Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Stop this Britney and Adnan media circus

Ok some Arab news Websites have left all what are suffering  from in the Arab and Muslim World and are concentrating on the going circus media affair between Britney Spears and that Photographer Adnan Ghalib , it was even worse when the news came saying that Spears wanted to convert to Islam and marry Ghalib who is already married despite the fact that adnan_ghalib Ghalib is not a Muslim in the first place and thus he can't marry another woman and he is still married !!

Look I feel very sad for Britney but can we please just stop talking about Religion and race because from what I see that this guy is using her to get more attention for him and for his photo agency ,already I feel very sad for Britney Spears and  sadder for her kids , all what she needs is to stay in Rehab or see a shrink that really does not care about media and fortune and wants really to help her.

And to All the those Arabs happy with achievement ,screw you and him , we got scientists and doctors in the United States who made those great discoveries  in Science and knowledge and yet we know nothing about them ,we do not their names ,we do not honour them and then we put the news of this third degree Paparazzo with this troubled lady in the front pages , shame on you ,grow up  !!!!

Anyhow I want you to watch this video for the Spears family due Jamie Lynn and her older sister "what a family !!"


  1. That clip was cute...reminds me of the one Will Farrell did called the Landlord.

    Just think, the more time the American media and public spends obsessing over Britney and Jamie Lynn, Angelina and Brad and Jen etc etc etc...the less time they have to think of the upcoming election, who to vote for and what is going on in the rest of this wonderful wild wide world.

    Same goes for the Middle East as you so aptly state. While worry about who died in Gaza or Iraq or even in your own backyard when you can worry about the Britney conversion nonsense. Sigh...time to switch the channel.

  2. boring britney (so so boring recently, she need some pshych-medication)
    boring paparazzi (a muslim palestinian 2nd generation immigrant wearin cross)
    boring media
    boring post
    boring blog

    boring boring boring

  3. @N.american , Will Farrell's landlord was much funnier " I 'm smack you"
    what you said is true , but it turned in to a public obsession ,now the people are demanding more ,just look how popular the gossip websites like Perez Hilton , the regime does not want it people to think and people got sick from that miserable world
    in the middle east Egypt was a leading here in the public diversion process , films and football !!

    @loudlaughter, but it is boring video


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