Egyptian Chronicles: The lobby of Garbage collectors

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The lobby of Garbage collectors

It turned out there is a very strong lobby in Egypt that can influence the Governmental decisions in the same way the Jewish lobby influence the decision making in D.C , this is lobby is the lobby of the Garbage collectors !!!
Do not get confused ,I am not here talking about the Garbage public companies whose workers are always begging ,I am speaking about the other Garbage collectors and Do not be surprised because you may  think how the Garbage collectors who are considered from the very low classes in Egypt form a powerful lobby .
The Garbage collection in Egypt is from the most profitable businesses, the big tycoons fortunes in it exceed the millions ,after all there are no taxes in it , a secret world for a very forgotten segment.
How powerful is that this lobby ?? well , you only have to know that in the 1st of March 2007 the Prime minister made a decision to ban all Pigs farms in Egypt and close the existence ones since that date .
Till now this decision was not implemented despite according the law it should be implemented by the police force .
According to several sources the Garbage collectors lobby ignored this decision completely and used its ways to make forgettable decision.
I know here you will be lost what is the relation between the Pigs' farms and the Garbage collectors .
Well you have to know the major use of Pigs in Egypt is to eat garbage , they are not raised for food , but to eat garbage in the garbage dumps , already they are raised in farms as you know like in the rest of the world ,but they are raised in the garbage dumps , they do not have any medical or health Vet. follow up service , they do not get vaccines .
To be honest the only Governor who tried to implemented the prime minister's  decision but in vain was Adli Hussein , the Governor of the Qalyubia, already when the authorities started its campaign against the Pigs farms in the Governorate which is the main producer of poultry and chicken in Egypt ,the pigs raisers hurried to the media screaming about  the bad governor and government ,despite what Hussein tried to do was the correct one , now his Governorate is facing a health and economic catastrophe and it is threatening both Cairo and Giza .
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  1. If you have never tasted Egyptian pork (or at least sold in Cairo), then don't! They say, "You are what you eat" and the pork tastes like garbage (I could use another word, but I know that offends some people). There's a fascinating tourist video on YouTube available (I think you can find it using "Coptic garbage collectors") showing someone literally dumping garbage down the back of a 4 story apartment complex, onto the pig pen. It's shocking and incredibly disgusting. We now bring all of our pork back from the US. I know it's haram, but I'm Christian, and I dare say, it should be banned the way they raise the pork in Cairo. Let me add though, that the beef in Baku, Azerbaijan was just as foul, but the pork was raised on special farms, and was absolutely delicious! Strange, but true (because AZ is mainly an Islamic country.)

  2. @Vagabond , well I am not surprised with all the garbage the pigs eat mainly and only in Egypt , just smell their smell in the Mahawer area , it is more than terrible
    Already I am not surprised too in the difference between the porks in Baku and in Egypt as you said they are raised on special farms , and even if they are not special at least they are farms not garbage dumpsters !!

  3. In Brazil pork meat is very appreciated and even exported to the first world country! Well I am not crazy for this type of meat because we have a large variety of food and meat from other animals! However I would not eat and recommend Egyptian’s pork meat due to this system of feeding the animals with garbage and filthy! I totally agree with Egyptian government in banning the sales of pork however how the government will deal with the garbage dumped on the streets? I haven’t been to Egypt but I am sure I will go near future and I want to see the country prosperous, clean and beautiful as depicted most in history books and travel catalogues!


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