Wednesday, December 12, 2007

15 years for the rapists of the French teenager in Dubai

Of course you remember this controversial case that nearly caused a problem between France and UAE

Today the Egyptian Judge "Fahmi Mounir" in the case said his verdict against the two accused Emirati adults in the case

The verdict was 15 years in jail for each man

I am surprised from the verdict actually because according to the 78409270 Emirati law the maximum penalty is execution and already one of the two men has HIV ,AIDS , that's right he could transferred the disease to Alex , not only Alex but to other young men , as it turned to be that there were other victims too ,so here we got a murder too ,he could kill others

I am surprised because a conservative society like the Emirati ,or at least this is what I know about the Emirati people ,they do not accept such practices at least in Public , I mean all the comments I read in the Arabic Websites from the People there you will notice that they demanded the execution of those rapists as the Islamic Sharia says

15 years !!?? 78409200

Of course Veronica did not comment officially till now on the verdict

The third accused man is a minor and he is going to stand in front of a special court for minors and already this bastard is accused in another rape case !!!!!!!!!!!!

العربية نت - 15 عاما سجنا لإماراتيين أدينا باغتصاب فتى فرنسي

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  1. they will spend a couple of years in prison, then will be released for some freaky justification

    -Resumption of trial based on new evidence, refabrication or review of technical aspects of trial
    -health conditions (the favorite), they are exported to health fascility some where in Asia or Eastern Europe, then continue their life under new ID at their relatives in neighbouring country like Oman, Qatar or KSA

    This is the maximum justice you can get in Nomad Community, an expatriate life would never worth an equal country-man

    some one tell that frenche lady that she caused enough headache to every one...

  2. The Emiratis get a different sort of justice than the expats do. They also get different and better jails, from what I've heard. There are separate jails for the expats and for the Emiratis, and the jails for expats are not pretty.

    The last execution, if I recall correctly, was when I was living in the Emirates, possibly 1997, when two Emiratis were literally hung out to dry (crucified) for a day, and if they didn't die by the end of the day, they faced a firing squad the following day.

    I was told, I could go throw tomatoes, etc at them while they were out on the town (Al Ain) center hanging from a cross. These two Emiratis were a gang of 5 (?) who would kidnap money carriers on their way from Abu Dhabi to Dubai (before the new highway) and take them out to the desert and leave them to die. It was in the international news, so possibly the UAE has decided on leniency in their judgments. Let me add that this is a country where you get AT LEAST 4 years in jail for even a tiny bit of drug possession; where you can be arrested for being drunk (taxi drivers are paid by the police upon delivery), where the laws are very ambiguous when it comes to expat life.

    All I can say is, at least they did not charge the boy with homosexuality (unlawful.) I sincerely doubt that this young man (victim) will ever be able to set foot in the Emirates again.

    More on the crucifixion here:,+united+arab+emirates&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=4&gl=us&client=safari

  3. @loud laugh,unfortunately may be this is what is going to happen :( ,it is not about a nomad community , on the contrary the nomad community is very sensitive to the issues concerning sex and honour ,at least judging from nomad communities in Egypt , it is about the values of these communities now ,the Gulf communities thanks to the huge money had changed their values and norms to the worse :(
    that French lady I respected so much because it opened a taboo someone had to speak about it loudly

    @Vagabond ,they got the most luxury jails for sure and this is why I find this penalty is very moderate
    may be as you said they stop their execution penalty after that incident you referred to , do not forget UAE at that time and also now is trying to attract investors from all over the world , this is bad for its international publicity
    the boy as i read will not return back to UAE , the homosexuality seemed to be dropped thanks to the French pressure , and this sad because here they changed the tune only when Sarko got involved
    what I feel sad is that this Kid can get AIDS and die before the 15 years finish this is murder

  4. Maybe the judge is gay.

    Maybe the Emirs are gay.

    But there is something very odd about this. True, lots of homosexuals in the UAE, both men and women. It's rampant with them. I was in Dubai and Zeinobia you would never know this was a muslim country. Frankly, you don't find open brothels full of asian and russians in NYC. This is the sodom and gomorrah of the Middle East so it's not surprising.

    You are right. Arab and Muslim tradition and culture does not tolerate homosexuality so it's more than a little interesting that these people will be out and about raping more men in a few years.

    High profile case and the government didn't bend to any pressure to execute them. Wonder why?

  5. @anonymous ,you are right , I know that ,it is enough to know that the City considered by the UN and human rights watch as a hot spot for sex trade with its kinds , not to mention the friends and relatives who went there and shocked
    the question is why this huge change took place ,is it the money ?? is it being opened to the outside world so much ?? is it being closed for so long ??
    the transition from a tribal system to a modern city thing :(
    the government did not execut them simply because it is a modern and respects human rights and that's why they do not include execution , got it this is the price :(


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