Friday, January 25, 2008

The Language of Numbers : The Gazans in Rafah

OK here are very interesting numbers the press and the UN published yesterday regarding the situation in Gaza and Rafah

  • The Population of Gaza is 1.5 million  people .
  • 700,000 from the 1.5 million have crossed the borders to Egypt till now.
  • 12 Million L.E the Gazans spent in Rafah and in Al-Arish in the last 24 hours
  • The greedy merchants of Rafah and Al-Arish tripled the prices of 79205688 goods !! Still the Gazans are paying.
  • The Chalets and rooms in Rafah were all booked by the Gazans that the Egyptian and foreign reporters had to sleep in their cars in the last 48 hours.
  • Ismail Hania order for a bounce to the employees so they go to Egypt and buy supplies.
  • Every thing in the two cities Rafah and Gaza was being bought , everything you can imagine from cloths to sheep to food even the potato ships and candy , everything you can imagine it.
  • The Way to Cairo was secured yesterday so they will stop any advance to Cairo.
  • Egypt has started to re-control the borders "I highly doubt it".
  • Some Reports are saying that Egypt has closed Al-Arish City for the Gazans.
  • Israel warned its citizens from going to Sinai now for fear of kidnapping. Gelid is enough !!??

Updates "26/1/08" :

  • The Gazans have spent in Al-Arish, Sheikh Zowaid and Rafah 1/4 billion $ in three days only.
  • The Average expenditure for the individual is 265 $
  • The deals and transactions between the Gazans and the Egyptians in the hour is estimated by One Million $
  • The percentages of expenditures is following :

                            - 39% on Food and medicine.

                             - 19% on Oil products and Tobacco.

                             - 14% on Concrete and construction materials.

                             - 7.5% on electronics , home appliances and means of transportation.

                             - 7.5% on  Clothes and shoes.

                             - 7% on transportation and communication.

                            - 6% on other stuff

This is according to the Future Research Centre in Palestine.

I am just wondering where are the rich gulf states from this agony?? why do not they send food stock and medical supplies to Rafah for free ??

Where are the red crescent associations from Egypt ,Jordan,Emirates and Bahrain !!?

It is amazing to see how silent and blind the Gulf States are.

I am ashamed from the behaviour of the merchants in Al-Arish ,they should lower the prices ,it is not a time for profit.


  1. from where the hell you bring your statistics??

    700'000 crossed the borders, you counted them your self or who did?

    i think you are sick coatic bitch, you want to yell every where on anything

  2. It is from the UN agency in Gaza , and you do not ever call me bitch again you asshole

  3. if that is true, put a link to your source, bitch

  4. @loud laughter you are indeed a sicko, seek help..

    @zeinobia, from what i have also read your Stats are right, well done your blog is speaking for the majority of the Muslims and the Egyptians, all respect to you, stay well ISA, People are very very proud of you writing this blog and you are indeed a very talented and thoughtful writer, May god make more Egyptian and Muslim women as clever as you, we need people like you.


  5. N. American Princess1/25/2008 11:24:00 PM

    I do think you should both avoid the name-calling. Loud laughter you should know better and Zeinobia...just edit his comments next time and delete what u don't like. I'm not sure what the word coatic means though.

    Trust me, if the situation was reversed the Palis would be profitting from the Egyptians.

    Right or wrong it's the way of the world.

    As for where the gulf and other states are in terms of aid. I have a theory.

    Maybe they have acquired "Palestinian Crisis Fatigue Syndrome". I know I'm sick of hearing about them and their neverending problems. It's been 60 years and they can't even agree with each other much less the Israelis. They have large segments of their population that collaborate with Israel and even their leaders are not clean. Politics is a a very dirty business. True the average man in the street doesn't benefit but maybe the average man should wake up and stop listening to the propaganda and accept that Israel is there to stay and that they should have never supported so many dishonest leaders. Honestly what did the Gazans think would happen when they voted in Hamas? That the world would welcome them with open arms? Seriously? They have to take responsibility for their decision to elect these people into power.

    I'm sure the Gulf and other nations including Egypt have donated previously only to have their goods sold. I have a relative who tells me that in Lebanon, the zabiha the Saudi government sends for free from Hajj pilgrims is then sold on the black market in Lebanon.

    It's a crazy screwed up materialistic money hungry world.

  6. Z, you should be moderating senseless chatter.

  7. OK this time without the [B] word, but i still don't get the link to the Stat source....

  8. @loudlaughter/Amr check the BBC Arabic website ya Basha

    @Anisa ,thank you so much , people like you always make me happy and force to complete writing in this blog :)

    @N.American ,there is no editing option in comment moderation in and even if there is editing , I do not have the freedom to edit what something someone is saying
    anyhow regarding the Palestinian issue , well the Merchants are Merchants and the Palestinians are not complaining
    look the Palestinians have accepted Israel as a reality and they wake up every day on this bitter reality on the sounds of blasts and the Israeli helicoptars hunting down their sons
    I am sorry N.American princess the way you are speaking about the Palestinians made me believe that this people are living in Luxury like no other and have nothing except complaining !!

  9. N. American Princess1/26/2008 07:21:00 PM

    There is a delete option. I saw ur stalker Amre leave comments on my blog. I didn't even open them 2 read them cuz I'm not interested. I just hit the delete button but you've never been called nasty names by loud laughter so I guess you had no idea. Laughter boy it ain't so funny when u get personal.

    No you misunderstand. I am well aware of the fact that there are poor miserable people in all of the occupied territories that are suffering. No question about it. I'm related to Palestinians and trust me, my inbox is full of pics of their suffering. It's depressing.

    However, at the same time, I don't know what they thought would happen when they voted for Hamas. They did this willingly and now they are paying the price unfortunately. Honestly did they think that the world would welcome this entity as a political party with open arms? I don't think they had an idea of how much worse their lives would get. In some way, despite the ugliness that is their lives, they have some responsibility for it.

    Don't you wonder what would happen if by some bizarre chance of circumstance the MB would become elected and govern Egypt? How do you think the EU, Israel, USA and the rest of the world would react?

    What do you think would happen to Egypt?


    0.25 billion Dollar in less than 72 hour, those gazaweya are really wealthy!!

    very useful statestics, with percentages of expenditure as well, hmmm....

    those BBC guys are really well informed, or may be it is the UN, or may be it is not true that 80% of gaza population living on the ICRC rations....

    all that anger for [B] word and infos credibility are ok, oh yes arabs know nothing about statistics
    or [language of figures] as Zee. names it (very bad translation - حميري)

  11. @N.American Princess, I am sorry but they have all the right to choose whoever they want in their elections , what they think best not what America and Israel think best of them , this is the real democracy
    What they were think when they chose Hamas , well they thought that Fatah are bunch of thieves and Hamas are from them
    The mistake is not the Palestinians' but it is the world who pretends to be democratic

    @loudlaughter , I call it the language of Numbers not figures and I am free to call as I want

  12. I think the palestinians should know by now they can't trust their leaders. Yes they voted Hamas democratically, and Hamas wanted to fight, not rebuild the country for it's citizens, which all political parties used as pawns for their own personal gains.

    I could go on about that, but it sure wasn't nice of Hamas gunmen to show up at our border and blow it up, not only plan it. Or point their guns at Egyptian border police, I could go on.

    My heart aches for the average palestinian who has to suffer the other atrocities which occur. But to see them buying T.V's and non-essentials such as smokes, complaining, going back to gaza because it's not beautifull in El Arish etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.....all sides are twisting the truths to manipulate their public.

  13. @Sam, did anyone give hamas an opportunity to build the country in the first place since day one !!???
    We are talking here about international siege and blockade for months and you are asking to build a country how !!??


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