Friday, February 8, 2008

Au revoire côte d'Ivoire

Adieu la côte d'Ivoire, pour la deuxième fois

Good bye Ivory Coast for the second time

Egypt for the second time goes to the final of the African cup Ghana 2008 in one of the best football games ever

Amr Zaki and Abu Tarika


Thank you for bringing joy to the Egyptian People , you are our only source of Happiness

Good bless and protect you

To all members of the national team

Today Cairo and Giza are not going to Sleep


  1. Mabrouk ,, CONGRTUALTIONS , a Million for EGYPT and all the egyptiansa

  2. you are our only source of Happiness

    hmmm ... yeah .. i realy wonder, is this the ONLY thing that maks us happy these days?

  3. @Juplia.little, Mabrook to all of us

    @Eman M , I am afraid it is , you see people want to see their country does for a victory now even if it is a false victory , I was there in the street when we won in 2006 ,people were saying Egypt as if we won a war


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