Friday, January 25, 2008

The title says other thing

 Egypt moves to control Gaza - Israel News, Ynetnews

Surely you are shocked as me as soon as you read the title from the famous Israeli right wing newspaper but when you read the news itself ,you will know that Egypt does not move to control Gaza , it only moves to control the borders but does not move or even want to control Gaza.

I do not know if this is An Israeli wish that we go back to Gaza to control it like Pre-1967 or what ??

I agree on the Pre-1967 conditions as long as the Israelis do the same thing and leave the Territories they took in 1967 Day dreaming



  1. *...and leave the Territories they [the Israelis] took in 1967.*

    Why were they taken? How did that happen and why?

  2. I can't even remotely imagine Egypt getting involved in the mess that is Gaza.

    The Egyptian government will continue to sit on the fence until Israel allows it to put more troops on the border. And since that isn't likely to happen, the impasse and disaster that is Gaza.

    Egypt has enough of its own problems without having to worry about the Palestinians. Rising inflation, unemployment, rising rent, pollution, bird flu, pig flu. Simply read your blog. I can assure you that it is highly unlikely that Palestinians would care so much if the situation was reversed. Even those who have lived in Egypt for years and have Egyptian citizenship still claim to be Palestinian. Remember the days when Arabs crossed borders and boundaries without anyone really caring.

    The Palestinians will have to resolve their own issues with Israel and within their own race. Neither Saudi nor Egypt nor any of the other useless arab nations can fix their mess for them. Maybe they shouldn't have sold the bulk of their land. Frankly I don't even think it's in their own interests to resolve this. Too many parties are profitting from this nonsense.

    I wonder if this land is really Holy or in fact if it is cursed.

  3. Zenobia,

    I'm always heartened when I read blogs by thoughtful articulate Arab yourself. I think you and women like you, are the hope of the Middle East, and indeed, the world.

    Head up, dear heart. Please don't sound so world weary and sad.

  4. Wow.. If egyptian during Nasser and sadat time had the clear head like Anon is displaying the ME and Paestinian problem would have been at much much better stage right now. We lost land in a war then we gained some and signed a peace treaty. We should have acted clearly and efficiently that way. On the contrary, to the outside super powers we acted that way, inside Egypt and the Arab world we acted in a fake drama as if Israel and egypt still at War.egypt should have acted like Germany and Japan post WWII, they focussed completely on building up and mitigate the miseries of the war. look at them now ..!! I am sure this comment will upset alot including Zeinobia, but I have to express it and may be few will agree with me.

  5. @Sean, do not you know the Six days war ??
    Why they were taken , well to fulfill the dear of the Grand Israel , the Holy land dream not only for the Israelis but the Jews

    @Anonymous, Gaza again is considered a national security to Egypt , just like Cuba to America , this is an external problem to Egypt that it can't ignore because of its inner problems , the external level and the internal level problems must be solved otherwise what you will fail in everything
    I wish it was so easy like you are saying "The Palestinians will have to resolve their own issues with Israel and within their own race"
    and yes this is land is holy not cursed

    @anonymous#2,thanks dear

    @Ohio , just to remind one thing Nasser came and Gaza was under our control so whether he like it or not he had to deal with it and the fact that Israel wants to get back its so-called Bibilical land !! about Japan and Germany I do not know if you notice or know that both Japan and Germany were invaded , Germany for decades was two countries
    and more important those two countries after the WWII did not go with wars and please do not tell the Palestinians were the reason in this war too

  6. @Anon, I beieve it's cursed only by the zionist agenda, other wise dead on.

    Please don't think the middle east has been at war for the last 2000 years. Or the holy land has had Arabs and jews fighting forever. You sound intelligent so I will leave the reasearch to you or god willing I finish my documentary.

    @Ohio, I hear what you're saying. I think every egyptian would have liked to see their hard work and devotion since '52 reap some rewards, for everyone. Unfortuantely the opportunities so far have been squandered and /or mishandled. The private endeavors of many people I know are shot down like claymores with no after-thought, regardless of their scientific, engineering or Social merits.

    Vaguely related, I mean vaguely....As one U.S. writer noted today in a forum, "...damn illegals have more gumption than us!" when referring to standing up to the the government. Well, I thought it was funny.

  7. Re, Zeinobia & Sam;
    The Palestinians during pre and during Nasser time when Gaza was under Egypt's control they had much better living standard than tody, more students freely studied in Egyptian universities,more literacy standard. How did we help them by elevating the conflict to wars driving everyone's standard down the drain and keep talking political black&white right and wrong ? The German and Japanese woke up after the WWII and established their priorities straight. you know what! they (particularly the Japanese) already achied more of their goals for going to WWII under the present political environment. They don't worship the US but they set their priorities straight.

  8. @Ohio ,let's remember something very important before 1967 there was no PLO , was no other groups ,the poverty came by nature with the occupation ,you forgot the Israeli occupation from your equation and its influence for decades on the situation
    about Germany and Japan , first of all let's put something straight , I believe that if the 6 prinicples of the revolution were implemented as they should be , we would be like them , but I do not engage in such comparisons because you forgot that you have a bad enemy on your borders that is putting your river on its flag and believes that 1/3 of your land is his , not to mention the west is supporting it because some people in the west hate to see you susseceful , just like what they did to Mohammed Ali pasha , because if Egypt is up ,the whole Arab Muslim world will be up again :)

  9. Hummm…
    According to everything I've read, the Arab states (including Egypt) surrounding Israel were built up and posed for an imminent attack against the Jewish state. Lots of help and money from the Saudis and other interested parties funded this push.

    The Israelis pre empted the attack. They drove a numerically superior adversary into a rather humiliating defeat acquiring buffer territory in the process. Would the Israelis have acquired Egyptian lands if the Arabs states had left them alone? Probably not. I think it’s called spoils of war; a sad term that says nothing about the pain and anguish of the poor people caught in the middle.

    I don’t know if land will be given back. The last time territory was returned as a show of good faith, Hamas or Fatah (whichever) quickly moved in and began lobbing explosive devices into Israel. Not a smart move if you’re trying to encourage Israel that you’re going to be a peaceful neighbor. Go figure.

    In all honesty, I wonder if many of the Arab states are using Israel as a bait and switch operation. Their records on education, jobs, health care, education, rights…especially for women, are abysmal. Are Arabs being encouraged to rage and fulminate against the Jewish state so they won’t notice the mess their rulers are making of their own country?

    I’m truly sorry for the situation the Palestinians find themselves in. But when one’s neighbours are determined to kill one by any means possible, one tends to look at them as poor neighbours indeed, and to isolate them from hurting anyone else.

    When the leaders of the Palestinians can put their desire for mayhem aside and work for a better world, the walls will come down, the land will be returned, and ALL the people of the middle east can live together in peace.

  10. @anonymous , just to put things in its correct size , the Arabs did not and do not use Israel as an execuse what you are consider as a failure.
    already let's agree on something it is from the benefit of Israel that the Arab countries especially those which surround it from Syria and Egypt that they do not have any democratic regimes and we all know why .
    The palestinians won't reach to anything as long as Israel is interfering in their affairs to reach its own interest , not the Palestinian interests

  11. Zenobia, it's unrealistic to attack someone and get upset and angry when they defend themselves from you. Is this the way things work? No, of course not...unless you're a spoilt three year old, or you’re fulminating about Israelis.

    I know that Egypt has always been the brains of the Arab world as well as it's cultural centre. Most of the books published in the middle east come from publishers in your country. You have a grand tradition of thinkers and doers. Why Egypt has allowed the unthinking dogmatic, theocratic, lunatic fringe that only encourages strife and endless war to usurp this great tradition makes no since at all, at all.

  12. @Ohio - the palestinians complained about Egypt's living standards when the Israelis took over Gaza. And I too would expect the palestinians to move forward and expect their political parties to as well, they've been hobbled and kicked and lost many things. I imagine the people who REALLY were working for change and progress and palestine are deeply in need of hope, I'm sure they're there. The Palestinians do need to get their act together, without the atrocities half of Egypt is starving from what I hear from the spiraling food costs...etc.

    I note again here a sentiment I made in another post, that political parties in Arab states have long used their public as pawns, Hamas, PLO...we can't forget the U.S. and Israel? Public and Military on all sides is casually used in a stark and brutal manner.

    And any excuse is used to explain failure but why would they explain? When you and the opposition have been in power longer than half the population....

    And finally, Israel, Jews are our friends! I mean that seriously. The Koran teaches the Christians and Jews are to be respected and allowed to practice their faith. I am not a religious scholar but I read the Koran. Any book can be taken out of context as we know. But to my final point, it's small parts of Judaism, mainly Zionism which historically has a very nasty habit of doing ANYTHING to obtain the homeland of Israel. Naturally these things are used to demonize Israel. Naturally it's pissed many people before and will continue to do so until it changes it's ways. Many have said and continue to say Israel is it's worst friend. We have to realize nobody has clean hands in this affair of the last 150 Yrs or so conflict.

    Thanks for listening.

  13. @anonymous, I did not attack one , I am just replying on his comment ,I did not cross any line and I think I have the right to express what I think about what he said

    @Sam , No body spoke about Judism here our problem is Zionism and unfortunately Zionism is using Judism as a means , can we please put the religion away because Israel can't be our friend when they are killing our brothers and sisters whether they are Muslims or Christians

  14. Zenobia, I wasn't talking about you. You're nothing but a Lady in every way...and quite a smart one at that!

    My point was that many times in the Middle Eastern press I see anger and disbelief when the attacked one defends itself. It’s like some people expect the object of Arab anger to not fight back and throw up it's hands in surrender when faced with their fury. I've seen this point of view over and over, and it amazes me.

  15. Hi Z, if you read my comment you'll find we agree.

  16. You are a college/university student. You registered for a credit in say “ Mathematics/Calculus”. You prepared yourself (or not) in what you thought is adequate, now the Prof. decided to give a short notice for a test., then you failed miserably in the test. Who and what do you blame? Initially, emotion will guide you to blame the professor, then the subject matter, then you have to face the reality, what next? If you continue along that road you are bound to fail. The only wise options are: a) to change the course, or b) to change your attitude and approach in preparing for the course. This is a very simplistic model to what the Egyptian /Arab world did and still doing re; the course called “Palestinian and Palestine”. We can continue pointing fingers at others, or look at ourselves, mitigate our weaknesses, work hard to excel in our approaches then highlight existing issues with our neighbors and negotiate settlements or examine the pros and cons of a fight. For example, don’t you think Argentine has rights for the Falklands? Is going to war with the UK helped? Is continuing going to war will help? Are their other options?. BTW you can win a fight and loose the ultimate results of the war by going to bankrupts and loose your economic independence. Just a few words in my brain.


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