Saturday, January 19, 2008

Google blocks Kefaya Official Website in its search results

You read it correctly if you try to search for the Egyptian Movement for Change a.k.a Kefaya in Arabic or in English in Google , you will not find its official main website in the results whether in Arabic or in English now !!

Well it seems that Kefaya became like the Chinese opposition Websites. Blocked from its search results. The Egyptian Regime must have hand in this , for sure.

This comes after the attempt to block Wael Abbas' account on Youtube , after the worldwide campaign that forced Youtube administration to restore his account and his videos , by the way most of you know that Youtube is owned by Google too !!

By the way Wael did a nice experiment and tried to compare between the Google search results and Yahoo search results to see if it is true , as the news came to him from the Kefaya member Gimmy Hood. It seems that it has no official existence in Google but it is there in yahoo

Kefaya is listed fine in the Live search too 

Now where is the so called Freedom of expression !!??

Just spread the news


  1. You do know that blogspot is also owned by google :)

    I for one, LOVE google, but I have to say one thing... I don't trust them! And my trust level is going down by the minute ... Just wait and see

  2. Yes surely I know that Qwaider , but google is not fool to block the blogs itself on blogspot, anyhow I do not trust them or trust any other company like Yahoo or Microsoft , they all care for their interests

  3. There is a site called, which I was able to search and access here in the States. Perhaps the search is being stopped by a proxy in Egypt, which is how they do it in the UAE (by search terms, labels, etc.) For instance, about ten years ago someone wrote in to The Gulf News complaining about not being able to access a recipe he searched for called "saucy chicken". Apparently, "saucy" is a UAE proxy server code word for "sex."

  4. @Vagabond, no it is not a Kefaya blog , here is a question according to what you say this banning can be in Egypt only , but can find the official website of Kefaya in the google results itself , because if you do not , it will be more than a proxy thing in Egypt , it will be a Google thing

  5. So what's the official site of "kefaya" ??
    If anyone knows it, could you please post it?


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