Thursday, February 7, 2008

Fairuz in Tel Aviv

I just feel so sick from the so-called 14th of February or what ever they call themselves , the majority or the anti- Syrians , I just feel so sick from them.

They attacked Fairuz because she went to present one of her 42-18838065 beautiful musical plays "Sah Ennawm"  in Damascus , how on earth Fairuz , the Lebanese Icon goes and sings for the Syrians for couple of days !!

She Should not go to the Syrians ,because she will be a traitor as she is singing for the enemy in their point of view , articles and programs discuss this horrible act against Lebanon !!!?? Are they crazy !!?? Of course they accused her son Ziad , the leftist who is with Hezbollah and thus with Syria to influence her 

For God Sake Fairuz , the Lebanese honourable singer is great than all this silly talk ,we are not talking here about Haifa or Elissa , we are talking about Fairuz , Fairuz for the Lebanese is just like Om Kalthoum for the Egyptians , we will be very selfish if we say that we only entitled to listen the Planet of the Orient .

Those guys are acting as if Fairuz was going to in Tel Aviv seriously not in another Arab country for another Arabic audience . Is there a war between the two countries !!??

I do not know what these guys exactly want from Syria , Do they want to get rid form it and from its people or what !!??

I respect Fairuz on her position and I envy the Syrians who saw her and her wonderful play that attacks the dictatorship in the Arab world.

I wonder when Fairuz will come again and enchant us in Cairo ,it has been many years since she came "Rumour is saying that Fairuz may come and sing in Egypt in one of the resorts of the Red Sea ,Porto Sukhana , there are negotiations ,nothing is confirmed yet, for me I do not want her to sing in some fancy rich resort I want her to come to her fans in Cairo"

I will leave you with Fairuz in Bait El-Din festival from couple of years singing Our Sid Darwish 's song "Ahu Dal Sar" {This is what happened} ,it came like a salute to us the Egyptians , the song by the way is critical patriot one.

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Another interesting info is that Bait El-Din festival is organized and owned by Nora Jonbalt ,Walid Bek Jonbalt , one of the head of the 14th of Feb , I think lady Fairuz will not sing again in the festival , which is great 

by the way after Fairuz , legendary Wadih Safi thank the dictator of Syria for helping him in his health crisis just like the sun of Lebanon "Sabah" praised the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad for transferring her daughter in to rehab .


  1. i wonder what would happen if Fairuz sings (sayfun fal yushar) in Tel-Aviv.

    With lyrics like:
    سيف فليشهر في الدنيا و لتصدع أبواق تصدع

    الآن الآن و ليس غداً أجراس العودة فلتقرع

    أنا لا أنساك فلسطين و يشد يشد بي البعد

    أنا في أفيائك نسرين أنا زهر الشوك أنا الورد

    سندك ندك الأسوار نستلهم ذات الغار

    و نعيد الى الدار الدار نمحو بالنار النار

    فلتصدع فلتصدع أبواق أجراس تقرع قد جن دم الأحرار

    That song used to make me cry back when I still believed the words.

  2. @Hani , I do not know if they will understand and feel the meaning of this song
    but from reading history believe or not this kind of songs did not like the Israeli leadership in 1960s


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