be signed by the Egyptians
    it is not only Egyptians who like the Lebanese but also the whole Arab world , I like the Lebanese people because they are friendly and they like Egypt too
    it is not a competition on how more popular but I describe Egypt like UK and Lebanon like France without rivalry or hate or wars
    buddy this is a very old relation between the two countries , the wood that was used to transfer the stones to build the pyramdis was from Lebanon , Isis found Osirs on the Shores of Sideon :)

  6. Zeinobia,

    Lebanese do not really love anybody but Lebanese. And even then, they mostly do not love each other. Trust me, I'm Lebanese and I know my people well. Sure they will watch your tv serials etc. but they will always love their own best.

    But it's about the numbers.80 million plus consumers that are Egyptian plus Egypt is the Hollywood of the Middle East despite Syria and the Gulf's attempts to infiltrate the market and produce big film festivals with their petrodollars.

    Singers like Elissa, Wael Kfoury, Marwa, Nancy etc. know that they can make bigger bucks in Egypt than anywhere else. It's all about the money and we lebanese are merchants before anything else.

    Fyi don't sound so defensive it isn't becoming of you. We all know that there are more problems in the Middle East than there are bloggers to cover them.

  7. @the Lebanese anonymous, first of all I must say that I admire your honesty ,still there are some Lebanese I know on whom I based my judgement ,their love to Egypt makes feel that we still have some admirers in that world , of course they are more attached to the Past EGypt just like me not the Present Egypt
    anyhow you are right about the Lebanese singers but it is not also about the money ,it is about the spread , 80 million people who really can infleunce the opinions of the rest Arabs ,the big bucks are now in the Gulf , with my all respect now it became a rule that the singer must sing in Gulf accent ,strangely enough Wadi El-Safy did not sing in Gulf accent as far as I remember
    anyhow the first anonymous was speaking about the center of the Arab world and the difference of Lebanon and EGypt and what it makes the Egyptians like the Lebanese...etc


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