Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Candidates: Then and Now

Ok this is something you do not expect to see in TMZ , these are not photos from Britney or Paris but photos for Hilary,Barack,Ron,Mike,Rudy and the rest of the candidates in the American Presidential Race 2008 from both parties 

The Candidates: Then and Now « Photo Gallery

They are not bad but I do not like who they showed Ron Paul , anyhow it is not a surprise TMZ used to make fun from him from time to time , after all it is AOL website in the end of the day

Ron Paul is attacked and underestimated constantly in the official American media despite his big popularity on the web ,what is known Ron Paul 2.0 just like Web 2.0 . Already the man has very daring thoughts but he has no chance in real life with all those hawks and business moguls and Lobbies working behind the curtains to ensure that the Oval office is occupied with a man that can keep their interests alive ,a puppet they can move as they want . Still his popularity is scaring many

Anyhow just watch the photos and tell me what you think

by the way Hilary looked like a nerd hippy

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