Saturday, January 26, 2008

RIP Aziz Sadky ,the father of Egyptian industry

I do not know why we always remember the people when they die !!??

Ok this is surprising for me despite his old age , Aziz Sadky the former Prime minister had passed away in Paris yesterday at George Pompidou Hospital . He was 88 years old yet he was one of the most e52e7e5eee10 active opponent to the Mubarak Regime publicly.

Aziz Sadky served in the cabinet during both President Nasser and Sadat rule starting as minister of Industry from year "1956" and ending as a Prime minister in  year"1972" then assistant to the President . He was called "The Father of the Egyptian Industry" as during his time in the ministry in 1960s Egypt saw a great development in industry , every year news factories in different heavy industries were opened ,during his time Egypt moved from a transitional economy in to a real industrialized one.

I feel so sad .

Dr.Sadky was born in 1920 , and he was graduate from the faculty of Engineering ,Cairo University in 1944, he took his PHD degree from Harvard university in 1945.

For me Aziz Sadky was one of the most important opponents during that time.

He was against the regime and its business men government , he was against the Privatisation of public factories  and exposed the corruption in the Privatisation of these public factories publicly. He was totally against the inheritance of rule in Egypt . He used to be hard critic

Dr.Sadky headed The Patriot Front for democracy and lately he joined Kafya and there was suggestion in the movement to choose as as a coordinator after Dr.El-Miesry .

I do not consider him as a Nasserite and he never called himself one , on the contrary ,he was a real respectable man who loved his country and wanted to serve it till the end of his life in all possible ways

Here are the Positions of Dr.Sadky as Egyptian Official :

  • A minister for industry in year 1955.
  • A deputy for the Prime minister for industry and mineral wealth in year 1965.
  • The President's advisor for the Productions issues in year 1966.
  • The minister of industry and mineral wealth in year 1968.
  • A member in the nation Council in year 1969 "The assembly then" .
  • A member in the high council of civil defense in year 1970.
  • A member in the high council for the war Preparation in year 1972.
  • A prime minister in year 1972.
  • The President assistant in year 1973.

May Allah bless his soul.

Please read the Fataha on his soul if you are Muslim and if you are not a Muslim then please remember him in your prayer


  1. Let me congratulate you on this post as well as on your blog. Your posts are up-to-date and very informative. Keep the good work going.

  2. @Noblese , you welcome , this is nothing , I feel that I owe it to this noble man May Allah bless his soul despite I do not know him personally
    He gave a lot to the country and his stand against Mubarak in his last years was impressive


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