Thursday, February 7, 2008

Free Tarek

If there is Fouad in Saudi Arabia ,there is Tarek in Syria , both are young bloggers who are detained , the only difference is that Fouad was arrested in December 2007 where as Tarek was arrested since July 2007 , yes since July 2007 till now February 2008.

Tarek Biassi was arrested in July 2007 in his home city "Tartus" for the following : criticizing the security forces ,in a comment in the forum "I am a Muslim",visiting online the opposition Websites and his father Dr. Omar Biassi is currently detained too for 20 years till now whom he did not see since 20 years ago !!


He was arrested by the military intelligence officers " I am sorry in my country ,which has its own record for hunting down the opponents , the Military intelligence does its real role , does not hunt down the civilians , this is the role of the State Security ,even in the time of President Nasser , the M.I was away from the civilian life" and being held till now in the "Palestine" Branch's detention center at Damascus, till now with no trial or charge , well he is not the first one in Syria to be in the same situation, it is a regular thing I am afraid

For those who don't know the Palestine Branch is the one of the most fearful notorious security branches not only in Syria but in the Arab world, it follows the people whom the regime believes they are danger on its security , not the country's real security , "Palestine" Branch , those bastards chose the name of Palestine to make the people like it or believe it is a patriot institution,they thought that people are dump , but they are not they hate Palestine the branch of security but love Palestine the nation !!!

Here is Tarek's original Blog at Maktoob ,it is in Arabic , the blog is mostly religious , but there are other topics including direct criticism to the police and the security forces.

It is sad and disgusting ,seriously Tarek is born in the same year like me in 1984 , he owned computer shop in Tartus , he was looking after his mother whom I feel more sad about ,Tarek was her only child , Tarek by the way is suffering from some hepatitis disease

Here are couple of Websites and groups made by the Syrian activists supporting Tarek , whom I believe is less luckier than Fouad El-Farahan and infamous Karim Abdel Karim , and that's why we should all speak in our blogs internationally about him :


I do not know I feel pessimistic whether about Tarek or his father , especially about his father , I wish they will return both safe , it is strange the father and the son being arrested , seriously I feel so angry for that lady who raised a young man all by herself then found this young man taken away in front of her eyes and she can't do anything , God be with her


  1. thanks for the links and information, the facebook group is a good idea, it seems to be getting worse for the bloggers and the internet crackdown, seems to be even less freedom, bless you all

  2. @anonymous ,do not thank me , it is my duty ,in fact it is our duty if we want freedom , this is the least weakest thing we can do

  3. Dear Peter, I am sorry but really I do not have any clue

  4. Link to is broken :(

  5. @Ruslan,I am afraid it is broken :( I do not know why
    I will check from his group in the facebook


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